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30 January 2007 @ 07:34 am
FX Show 2007  
So, I've slacked on some TV-update coverage since last week, both here and at Wicked-Insanity, but I'll get to that eventually. The reason for my distraction was the three-day comic/TV/film/toy/collectible convention held this past weekend here in Orlando - the FX Show. To my understanding (that I wasn't aware of until this weekend), this has been an annual thing for about 18 years - starting as a small toy show exhibit, and slowly snowballing into an outright Con growing in size over the last few years. From what I can gather, Florida eXtravaganza (hence, the FX) isn't quite as big as next month's MegaCon - which has been around a few years, too - but it's nothing to simply sneeze at, either.

I had never been to a Con before, so all of it was a new experience. While there were plenty of things to gripe over (so much $$$, poor organization, so much $$$, lack of clear scheduling, so much $$$), the good memories outweighed the bad, for sure. Before I get into any more first-person journal-izing, a list of the celebrities (of varying "fame") who were in attendance, can be found HERE (as long as that link still lasts). I'm going to put the rest of this long "dear-diary" crap of my weekend account under a cut, as to be nice to random flist-checkers. An advance warning that this will be very wordy and probably more detailed than anyone would really care to read, but I wanted my ramblings on the weekend put somewhere. Thus, the cuttage. Oh, and I've c/p this back and forth from Word a few times, so even though it looks right as I'm making this entry, the font size as it's posted seems to get wonky a few times. *shrug* It's still legible:

I'm going to be upfront and profess that Kristen Bell was my highest priority here, and her appearance was essentially the primary reason the show became a 'must-attend' event for me a few months ago. This should not be news to anyone that knows me in the slightest or ever reads my ramblings, though. She came to the show along with the cast (including Sam Huntington, Jaime King, Chris Marquette, and others) and crew of the upcoming comedy film Fanboys. Kristen's boyfriend, Kevin Mann, is one of the producers, and he's good friends with the director, Kyle Newman - the project is his brainchild. More on that stuff in a sec.


Since I had the three-day pass (for both myself and my dad), Friday afternoon was the kick-off, and we immediatey acquainted ourselves with the layout of the place, in the giant ballroom of the Orange County Convention Center, North Hall B, after getting our wrists stamped with a temporary tattoo for re-entry. I believe it was over 180,000 square-feet of space for exhibitors and other booths, so the place was not small. After an hour or two of browsing booth after booth of various people hocking their own stashes of new and antique/classic toys, games, comics, collectibles, etc., my dad and I made our way to the display for Jason Palmer and his movie/TV-inspired artwork and character studies/prints.

For those not familiar with Jason Palmer, he has an online site from which his original artwork can be ordered: JasonPalmer.net. For the last year or two, I have ordered various prints for myself and my folks from him and his wife, Yelena, through email requests and inquiries. I've got prints from several different themes he's created things for - Superman, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost, Firefly and Serenity. Needless to say, I've spent way more than my share of $$$ on his work, and it was really nice to finally meet Jason and Yelena in person. They immediately thanked me for my business - and I have a very large order still pending, that Jason is in the middle of finishing/getting signed by the subjects. I immediately thanked him for the great work, and browsed through a few things he had on display there, that have yet to make it in his regular catalog or online. Jason was commissioned to do the cover art for the FX Show program, and made it a collage of his own character portraits of Kristen from Veronica Mars; Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass and Christina Hendricks from Firefly; Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn from Aliens, and Hayden Panetierre from Heroes - all of whom were in attendance over the three days. The cover of the program can be seen HERE. I ended up buying two prints from Jason - one of the cover art used for the program, and another of a new Kristen Bell portrait. Essentially it was the same image as hers on the program art, but it's black and white, and larger. It was so new in fact, that a few minutes after I bought the portrait, Jason realized it was the only copy he brought, and asked if I wouldn't mind letting them keep it on display until Sunday when they were ready to pack up. Of course I said "no problem" - as long as I got to take it to get it autographed on Saturday - to which they of course said "no problem!" More on that bit in a sec.

