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15 March 2006 @ 10:05 am
Hump day  
As usual, just more stuff on shows I watch.

Lynn McGill finally sacked-up and took one for the team - with the ultimate sacrifice. Props to the once-and-former goonie and the loyal Samwise Gamgee - Sean Astin for any completely oblivious pop-culture neophytes. I gotta say that this hour was intense from start to finish. When Jack made his way from the "airlocked" room adjoining the situation room, and had to hold his breath - only to find out that he couldn't access the ventilation control panel - I was struggling to breathe just a little bit right there with him. On top of this, Kim is pretty much ready to wash her hands of any kind of relationship with him, and in some ways I can't blame her, as she seems to be safer away from his presence, but I also need to see them reconcile just a bit. She is pretty much the only positive thing Jack has in his life. Even as he faked his death, it was to help keep her safe from those who were after him, and I'm hoping Elisha Cuthbert will be back before the season winds down. She was looking mighty tasty once again *drool*...

The Strike Team is in a world of hurt now - more so than at almost any other point in the show's history, as Lem is in some deep shit, facing either fugitive status or an eventual painful death in prison from Antwon Mitchell's 1-9-ers. Vic finally got Kavanaugh off their backs, but the sacrifice in return may be too much to bear. And as a side note, Gina Torres (playing Kavanaugh's ex) really does have a nice ass, as we got to see it in all it's glory as Vic laid the pipe to her in some twisted revenge/payback/fuck-you to Kavanaugh. Next week is the 90-minute season finale, and I have absolutely no idea where the story is going to go from here. And I love that about shows - when I can be completely engrossed in what's occurred so far, and be wide-open to what may or may not happen next. I don't know if the show will be renewed for another season, as the ratings this year have inexplicably dipped some, but this drama has easily been one of the most consistent shows over its five seasons. Gritty, harsh, very real, and never a disappointment.

Oh, and I must also give a shout to my beloved Scrubs, which continues to be the funniest thing on TV.  I would say it's probably my second favorite sitcom ever now.  Just when I think the fantasy sequences and character in-jokes can't get any more hilariously absurd, Bill Lawrence and his staff of writers always manage to take the gags further.  Watchie-talkies ('White Shadow to Brown Bear, come back') and "bacon-back" from Crisco sunscreen just get added to the list of stuff that makes me laugh 'till I cry.  

And tonight is new Bones - in its new timeslot at 8PM - with my boy Adam Baldwin.  I've read a few articles mentioning that he and David have a pretty good rapport/chemistry, and that David pulled for him to get cast for this role, so that's cool. Not sure if this is a one-shot deal, or if the character could be recurring, but I obviously hope it's the latter.

Finally, Veronica Mars is new at 9PM.  Thank GOD.  I was seriously beginning to suffer from the beginnings of withdrawl effects over not having new episodes for so long.  Also heard that UPN plans on running new eps straight through to the finale for the rest of the season, so that was a reason for the long-hiatus.  The only issue I may have is that the local Orlando UPN affiliate - WRBW 65 - also has a contract to air some of the Orlando Magic road games.  When they happen to fall on Wednesday nights, Veronica gets bumped to either early, early Thursday morning (think 12 or 1 AM), or pushed to Friday or Saturday night - and then it's not shown in widescreen HDTV.  All of which undoubtedly pisses me off something fierce, so I'll need to double check the NBA calendar each week to prepare myself for such badness.  Anyway, I'm still excited.

Lost is a repeat this week - but it's a goodie - "House of the Rising Sun". Prep for next week's new Sun/Jin-centered ep 2.16 - "The Whole Truth".  

And I'm out.