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06 November 2006 @ 02:17 pm
falling mega-behind...  
Sooo... I've neglected to add my links to TV show commenting for over a week now, and that's just... not good.  Since yet another week packed with new stuff begins tonight, including How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Prison Break, Justice, and Studio 60, I figured I needed to at least at something here, pronto.  

Below are the links to any and all discussion for individual shows at Wicked Insanity, in a more or less chronological order, since my last entry.

Smallville: 6.05 - "Reunion"

Supernatural: 2.05 - "Simon Said"

Battlestar Galactica: 3.05 - "Collaborators"

Prison Break: 2.09 - "Unearthed"

Justice: 1.08 - "Death Spiral"

Heroes: 1.06 - "Better Halves"

Friday Night Lights: 1.05 - "Get 'Er Done"

Veronica Mars: 3.05 - "President Evil"

Bones: 2.07 - "The Girl with the Curl"

Lost: 3.05 - "The Cost of Living"

The Nine: 1.05 - "All About Eva"

The Office: 3.06 - "Diwali"

Smallville: 6.06 - "Fallout"

Supernatural: 2.06 - "No Exit"

Grey's Anatomy: 3.06 - "Let the Angels Commit"

Battlestar Galactica: 3.06 - "Torn"

So, umm... I think that's enough for one entry. 

And just another note that jury duty is not as bad as everyone dreads it to be, but it's not exactly a barrel o' laughs, either.  My first summons ever was last Wednesday - a partial factor for my slacking so hard in updates - and of course I got picked to be on a jury.  Thankfully we got it resolved in one day, so I didn't have to come back.  I lucked out better than Veronica did, thank God. It was an experience I'm glad I had, as I was able to fulfill my civic duty, but I don't want to repeat it anytime soon.

Anyway... back to work.