After shooting the breeze with the Palmers - who are both uber-nice and soft-spoken, down-to-earth people - my dad and I wandered over to the pre-registration booth for the professional photos with the stars. Here's my biggest gripe with the whole deal this weekend - the pictures situation. For the days they would be in attendance, all of the appearing celebrities were scheduled with pre-set times to take studio-quality photos with the fans. Fans had to pre-buy a photo for the set time - $30 for a single fan with one celebrity, or two fans with one celebrity, $50 for one fan or two fans with multiple celebrities (like all the Firefly people, or both Heroes guests, etc.). While this is all well and good - a very nice photo - these sessions made taking any other snapshots on your own almost impossible and very frowned-upon. I understand that if every single fan took posed personal shots during the autograph/greet session, the wait time would get even more out of hand, but it was just very frustrating to not be able to get a whole lot of save-able digital shots at random. The FX staff handlers were vigilant, too - if there was a clear shot, with no fan or obstruction in the way, nine times out of ten a staffer would be blocking a clear view, until you paid your autograph fee and were right in front of said star. Which, of course I did for Kristen, but it limited the literal book of pics I could have had of all who were there.

Anyway, after I signed up for Kristen's photo-call on Saturday morning, dad and I went over to see Ron and Christina from Firefly. I had Jason's program art with them on it, so I ended up paying $20 a pop to get them to sign it. (Yeah - I had the intention of getting all those stars on the program print to sign by their picture. Expensive ambition, of which I only fell short with the Aliens guys.) We spoke to Ron and Christina very briefly - there were a few people behind us, but not a huge line - and I was wearing my Browncoat fan shirt from Serenity, so they both got a kick out my support. Ron was as I expected - appreciative and polite. I managed to sneak in a pic of him signing the art print (his staff-handler quickly jumped in to request no posed pics be taken). You can see it HERE. Christina was a little reserved and soft-spoken - prettier in person than she seems (to me) on TV. Since she had been there, I mentioned the 'back-up bash' in L.A. last month for all the Firefly fans, after the Flanvention 2 fell through from Booster Enterprises going bankrupt, and how cool it was of her to show up. She was humble and said it was the least she could try to do to help however she could. By that point, I had two signatures, with five more to try and get. Adam wasn't going to arrive until Saturday, so I had to wait for him. I contemplated right then to go get Lance and Michael to sign the print before leaving Friday, as their lines were managable, but figured I'd wait to see if I could get the others first. Since there was a charge for each signature - even from the same star - I had to limit my priorities. After figuring out what time Kristen's photo-call was Saturday, dad and I headed home with a few random purchases. I left my Kristen portrait at Jason Palmer's display table - and had them hold onto my other print for my trouble (they didn't mind, of course), so I wouldn't need to bring it back and forth.


Dad and I got to the parking lot just before 10AM (opening time), since we had a late start thanks to car- and tire-replacement issues with my brother and his recent fiasco. Basically, I had wanted to arrive a good 30 min. earlier than that, but shit happens. The first surreal experience of the day came as dad and I made it to the outdoor steps/elevators that lead to the 2nd floor concourse where we check in. As we were walking by, two minivans had just parked, and the Fanboys crew was getting out and randomly talking to each other while getting all their stuff out. Needless to say, this was my first glimpse at Kristen - I was literally about 20 feet away, and tried to not stare and seem like a stalker. I probably should have just sacked-up and approached for a candid pic, but she was busy with the others getting organized for their long day, and my knees were almost knocking. I composed myself and acted all nonchalant - no one else going in seemed to notice them - while my stomach was flip-flopping as dad and I made our way inside.

Friday's attendance by the public was less than half - probably a third - of what we walked into Saturday morning. There was a line of at least 500-600 people long, waiting to have their one-day or three-day tickets checked and their hands/wrists tattooed. Even those who were coming back (like us) needed to wait, since there was just a single entry, and the congestion was too high to have more than two single-file ticket checkers - like I mentioned, piss-poor organization at times. I started to get a little worried, since Kristen's photo-call began at 10:50, and I knew we wouldn't get through that line in less than half an hour. I found a staffer who had just walked away from the bank of computers set up for same-day ticket-purchasing, and told her that dad and I had three-day passes, and that I had paid for the photo-op with Kristen, which was beginning rather soon. I think we lucked out with her, because she seemed friendly enough and said she felt like taking a walk anyway. She escorted us to the stairs next to the escalators where the line began, and allowed us to march right past all the people getting hands/wrists tatted for the first time. After thanking her a bunch, neither of us looked back toward the line of those still waiting - I'm sure the looks given to us were dirty.

