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10 March 2006 @ 08:10 am
Friday randomness roundup  
Been slacking here the last few days - guess I should add something.

First the crappy thing - my 'Noles lost in the first round of the ACC tournament to Wake Forest last night, after winning their last two regular season games against Duke and Miami.  Now we are severely on the NCAA Tournament "bubble", with no games left to play until our post-season fate is decided by the selection committee.  Had we won just one more game, we would have almost been a lock for an at-large bid, but now anything may happen, especially if there are some underdog upsets in some of the other conference tournaments this weekend.  We could be on our way to the NIT yet again.  I know we are a young team, and still vastly improved from last year, but I still don't want to see our Tourney bid passed by this year. *grumbles*

I watched my DVR-ed ep of Bones last night, since my 'rents, my brother, and his girlfriend were over at my house Wednesday night, and we ended up watching Batman Begins, after a debate on what to pick to see.  My dad and I were pulling for Serenity (again), but I decided to let the women choose, and Lisa had never seen Batman.  And I love the film, so it was fine.  Lost and Veronica were repeats, so all I had to record was Bones.  Comments on which are under the cut...

I think this ep really amped up the friendly chemistry Booth and Brennan share. Emily Deschanel has done a great job of nuancing her reactions to all of the other characters, and Brennan has softened around the edges just a bit. She actually seems to really prefer working with Booth now, and enjoys going out to do field investigations with him. Although, her comment at the initial plane crash site visit with Zach, about Booth usually helping her team deal with interpersonal stuff was funny. They wished Booth was there because he does all the detailed "talking", while they gather the evidence. It's a nice bit of self-observation that the squints know they suck at effectively dealing with living people, preferring to interact with remains instead. Later on, the Booth/Brennan banter about what their individual hunches were for the case/suspect was great, as she comments about "learning from the best" when trying to read people. Their comfort level has increased by leaps and bounds. I think this episode's interactions may give some of the 'shippers reason to feel good, but I think it just solidifies their friendship more, especially as Brennan also opens up to him about her family, giving him the little bit of info she has about her parents' disappearance. I still thoroughly enjoy the non-romantic nature we've seen so far, as they professionally partner together well.

The rest of the group was still fun, as usual. Jack jumps at every chance to be such an anti-corporate rebel, making it his duty to keep the rules bent, when he really is just distancing himself from what his own family is all about. And I liked how Dr. Goodman pretty much ordered the team to do what the State Department had told him this episode, rather than trying to persuade or cajole. Even with their deception of working both angles at once, it was interesting to see him emphasize that he's still their boss, and they don't always get free reign. Zach's obsession with trying to fit in with normal "guy stuff" was hilarious too, as Booth played along with their game of him ignoring Zach as a method of bonding. And when he actually talked to him, the balance was thrown off, so by the end they went back to the original plan of Zach being ignored. Good stuff. And next week the show moves to the 8PM time slot, just in time for the a new ep of Veronica Mars to be back at 9PM. Thankfully, one less scheduling conflict I have to worry about.

Again, Sci-Fi Friday is all new tonight, with the season finales of SG-1, Atlantis, and BSG.  As excited as I am for the good TV watching, I'm almost relieved that I'll have 3 less hours of shows to keep track of for a while - how sick is that?  Don't know if I'll be home tonight for all of it, so I'll definitely use the DVR.  I think I record something every night of the week now - oh, except for Saturdays.  That's the black hole of prime time television programming.

The Sopranos is finally back for season 6 this Sunday, so I'll need to make sure I have that whole series set to be saved now too, since I'm not in the habit of checking the HBO schedule.  

I'm still waiting for the film schedule to get better, too.  I've had a slight urge to go see a few movies that have been recent releases - 16 Blocks, Ultraviolet, The Hills Have Eyes, and a few others - but there's nothing out that I can't just wait for DVD to catch up on.  I think Pulse opens up in a couple weeks, and that's another Japanese horror remake, this one starring Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder, so it looks pretty decent.  I know May will be the start of the summer season, and a whole bunch of blockbusters will be hitting theaters, including X3, Pirates 2, and the biggie - Superman Returns.  I'm sure I'll spend more than my share of hours at the multiplexes.

And only 41 more days until vacation time!  Not only will I be visited by three cool chicks, but more than a week off work is a highlight any time of year.  And lots of liquor will be involved, so that's always a bonus.  I guess I should work some now...


Flora: So Naugtylatinatemptress on March 10th, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
I heart my Jeffums. Alcohol is a MUST. But i must say you are a brave man Jeff, having three females with you for 7 days straight. Brave indeed. *Gives medal*
~ CinJudes ~: bones - spark_cinjudes_ on March 10th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC)
You forgot to mention that we were 3 very hot chicks, too. Those details matter man...

Email me and let me know when we can confab on the phone. I'm tried of typing about site stuff.

Ok, and about Bones, as usual I think we are on about the same level. It was something of a filler episode, meaning others this season have had better plots, but I think this episode served to help nurture the groups interpersonal relationships. And the end with her going to Booth and him totally crushing on a picture of a younger her and then we see that she is watching him -- made me get misty.

See, this is bad. I'm getting like totally hooked to this show. And it's on FOX, and I should sooooooooooo know better. But it's so damn good! Next week we have Adam Baldwin and just umm, wonderfulness ahead.