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17 November 2006 @ 02:43 pm
too frakkin' busy  
So... yeah.  I know I'm struggling to maintain my personal goal to try and just add entries on at least a weekly basis, to cover all the new installments of the shows in the unhealthy amount of television I keep up with.  Work has just been kicking my ass recently - the office has been busy as shit, with some of the most asinine dipshits coming across my path. And between watching said TV shows, and being too tired/apathetic to get online at home at night or much on the weekends, I'm just behind.  Hell - I'm doing this update from work in a few moments of slacking.

Anyway, I'll add fake cuts/links to the bit of commenting I have kept up with at Wicked Insanity.  I've dropped off a few shows, with regards to religiously adding something every week - including Prison Break, Studio 60, Friday Night Lights, and Grey's Anatomy.  I still watch them all, but just cannot manage to brain spew on every single one all the time, even if I really want to (esp. Friday Night Lights, The O.C.).  That said, here are the essential additions since my last new TV entry, in their weekly chronological airing order:

Heroes: 1.07 - "Nothing to Hide"

Prison Break: 2.10 - "Rendezvous"

Justice: 1.08 - "Shark Week"

Veronica Mars: 3.06 - "Hi, Infidelity"

Bones: 2.08 - "The Woman in the Sand"

Lost: 2.06 - "I Do"

The Nine: 1.06 - "Take Me Instead"

Smallville: 6.07 - "Rage"

The Office: 3.07 - "Branch Closing"

Supernatural: 2.07 - "The Usual Suspects"

Battlestar Galactica: 3.07 - "A Measure of Salvation"

Heroes: 1.08 - "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

Veronica Mars: 3.07 - "Of Vice and Men"

Bones: 2.09 -  "Aliens in a Spaceship"

Smallville: 6.08 - "Static"

God help me, I'm still trying to keep up.  And I have yet to finish Grey's Anatomy from last night, or even start The Office and Supernatural.  I'll post on them next time.  I think Justice is axed for good, as FOX pulled it from the schedule this week and next - and may only offer the rest of the 13 or so episodes filmed online.  That's a bummer, since I really was enjoying it.  

is gone until February, so that's a break from some heavy pondering each week, but I managed to catch the 2-hour premiere of Day Break, running in Lost's time slot for 13 weeks.  I have to say, in spite of some not-so-favorible criticisms by reviewers, I quite liked it. It's got the thriller aspects down, as sort of a Groundhog Day-meets-24. Taye Diggs seems like a watchable lead character as Det. Brett Hopper, and the nature of the setup leaves me with thoughts of  "what the hell is going on here?", so I need to have some questions answered.  Nothing else is on in that slot (where I'd be watching Lost anyway), so I'll stick with it for now.

Tonight is more eye-candy with The Ghost Whisperer, and the upper-echelon  of TV excellence with Battlestar Galactica - and Dixon from ALIAS is guest-starring!  Can't-miss TV.

And... I'm out.