Once inside, we went back to the photo registration booth, since dad decided at the last minute that he might like an individual pic with Kristen, too (who wouldn't?). When I bought mine Friday, the saleswoman had said Kristen's session was filling up pretty quickly, and could sell out, so we weren't sure if dad would get one. Luckily, there were still a few dozen slots available, so he bought his, and we hung around the booth - where the pics were also being taken, scheduled in 20 minutes or so. Jaime King and Sam Huntinton were scheduled to go first from the Fanboys group, with Kristen being last. There were about 25 people ahead of us, and as the staffer announced for all who were NOT in line for the first two (Jaime and Sam) to step out of line, only about 10 or 12 people remained. I stayed right where I was, though - about 2 feet left of where the "line" was - and it turned out everyone behind us was there for Kristen - at that point, about 150-175 people long. After pics with Jaime and Sam were winding down, Kristen made her way to the booth. Again, trying to get a decent snapshot at random was next to impossible - at least, without seeming like a fucking loon or spastic stalker in the process. I was content at that point to just watch. When the turnout for Sam and Jaime seemed pretty small and was wrapping up, Kristen sort of yelled to the crowd: "No one else wants a picture with THE Sam Huntington? C'mon - look at this face (grabs him by the chin). Last chance!" It was pretty cute, and they all seemed to be having fun with it. Once Kristen's line officially formed, dad and I turned out to be about fourth in line. I was trying to force my nerves to calm the fuck down - you have no idea. Of all the celebs/athletes/famous people I've encountered over the years, this was my most serious case of being star-struck. I was just in awe.

So, as we got down to business, the first guy went in for the picture, but guys #2 and #3 all of a sudden said we could skip them! I was a little surprised, and made sure with them that was okay. Not to be too derogatory, but these guys - both probably in their mid-to-late-30s - were a little on the super-geek side. I mean, still-living-at-home, likes-to-dress-up-in-sci-fi-costumes, and probably-a-virgin variety nerds. I think the prospect of standing next to a hot girl had them mortified - let alone somebody famous. Regardless, I ended up being the second person to say 'hi' to Kristen, and I tried to stay calm and not seem like too big of a doofus. The session was so rushed and assembly-lined, I wasn't sure what quite happened until after. I remember introducing myself and shaking her hand: -- "Hi, I'm Jeff." -- "Hi, I'm Kristen. So nice to meet you. Cool shirt." -- "Thanks." Then we turned to the camera, my thoughts: "Good God, Kristen's hand is on my back. My hand is on her shoulder. Don't sweat. Don't look stupid." -- or something to that effect. After my dad finished his photo, I walked around for about 5 minutes in a bit of a daze, trying to remember what my next thing to do was. I'm not joking. The woman is just as beautiful in person - possibly more so - than she is on TV, film, or in any of her photoshoots. She's so petite, but with a big personality, and is as charming and sweet to everyone she talks to that you would hope she would be.

So, after recovering a bit, I picked up my program art print from the Palmers, and got in line to meet Adam Baldwin. His line was a bit long-ish, so we probably waitied about 20 minutes for him. Like I mentioned, after meeting Kristen, the star-struck thing was barely there for anyone else, so Adam was cool just like a regular guy. He took time to talk to each person for a moment, and he was also impressed with Jason's art, which he'd seen before of course. I got him to sign, and snagged a pic of it, which he posed for - HERE. I mentioned that, for what it's worth, I watched all the aired episodes of Daybreak before it got pulled, and enjoyed it for what we got. He appreciated the mention, wishing "we could've had about 3 million more viewers" and laughed. Said that all 13 episodes of the arc for the series were shot, and would be available online, so I told him I'd check for them. He was cool.

