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06 September 2007 @ 11:50 am
BtVS Season 8 - variant covers  
I guess it seems I get on one subject-track and kinda stick with it for a few days. *shrug*

In a measure of fairness (and procrastination from doing work), I wanted to link images to the variant covers for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 comic issues.  These were drawn by Georges Jeanty, who also illustrates the panels inside for each issue so far.  He's said he's committed to the life of the series, as long as Joss takes it - which at this point will probably be at least 30-40 issues for season eight, and he let it slip at ComiCon in July that he already has an idea for a season nine.  The comic-canon could continue for quite a while.

Anyway, these will again be direct image links, but I'll still put the list under a cut.  And so far, I've only been able to find the variants for issues 1 through 8.  Will keep an eye out for what follows.

All in all, I just wanted these here for my own completist purposes.  I can respect Jeanty's take on the characters, simplifying features and details for the sake of multiple panels created for every issue each month, but I'm glad Jo Chen's artwork covers are the standard version.

And a side note on issue #5: This was the first stand-alone type story that Joss has said will be sprinkled in among the 4-5 issue 'mini-arcs' as the season progresses.  He had said this issue was pretty personal to him and his ideals, and that some may or may not appreciate its theme.  I won't spoil details, except to say that none of the regular scoobies we know are in it, save for a uber-brief appearance by Giles. Initially, the story hit me as good, but not anything overly special - until I re-read it, and then read it again.  The underlying message is sort of a powerful one, and can be as universal to the reader as it is personal to the main character involved (an un-named slayer).  Basically, it's a poignant segue of sorts from the first arc centering on the core scoobies, into Faith's upcoming story.  And Jeanty decided on two different variants for his cover version, playing on both the action and thematic elements of the issue.

I guess I should do some actual work.

Kristen Bell is awesome.