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21 October 2006 @ 07:49 pm
umm... yeah - TV - what else?  
Serious lag in adding another entry this past week, and new TV wasn't waiting for me to catch up.  I also was having LJ posting issues at my work computer, and my home PC was actually off the whole week, thus another reason for playing catch-up now. 

That said, I did manage to add some brain-spew at W-I, and will in turn now link to the posts there on the respective shows below:

Friday Night Lights: 1.03 - "Wind Sprints"

Veronica Mars: 3.03 - "Wichita Linebacker" (still completely in LoVe with this show)

Lost: 3.03 - "Further Instructions"

The Nine: 1.03 - "What's Your Emergency?"

The Office: 3.05 - "Initiation"

Smallville: 6.04 - "Arrow"

Supernatural: 2.04 - "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things"

Grey's Anatomy: 3.05 - "Oh, The Guilt"

And so wraps up this massive amount of fake-cutting.  And yes, there was also a new Battlestar Galactica last night, but I've yet to comment since I need to rewatch it to bask in its glory again.  It was seriously one of THE best eps of the series to date, with just about one of the most fan-frakking-tastic battle/fight sequences in the history of science fiction on television.  No joke.  I was just in awe, and on the edge of my frakkin' seat.  The show has me by the short hairs, and I'll add some thoughts on it later.