By that time, I think Kristen's photo-call was about over, and I heard from one of the photo booth staffers that the Fanboys cast and crew would be doing some "movie promo thing" (his words) before they went back to the autograph booths. And, since the scheduling/event notification was lousy, I kind of kept my ears open until I heard over the P.A. that the Fanboys Q&A panel would be starting in 5 minutes in conference room 220E. I booked it upstairs to said room (dad slowly followed - I saved seats), and manged to get in about halfway back in a fairly sizeable crowd of about 200 people. All the actors in attendance came in, along with director Kyle Newman and producers Kevin Mann and Matt Perniciaro. We got to screen about 10-12 minutes of the film in a hilarious promo clip - the room was loud with laughter - and then followed with about 30 minutes of questions and answers. Chris Marquette and Sam Huntington cut up quite a bit - they seemed to be the "buddies" and possibly the practical jokers on set (such a question was raised). Kristen chimed in with a few direct answers to questions, and added on to others' responses when appropriate. Sorry for the continued gushing, but she came across as very smart and quick-witted, along with being a great sport with the sarcastic humor. Just a regular, kick-ass chick who happens to be amazing.

After the panel finished, I could have acted like a few of the 10-15 teen girl-stalkers who followed the Fanboys entourage - to the bathroom of all places - in order to snap a few pics, but I decided to keep my dignity just a smidge. I did pass by and give a nod to Chris and Sam as they left the bathroom when I was going in, so there was that *shrug*. The cast made their way back to the main hall, and dad and I did the same. I went back to the Palmers' booth to get the only copy (*grin*) of the Kristen portrait, that many people had apparently been wanting to buy, according to Yelena. Too bad, so sad for them - 'twas mine, and I picked it up to go get a ticket for Kristen's line. A Note on how the ticket system worked: For the stars that got especially high turnouts for the meet-and-greet (mainly Kristen Bell, Hayden Panetierre, and Zachary Quinto), a staffer was posted at the end of the queue for their booth, giving out numbered raffle tickets. The staffer would allow about 15-20 people in the queue at a time, who's tickets fell in a certain range - like '#'s 20 and below' - then cut off the line until it dwindled. If the star would still be there for a while (no other planned events, breaks, etc.), then 15-20 more people could go in - '#'s 40 and below' and so forth. It helped to alleviate some waiting, as your ticket number gave you an idea of when your group would be called, and you could go do other stuff in the mean time. Plus, if you had multiple tickets for different stars, you could plan out approximately when to be in line for whom.

Dad and I both had a ticket, and were only about 30 numbers away, so we hung around the line until our turn, figuring out what we wanted to get signed. Oh, and FYI - once you got to the queue, a staffer was seated about 6 people from the front, who asked how many items you had to get signed and collected the money (cash only), so all the business stuff was kept away from the star. You got a slip with the number of items you paid for, to give to another handler seated next to the star. That way people couldn't sneak in random autographs without the charge. A bit of a frustrating bummer, but it kept things fair, I suppose. I had the program art print, the portrait print, plus two 8x10s to get signed - one for me, and one for Cindy's (_cinjudes_) daughter, Megan. My dad decided to get his photo with Kristen signed (we got to pick those up about an hour after they were taken). My picture came out okay, but I wish I could have looked a little less stunned - could have been worse, I guess. I might as well post it, too. Check it HERE. (I will also mention that the shirt was a gift from Cindy, and I got dozens and dozens of comments on Saturday about how awesome and unique it was. So give props to Cin for her taste) So we had five items between us to get signed. As our turn came up, I reached for the item slip, and for just a moment I couldn't feel it in my pocket, and the briefest panic swept over me. I felt around all my pockets and came up with it after two tries. The staffer at the table smiled and I said that I almost started to panic. Kristen smiled a bit at that, as she had just finished up with the person in front of her, and the meet was on.

Now, surprisingly, I think I handled myself quite well - at least, dad said I seemed fine and not the least bit nervous. Of course my stomach was doing cartwheels, but as long as I didn't show it, I felt good. Immediately, Kristen said "I remember you! Hi, again." Since she was seated at a folding table, and I'm 6'5", I got down on a knee so we could see eye-to-eye without her having to crane her head up the whole time, and me looking down like a towering ogre. The staffer said - "Looks like we've got a big spender - five items." And I added with a smile - "Yeah I've got a few things, so we could be here a while." Kristen laughed and made an exaggerated gesture of stretching her fingers and loosening her neck and shoulders with an enthusiastic "Okay - let's get to it!" Apparently, she hadn't seen the program art yet, and was unaware of Jason Palmer's stuff, so she was blown away by the art print, and again with the portrait print. So enthusiastic was she, that she leaned back in her chair to look down about three booths over where Hayden Panetierre was busy signing away, held up the print and said "Hayden! Did you see this? Isn't this awesome?" And I saw Hayden reply "I know! I saw one of the programs - I want one of those!" At this point, I'm just amused as hell that I'm watching these two girls I watch on TV every week gush over something I showed them. Anyway... Kristen signed her part of the print, seen HERE, and then went to the portrait, smiled, and asked "Where do you want me to sign this? How 'bout on my boob?" I laughed and told her wherever she wanted was just fine (she signed on her shoulder). I couldn't scan that or the art print due to their size, but I'll try to take a digital of both later this week and post them then. Then I showed dad's pic with her from the morning, and she commented that it came out nicely, and personalized the autograph to him.

