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07 November 2006 @ 10:33 am
random Q&A  
This really isn't a meme, even though I did come across it on a friend's LJ (thanks tonemo_gravis).  It's just sort of a random Q&A about fictional characters, and an individual's preferences therein.  The answers to these can draw upon pretty much any form of media - literature, TV, film, etc.  I just thought it was an interesting group of questions I hadn't seen before, so here's what I came up with:

Which fictional character frightens you the most?
This one's a toughie, as there are many different ways in which a character can frighten you, and the degree to which terror or the threat of physical/psychological/emotional harm may be doled out can vary widely.  In television, I'd say the Reavers from Firefly (and from the film Serenity) are pretty scary.  It's not that they are hard to dispatch or kill with conventional weapons, but that their "attributes" are just intimidating. They always hunt/scavenge in packs, and are ruthlessly violent and aggressive to the point they aren't much more evolved than animals.  Just from description, the physical atrocities they commit upon their victims are reason enough to be afraid should you encounter them unarmed.

On a powerful/scary front, though, the Predator and the Alien creatures from film are hella tough, too.  Not only are they a bastard to kill, but they also can kill you in a variety of awful ways.  But - unlike the Reavers - at least it would probably be quick.

I'm sure if I were to really wrack my brain I could come up plenty of others in various media, but for the stuff of real visceral nightmare-inducing quality, the Reavers kinda stand out, so I'll stick with those for now. 
Which fictional parents do you most wish you had?
Well, firstly, it must be said that my actual parents are pretty swell, so I wouldn't need to really exchange them for anyone else's.  However, for the "most desired" fictional mom and pop, I'd think I'd have to combine fandoms.  After much thought, Joyce Summers is (was *sniff*) a pretty cool mom - especially once she knew all about her daughter's calling.  She was attractive and smart, with an innate goodness and sense of caring for all of her daughters' friends. And according to Xander, she was a hell of a cook.  On the dad side, I gotta say Keith Mars is pretty awesome.  He's smart and more clever than most other characters on TV, with life experience (both good and bad) that makes him wise and world-savvy.  His unconditional devotion to his daughter (his family) shows how much caring he has to give, and his corny jokes endear him to almost everyone.  Yeah - I gotta say the one-two parental unit punch of Joyce Summers and Keith Mars would be pretty frakkin' sweet. 

Which fictional character has the most balls?
This answer is impossible for one choice. There are endless possibilities, so I'm going to include several nominations: Kara Thrace, Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, John Crichton, Malcolm Reynolds, Jayne Cobb, Buffy Summers, Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls, Han Solo, Leia Organa, James T. Kirk, Jack Shephard, James Ford, Jack Bristow, Irina Derevko, Edmond Dantes, etc., etc.  Like I said, I could go on and on if I sat here for days.  But just from these above, listed in only a few minutes, if you know their character traits at all, you should have many respective instances of "steel-clad cajones".

If you could invite 3 fictional couples to your home for dinner, who would they be?
All of these questions are difficult, as the choices (wishes?) would be endless. But for interesting conversational purposes, I'd probably go with:  John Crichton and Aeryn Sun (fascinating storytellers, probably); Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars (for the snarky commentary and conversational wit alone - and they're so damn cute together); Xander Harris and Buffy Summers (hey - in my fictional world, they're a couple, and I'd love to hear how they finally got their shit together and saw what's been staring them in the face for years).  Those are just the first off the top of my head.  Plenty of others would also qualify, of course.

Which fictional character could probably entice you into his/her bed?
Oh, jeez. This has the potential to get.. *ahem*... naughty. But I'll keep it clean.  Not that any enticing would be necessary whatsoever, but on a professional scale, the clear choice is Inara Serra - she's trained for it.  But on a strictly "no asking needed" character trait-basis, I'd probably say Buffy Summers or Veronica Mars - with Cordelia Chase and Faith close behind.

Which fictional character would most likely have broken your heart?
Ugh.  See above.  Probably Buffy because she just wouldn't be aware of her emotional power, and Veronica because she so completely can be - and would know exactly what buttons to push.

In which fictional character's home would you most like to live?
Hmmm.  Quick answer would be Malcolm Reynolds's ship, Serenity.  "Once you're in Serenity, you never leave."  But John Crichton's home-away-from home aboard Moya would be wild, too.  And on a "real house" basis, the Summers' home at 1630 Revello Drive always looked homey - you know, if it didn't sit on top of a hellmouth, of course.

That was kinda fun. And the potential possibilities are kinda limitless.