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06 February 2007 @ 12:08 pm
some TV  
Work is so kicking my ass, but I've got to add an entry here for new TV before I burst.  Fake cuts to brief comments at W-I, as usual, for stuff from the last week:

Bones: 2.12 - "The Man in the Cell"

Smallville: 6.13 - "Crimson"

Supernatural: 2.13 - "Houses of the Holy"

Heroes: 1.14 - "Distractions"

Last week's Friday Night Lights was intense and poignant as usual, while Thursday's Scrubs, The Office and The O.C. were also wholly entertaining in their hilarity. 

Tonight is new Veronica (yay! but ugh! -- the angst!), and tomorrow is all new, with Friday Night Lights, Bones, and the return of Lost - finally.  Thursday's slate of TV is all new, too. Kick-ass couple of days. Or at least, it would be if work didn't suck so hard. 

Back to it.

Kristen Bell is awesome.
Beth: say...orangesky33 on February 6th, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
(admittedly gratuitous Impala-lust scene) care chase.

Hee. You couldn't have worded that better if you tried. Gratuitous Impala-lust is the best.
I was very happy that she was prominent, especially since we have really not dealt with the impact of his offering to give her away during the zombie virius stuff of "Croatoan" (yes, I want an apology scene from Dean to her, Kripke!).

I agree that Claire is the most compelling Heroes character. She's great, and I loved that she finally got what she was looking for last night, if only for a while.

I thought it would be supremely funny if they turned out to be related. And I got my hunch right. Heee.

I thought that was funny, too. I mean they do have good chemistry, but she still IS a minor, and were Peter to date/make out with her he would be that creepy guy macking on the minor cheerleader which, NO. I think Sylar is creepy enough for everybody.

Kristen Bell lights up my life. And it's today! Angst be damned, I'm ready!
Beth: Veronica faceorangesky33 on February 6th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
Oh and I like the new header. The scene of which it derives it's line is one of my favorites. Oh, banter.
Jeffj_mac179 on February 8th, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Oh and I like the new header. The scene of which it derives it's line is one of my favorites. Oh, banter.

Thanks. I actually owe the new layout to Cindy (_cinjudes_), who made the header, came up with the quote-age, and initiated the color-scheme. I figured I might as well put my Kristen appreciation right out front for all to see, so thanks bunches to her.