After that, I whipped out the 8x10s I'd printed at home on photo glossy paper, from the Giuliano Bekor shoot, and again she was impressed: "Whoa. Where did you get these? I remember the shoot, but never really saw these." I told her I found them online and printed them at home for just this occasion. Her boyfrend Kevin was a little off and to the side next to her just hanging out, and he even took an appreciative glance at both pics: "Nice." (with an eyebrow raise) She personalized both pics, which I scanned HERE and HERE. Finally, as my time was dwindling (we weren't at all rushed by the handlers though, it was nice), I told her I had one more thing to give her, and brought out the Red Wings bear that I had ordered. She seemed truly surprised and had an adorable 'awww' look on her face and immediately asked if dad and I were from Michigan. I said no, that we were locals, but I knew she was a big hockey fan, and figured I'd show my appreciation with something related to her team. She said "Oh my God. I love you. Thank you sooo much. This is amazing. Maybe this will help them win tomorrow!" And I said something to the effect of it hopefully bringing them luck. (FYI, Detroit did beat Colorado on Sunday, 3-1 - score found at ESPN.com HERE.) I asked if she would hold it up for a picture, and this is it HERE. The woman is just adorable, and my devotion to (obsession with?) her was not quelled in the slightest after this weekend. She genuinely appreciates all the fan attention with a lot of humility and respect for each person. Every fan was given her undivided attention with lots of eye contact, and she seemed really happy to be there - not as just an obligation. As dad and I left she again thanked me for the bear, and I thanked her profusely. All told, we spent about 4-5 minutes with her - which doesn't seem long, but as most people came and went in less than a minute, I was almost floating afterward.

From that point, dad was hungry (it was past 1:30PM, I think), and I was trying to slow my heart rate, so we split for a few minutes and browsed on our own. I wandered back over to the Palmers' booth to put my Kristen portrait back in the display, and they both were happy for me that I met her. I reiterated (jokingly) to them that now they definitely could NOT sell that only copy. Yelena said that they would be packing up early Sunday - to leave by 1:00PM to catch their flight, so I could pick it up before then. Then I found a decent place in the middle of the giant hall to call Cindy, and regaled her with my Friday-Saturday experience thus far, trying to come down from my KBell high (she can attest to this). I honestly can't remember much of what I specifically said during our conversation (sorry, Cin). After talking to her for 20-30 minutes (I think?), I found dad by the concession area, and he was content to just sit after all the standing and walking, while I had a final 'mission' to get Hayden to sign the program art.

I went back over to Hayden's line, which by this point was probably the longest of any of the stars. I had taken a ticket earlier when I got one for Kristen's queue, and my group was called within 10 minutes, so I got to get right in line fairly quickly. Interesting factoid #1: Hayden's mom was actually sitting with the money-collecting staffer, handling the sale of some fan-club style animal-charity t-shirts all on display with Hayden's pic on them - from her upcoming music album (news to me). I guess since Hayden's still only seventeen, mom being around is not surprising. Factoid #2: The line waiting for her was comprised of a relatively disturbing number of middle-aged and older men who seemed to be by themselves. As I looked around, it seemed like the skeeves all came to ogle. I felt a little icked-out. But I eventually made it up to the front (behind such a 50-something, gray-scruffy bearded dude), and she had two staffers and another personal manager/assistant instructing that no posed photos could be taken. I asked about snapping a pic while she signed the print - which again drew a lot of appreciative looks and comments. They said that was fine. I actually had to stand right at the table, waiting for about a minute or so, when a local Channel 2 errand-person brought a stack of 10-12 promotional Heroes lobby-cards for her to sign for a giveaway or something. No biggie - plus it gave others a chance to look at my print with it's soon-to-be five signatures. When Hayden saw it, she remembered Kristen showing it to her earlier: "Oh, yeah. This is yours? Cool." Her signing the print is HERE. I told her where Jason's art booth was, and she said she'd want to stop by to check it out before the weekend was over. Not much else was said, as there were acres of people behind me, and she was busy. I may have said that I enjoy the show or something, and she thanked me for coming. I thanked her and then went on my way.

