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23 February 2007 @ 01:48 pm
long time, no post  
So, I typically don't like going more than a week without adding at least something here, now that I've gotten into the swing of fairly regular updates - but work and real life stuff has just sucked any and all free time as of late.  Mainly, I needed to get some links to comments for a week's worth of TV.  Fake cuts to all posted at W-I. And I'll keep these in more or less chronological order:

Bones: 2.14 - "The Man in the Mansion"

Lost: 3.08 - "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

Smallville: 6.15 - "Freak"

Supernatural: 2.15 - "Tall Tales"

Battlestar Galactica: 3.15 - "A Day in the Life"

Heroes: 1.16 - "Unexpected"

And one of the longest commentaries/brain spews I've posted in a long while.  The seasonal/series implications left me a little dark and rumbly inside...

Veronica Mars: 3.14 - "Mars, Bars"

Friday Night Lights still continues to amaze me, but its future is still questionable, too.  If that and Veronica don't get renewed - two of my top six shows - I may have to hit something or somebody very hard, repeatedly.  Seriously - I won't be a happy camper for quite a while, and that's an understatement.  

In the realm of guilty-pleasures ending, the series finale of The O.C. was last night, and it was actually not too shabby.  A little rushed for all the stuff that was up in the air leading into the hour, but not a bad resolution in the last 20 minutes.  The Cohens moved back up to Berkeley, Ryan finished college and made a go of it with Taylor, Julie and Kaitin are independent women, and Seth and Summer found their way back to each other after parting to grow individually, and walked down the isle. For a show that was often cheese, sometimes poignant (surprisingly), but at other times hilarious, it had a decent run.

For as much of a prime-time soap that it does tend to be, Grey's Anatomy the last two weeks has been pretty damn good.  And I belatedly realized that Marti Noxon wrote last night's episode, which was unexpected.  I actually really enjoyed the ep. - something that escaped me once in a while when she was exec. producing the latter episodes of BtVS. But I won't go any further into that.

Last week's The Office was directed by Joss Whedon, while last night's was helmed by J.J. Abrams.  Both episodes were hilarious and not very much changed from their usual style of shot selection and editing - which is how it should be, I think, even with superstar directors. The essence of what makes the show unique should remain, and it did.  And Jim is still my hero a little bit. Scrubs was side-splitting last week and the week before, and I've yet to watch last night's.  I'll do that tonight, for sure.

I still have to put some words together from this past Wednesday's Lost, and also want to give a brief recap of my experience last weekend at MegaCon here in Orlando.  I'll try to do so before the weekend is over.  

Thank God it's Fucking Friday.

Kristen Bell is awesome.
Beth: Marsorangesky33 on February 24th, 2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
I ADORED the My Little Pony Tat. Hee!

I don't think the character would have been as endearing or as much of a "love-to-hate" persona with another actor.

Oh, I utterly agree. Muhney, though he did get a lot of love for being such a fandom dork, really did have just the right amount of smarm. Also, he did a good job of being subtly with any slight layering they gave him. A la "NPBiaC" and his desperation of having Cliff and Keith know about the Maddy loving. Plus, he and Brandon Hillock (Sachs) were great with subtly being hilarious together. Heh and *woe*

I suppose having Lamb shoot his reflection in the mirror before getting beaten with the (aluminum) bat was analogous to his career - trying too hard to do what he thought was the right thing sometimes, in a job he was ill-suited for, which often backfired or made him seem foolish. This time he paid the ultimate price.

OO. Nice observation. I agree. I initally was up in arms about how he died (wanted something bigger), but it's grown on me. Even if I still don't care a lick about Richard Greico. *g*

If we're left off with Logan either having "fun" with Parker or heading down a "darker" path again (of which I've also heard rumors), and with Veronica trying out "normal" again with motor-mouth, puppy-dog Piz when this season ends - and the show then gets cut off at the knees, with no resolution whatsoever - I don't think I'll be alone in the fandom when I say that would suck beyond the telling of it.

I believe that would suck quite a lot too. Though I am incredibly wary about this, I still think Parker/Logan have a lot more potential than Piz/Veronica. Parker's been through something dark given her rape, she's not as innocent (and prone to get hurt) as Piz, and even still, went back to being cheerful. I think perhaps she could give Logan some chance of moving on past all his life's hardships himself, a little. Which is interesting. But yeah, I still worry.

And I Rob's 'la la la'ing, maybe, doesn't make things better. Grr!

Oh, I so agree with what you said about the idea of cancelation. I'm been holding my breath since starting with the show and now things just seem hopeless. This is the first show I ever feel in love with, really. S1 is my favorite bit of TV of everything, though not that much as of yet, watched, and I think it always probably will be. If the show gets canceled it's going to be incredibly hard to get past (given even lesser cancelations ,like Joan of Arcadia's hasty end, have hurt me). Especially with the possiblity of no closure.