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17 April 2007 @ 11:52 am
TV updates  
Damn - three entries this week.  I am en fuego

I kid.  

This one's just for my own anal-retentiveness to add links to my episodic brain spew at Wicked-Insanity.  Fake cuts provided chronologically by airing.  And yes, I'm still a little bit behind (Last week's Lost, the BSG finale - still).  Sue me.

Bones: 2.17 - "The Priest in the Churchyard"

Lost: 3.14 - "Exposé" 

Bones: 2.18 - "The Killer in the Concrete"

Lost: 3.15 - "Left Behind"

And - what the hell.  I guess I'll talk about this, too:

Drive: 1.03 - "Let the Games Begin"

Last week also brought the return of both Stargates: SG-1 and Atlantis, and they were quite good.  This last batch of SG-1 eps has me very curious to see where the baddies of the Orai end up - and for the fates of Vala and her daughter (Claudia Black and Morena Baccarin both float my boat).  Atlantis had a decent resolution to the cliffhanger from last fall, keeping the city from being nuked - and O'Neil is always good for a laugh.  The Dresden Files also ended its short season on Sunday, with Harry and Murphy closer than ever, so that's good.

Entourage has been back the last two weeks, along with The Sopranos, and it seems that this week and next most network stuff is returning to the schedule with new stuff for the last sweeps period leading to the season finales. 

A busy time to be an obsessive TV-watcher. *yawns*

Kristen Bell is awesome.
Spectacularly Adequate Empressempressvesica on April 17th, 2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
I was really pleased with Dresden Files. There were a few shaky episodes there in the middle (where they were airing them out of order), but the last two were strong and have me looking forward to Season 2 (though SciFi better cough up Season 2 of Eureka first).

Still haven't watched Drive. Arg! Maybe tomorrow night.
Jeff: super bad daddyj_mac179 on April 17th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
You're right about Dresden - it was pretty apparent when the eps were aired out of order (and aggravating) - but I concur that the wrap-up was decent. And I saw a promo that Eureka comes back in July, which I'm also looking forward too. Saw Jordan Hinson and Colin Ferguson at the FX Show here in January.

And I have a sinking feeling that Drive will be yet another FOX show that hooks me, makes me want to see more - and then gets cut off and yanked back into the ether. *grumbles* But I'm still crossing my fingers...