By this point, although still ecstatic the day went well, I was pretty frakkin' exhausted. My feet were hot and tired, and my lower back was fatigued from not sitting down since the Fanboys panel at 11:30 (it was almost 3:00 by that time, I think). I went back to the Palmers' booth one more time (I don't think they got sick of me coming around?) and asked if they could hold onto the art print in the hard plastic sleeve I've been carrying it in, to just put the Kristen portrait in behind it when they packed up. Yelena said it was no problem, and I thanked them, went to collect pops, and we headed home.


Dad was pretty fatigued from all the walking and standing - he has two artificial hips and screws fusing his lower vertebrae together - so he let me go out on the last day by myself. Honestly, I really only went for one last look over some of the merchandise I had eyed but not yet bought, and to pick up my art of course. I seriously contemplated trying to get Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen to sign the print, but after a review of my remaining cash, I just didn't want to be any more tapped than I already was. So I let their pics on the print stay unsigned.

I made one last trip around the autograph booths to see who was still there, and made it to the far side, where the Fanboys people had been set-up next to the Heroes people, just to see if the schedule had changed or something, and they actually might be there again. Alas, Saturday was their only day, as all the slots were empty - but the lines for Hayden and Zach were still quite substantial.

By this point, I'd killed a little over two hours, and figured I should just get going. I saw everyone I really came to see, and had already spent waaaay too much money on everything. The longer I stayed, the more stuff I'd convince myself I wanted and spend even more. I said bye to the Palmers - who asked me if I'd be at MegaCon next month, since they'll be there, too. I said I would, and that I'd see them there. Now that I think about it, I meant to get a picture of the two of them, but totally didn't. I'll have to get one next month.
So - that was my experience attending my first-ever Con. It was quite memorable, and in spite of the expense, Saturday turned out to be one of the best days EVER.

I'll post some on new TV (which I haven't neglected, of course) later in the week when I find some time.
~ CinJudes ~: vm - dick - 3.08 - excited hands_cinjudes_ on January 30th, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Oh man, I thought I knew the whole story - but I was so very wrong. Awesome write up and full of details as only you can give my dearest. *smooches*

For the record, Jeff is still in a KBell induced coma, and the squee is absolutely no less than I expected. God help he never has to talk me down from a meet & greet, cause he's talked me down from plenty of fandom ledges before and seriously - I mean, we are just both nuts in our geekdom and it's to be understood and loved.

Thank you again for the print for Megan, you had left out to me some of the convo with her while getting the stuff signed, and a few other details but mostly I got the condensed version of this write-up on Saturday (I do think it was about 30 minutes). Still glorious to read again.

Of course the time it took me to read it I probably could have changed your layout already, but you'll get it in a few days and be happy just the same.
Jeff: Kristen - B&W - Pulse cap1j_mac179 on January 30th, 2007 09:22 pm (UTC)
The layout change will be awesome, I'm sure, and appreciated whenever it happens.

Yeah, my phone-talk with you was in a state of extreme euphoria, so I may have missed some details. This recap covers most of the good stuff, though. I'm almost morbidly curious to see what a talk-down to you would be like after a hypothetical encounter with Nathan. I'd be almost as excited, though, so we'd be in a bit of a pickle ;)
~ CinJudes ~: stars - tom - instyle hotness_cinjudes_ on January 31st, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
Ok, I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I have to say that the star that it would drive me the most insane to meet would probably be Tom Welling. Like, in the lusty Tom coma way. I of course want to meet Nathan worse than any other, but do I think it would push me to the extremes that KBell did you, probably not. Tom would have that effect on me. Unfortunately he is an ass and doesn't have time for such silly pursuits as meeting fans - so that will never happen.
houses: Rich Dude Kryptonitehouses7177 on January 30th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)
OKay, as strange as this may sound, your love for Kristen, and her obviously charming personality, has made me love her just a little bit, too! She sounds positively delightful.

