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22 August 2007 @ 10:26 am
blurb about Mars' end...  
Okay, seriously - I will try to make my next entry involve something other than news about her - honest.  But I mentioned yesterday that Ausiello at TV Guide had one last piece of quotage from his Q&A with Kristen, so I'll just include it here. It's not really spoilery, so no cut necessary:
Question: Thank you for the awesome Kristen Bell interview. Now give us those leftover quotes. I'm dying to find out what she thought of the Veronica Mars finale!— Nicole 

Ausiello: Here you go: "I kind of feel like the way they left it open was the perfect wrap-up to the show. Because had they sealed it in a nice clean box, that's not what the show is about. The show was not about satisfying the viewers. The show was hard to follow, the show was really witty, the show was really sassy — it was for intelligent people. So I think it was wrapped up really nicely. That being said, I knew some things that were going to happen in Season 4 that I'm not going to dare say, 'cause that's probably what the movie is going to be about." I, naturally, pressed her for even the teeniest of scoopbits, but she wasn't budging. "I wish I could tell you," she responded, "because it's really good." No worries. I'll get it out of her next time I see her.

As always, she's classy and diplomatic in her response to the end of the show.  I mean, at the time, no one thought that would be the END end - and all parties (and fans) involved seem to still have that creative spark and desire to eventually continue the story in some form, so perhaps it really isn't.  But still, it serves well as a season finale - it just begs to be followed-up with more.

All of what follows is just my opinion, obviously, but I'm gonna cut it just in case:

Should we, by the grace of God, be fortunate enough to get a feature or miniseries-type continuation, I wonder what aspects of Rob's projected season four could or would remain, while new stuff is developed.  I only say this because I've heard some talk - from an interview with Jason somewhere, I think, and another fan spec from a source elsewhere - that the only way Logan would have been around in the "Veronica as an FBI agent" scenario season four was due to being forced back into her life a few years down the road because of some heinous crime or deed that he may or may not have been involved with.  He would become part of her official investigation, and the talk was for just a guest stint of two or three episodes at most, during that possible fourth season.

Now, this idea could have been partly due to the CW's imminent slashing of the show's budget even further, thus WB and Silver Pictures not being able to hire either Jason or Enrico as regulars for a full season.  Which, if this were going to be the case had a fourth year happened, would have totally sucked - both from a fan standpoint, and for the show dynamic as a whole.  The show became such a treasure because of the core ensemble, fleshed out even further with well-developed supporting players from week to week.  While Kristen did indeed carry the biggest workload, Veronica became who she was as a character because of those around her - for better or worse.  Not to mention from a character standpoint, it would be a shame if Logan's own growth that we saw over the course of the series - especially in late season two and much of season three - was regressed with him being in the thick (or God forbid the perpetrator) of serious crime yet again.

I know, I know, the potential for high drama and possible angst is there, and I'm sure it could be written well (and acted superbly), but perhaps the unabashed 'shipper in this fanboy would like to hope that both Logan and Veronica would have the growth by that point to realize they can exist in each others' lives - possibly even together, with some more mutal trust/opening up on Veronica's part, but always intrensically intertwined because of their shared histories.  No one will ever really "know" the two of them better than they know each other, and to lose that dynamic (and the chemistry between Jason and Kristen) would be a costly character mistake, IMO.

Alas, all of that pretty much just springs from my own biases and fears - which manifest mainly because I adore the show at an almost unhealthy level.  Perhaps a more self-contained story, one that isn't spanning a whole season or several episodes, would have a completely new idea that Rob hasn't disclosed anywhere - even to Kristen herself, who figures the ideas pitched to her for season four are what a potential movie would be about. 

I guess waiting and hoping are all we can do right now. *sigh*

Kristen Bell is awesome.
Flora: LOVElatinatemptress on August 31st, 2007 02:43 pm (UTC)
I will interject with a little childlike-girlie rejoinder:


*clears throat*

Now that that is out of the way, to your thought provoking post I will say:


I am just a black belt with the verbal judo today.


Miss you much Jeff!