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25 October 2006 @ 07:59 pm
late Wednesday update  
Didn't get a chance to add an entry earlier today while at work, but I wanted to pop in and update before new TV starts in an hour or so.  I've got stuff from Monday and last night to add, but I will say that Veronica Mars was exceptionally awesome last night. It makes two LoVely weeks in a row that pleased me muchly, and that's in addition to the ingrained adoration I always have for the show in general, even with 'lesser' episodes.

Anyway, enough with the rambling - some brief and some not-so-brief comments found under the fake cuts. As is getting usual, these link back to the discussions at W-I.

Heroes: 1.05 - "Hiros"

Prison Break: 2.08 - "Dead Fall"

Justice: 1.06 - "Crucified"

Studio 60: 1.06 - "The Wrap Party"

Friday Night Lights: 1.04 - "Who's Your Daddy"

Veronica Mars: 3.04 - "Charlie Don't Surf"

Tonight looks like a pretty intense Lost, and hopefully some more mystery gets unravelled on The Nine.  And next Wednesday, boring baseball coverage will be over, thus the return of Bones, so yay.