Lance Henriksen is one of my favorite actors, ever since Millennium I just want to cuddle him. I wish I could have been there! To be honest, this is the first con write up/report/whatever that has actually made me want to go to one. Most of them leave me dry, but your obvious delight and joy is really uplifting!

And I can't wait to hear what you had to say about last week's SPN. Gah.
houseshouses7177 on January 30th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
Also, that guy's artwork is freaking amazing. Absolutely gorgeous Firefly work, indeed!
Jeff: Serenity - shieldj_mac179 on January 30th, 2007 08:47 pm (UTC)
Also - forgot to add - yes, Jason Palmer's art is pretty fantastic. My collection of so much of his stuff is testament to that.

I have the entire set of Serenity individual character prints coming (I already own River, which was the first one done), as well as the multi-character print of Battlestar Galactica, that will be signed by 9 or 10 cast members. The last part of that pending order is a Jason Dohring-signed Logan Echolls character print, that will now match nicely with my Kristen-signed Veronica Mars print.

Like I said, I've spent way more than my share on this stuff.
Jeff: kristen - obekor - 3j_mac179 on January 30th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
So glad that my KBell-love seems to be rubbing off! That makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Seriously, though. When you see firsthand how she interacts with people, and if you get to speak with her for even just a minute or two, it's impossible not to love her. She's just all kinds of awesome, and absolutely delightful.

Lance Henriksen was a little bit of a draw for me, too, but I felt funny waiting in line to go meet him and not get anything signed. If money had not been an issue, I would have stuck it out for him and Michael Biehn. I did say hi to him in passing once (left that out of the recap).

As for going to a Con, I'd recommend it if there are two or three people that you'd really like to meet, and you can see yourself spending a couple hundred dollars (or more - not counting travel expenses) there without breaking the bank. It's expensive, but worth it if you can get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

I'll get to a few words on Supernatural as soon as I can. I was a great episode.
houseshouses7177 on January 30th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
I should also have said you looked adorable in your T-Shirt, and that Cindy does have great taste!

I understand why you didn't end up meeting Lance and Biehn, but it's still cool you got to say hello. [squee! hello!]

I never live close enough to go to a con and not feel...wasteful about it. It's still nice to hear about someone having a grand time.

I was at a conference in that same segment of the Orange County Convention Center right before Xmas--the Amry Science Conference. It's a neat facility.
Jeff: kristen 1j_mac179 on January 30th, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
I should also have said you looked adorable in your T-Shirt, and that Cindy does have great taste!

Awww. *blushes* Thanks bunches. Honestly, I had so many positive responses to that shirt - more than a handful of admirers wanted one of their own, too.

And the OCCC is a ginormous facility, that's been added to and remodeled piece by piece over the last 20 years or so. I've seen it change and grow over many years of events I've attended there. I may be mistaken, but I believe it's the second-largest continuous indoor-facility in North America, only behind one in Las Vegas.

MegaCon is also there, but in a different hall next month, so I'll get even more familiar with the place.
(Anonymous) on January 31st, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Glad you had so much fun and thanks for the write-up. Don't suppose you guys have any photos or Michael or Lance, even though you didn't meet them? Or any snippets of stories you could tell...like more about that 'hello' :-) Seo
Jeff: SR - powerj_mac179 on January 31st, 2007 04:29 pm (UTC)
Umm... I appreciate the interest, but sorry - I didn't get any snapshots of Lance or Michael. Like I said, the opportunities were hard to come by, if you weren't going to pay for a professional photo.

Both Michael and Lance seemed friendly enough to all the fans from what I could tell, though. When I said 'hi' to Lance in passing, he seemed to be headed somewhere - out of the hall. He smiled back and said 'hello', sort of talking with the staffer who was with him.

I only saw Michael in passing from about 20-30 feet as he was heading into the main hall from one of the video game rooms, and never got much closer to an introduction. That's about all I've got on them, so they were left out of my recap.
(Anonymous) on January 31st, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks anyway, I appreciate you getting back to me on it :-)