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04 October 2007 @ 11:06 am
"Bitch, I was in proximity!"  
If you've watched the pilot for Pushing Daisies, you'll get the entry subject.

I avoided all spoilery talk and the online availability of the pilot for this, prior to airing, and I am so glad I did.  Watching this last night in HD, I was truly, truly impressed by the originality of this offbeat offering from Bryan Fuller. The concept is unique, and everything about this is entirely different from anything else on the TV landscape right now.

From the hightened colors to the hyper-reality, almost fairy-tale like whimsy of the characters - all of it just worked perfectly in the premiere.  It remains to be seen if the charm of the first hour can be maintained throughout a series, but I sure hope ABC gives it a chance to try.  This will probably be a show that one will either completely embrace for its attention to fantasy while remaining dark in its concept, or decide to shun because it's a little too off-balance from a typical drama or comedy - and it's a crime procedural, too!

From the get-go, Lee Pace as Ned and Chi McBride as Emerson had me riveted. Each of their dialogue deliveries complimented their overall rapport, to great comedic and "buddy" effect.  Anna Friel's Chuck (Charlotte) took me a little while to warm up to, but by the end I was also getting the warm and fuzzies from her - along with the underlying tension and angst to come because of her situation with Ned.  And even the supporting players (Swoosie Kurtz, Kristen Chenowith) fit just right, into that mold of "reality-as-an-almost-fantasy" set-up.  Looking forward to seeing how this will continue, as I don't think I've had such a positive reaction to the first episode of a series since Lost and Veronica Mars.  

As for other TV so far this week:

Desperate Housewives: Actually quite amusing.  Not much to say except that it can do what it's supposed to do quite well at times, and seems to be off to a good start for season four.  Nathan's character of Adam is already in the mix of a new mystery, so more for him to do is good.  His scene with Susan in the OB/GYN office was hysterical ("And relax.").

Dexter:  Not missing a beat from the excellence of last year.  Rita is wising up, it seems - and now her abusive ex is actually out of the way, thanks to a prison beat-down.  The discovery of the results of Dexter's months and years of slicing and dicing gave him a kick-start to his fading ability to actually do what he needs to do, so the fallout/investigation into the "Bay Harbor Butcher" should be interesting.

How I Met Your Mother: A little bit of a come-down from the hilarity in the premiere, but still funny nonetheless.  Barney's idea for him and Ted to pose as NYC tourists ended up backfiring, but was amusing.  Marshall and Lilly were pretty hysterical with their "death letters" to each other, and I'm glad Robyn got rid of Gael, just because the Enrique Iglesias casting gag got tired fast. 

Chuck:  Still highly watchable, IMO.  And I give it even more props for the scene in which Chuck had to identify the flashing images/pictures for the testing of his downloaded government knowledge: A flying airliner flashes on screen, and Chuck spits out "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by surface-to-air missiles... " etc., etc. (fades out).  I seriously had to rewind and double-take with the captions on, then smiled from ear-to-ear.  Lost shout-outs by any show are made of awesome. VM did this in S2, so it must be true. Adam Baldwin as NSA agent John Casey is a hoot, and Yvonne Strzechowski - who I've never heard of before this - is really convincing in her conflicted sincerity as CIA agent 'Sarah' (not her real name).  Hope this continues to be good.

Heroes: Meh. About the same as what I expected from last week's - this was pretty much a continuation of all those storylines touched upon: Mohinder, Matt and Molly (the three M's), Hiro and Kensei, Kaito's death and Mrs. Petrelli's involvement, Peter's slow rediscovery of who and what he is, Maya and Alejandro's quest to reach the U.S., and the Bennet/Butler "lifestyle adjustments".  After last week, I had a hunch that the newbies were twins, and that Alejandro's power somehow counter-balanced his sisters's (was right).  Interesting to see Kensei's power is regeneration like Claire's, but I'm waiting for him to find out about what Hiro can do.  So glad to see the return of the Haitian - and I called it the moment Mohinder figured he had a cure for him - that his mind would be wiped.  No way he was going to be tested and experimented on. The smile on Noah's face as the Haitian showed up at the copy store was great - now he has some power to go after others with abilities as he tries to take down the company. Oh - and one spec I've read is that Peter's energy/light burst from his hands may not be from his acquiring of Ted's nuclear power, but could possibly be his harnessing of electricity - acquired from a prior encounter with the yet-to-be-seen Elle, which he has no memory of because of the Haitian. Just an interesting thought. 

Journeyman:  This week further established the sort of save-of-the-week scenario it seems to be heading to, very much like Quantum Leap used to do.  Though the concept is familiar, the cause and effects of these random jumps for Dan are still a total mystery, as well as why his former fiancee Livia is also part of this cycle.  I hope this sticks around long enough to answer some of those mysteries.

Bones:  This show is the shit.  There's not much else to add. I mean, Booth continues to kick ass as a character, and we also got some great Jack/Angela comedy in addition to the continued UST between Booth and Brennan.  Her reply to the dig from Sam against Booth about working with her only because she must be good in bed?: "Well, actually I am, but Booth would have no direct knowledge of that." LMFAO.  I love this show.

Reaper: Not quite as entertaining as the pilot, but still pretty funny.  Tyler Labine as the buddy 'Sock' is actually more humorous than he is annoying, so far.  Ray Wise is still the best part of the show, IMO. 

Eureka:  Great season finale, as the "oh shit!" bacteria scenario at Global Dynamics turned out to be hoaxed by Henry in order to gain access to the prototype teleportation device to separate Kevin from the Akashic Field that could kill him.  Beverly managed to slither away, while Henry turned himself in, and Allison got a proposal from Stark. Wondering if Henry will ever divulge the truth about the alternate timeline to Carter (that he erased from his memory) - you know, if Allison and Stark do end up actually approaching the altar (again).

Damages: Still fascinating, and I think there's an "oh, shit" or "holy fuck" moment every episode for me. I figured Glenn Close would be stellar throughout (she is), but Ted Danson is also doing the best work of his career.  I still have no clue where the end of his thing is headed, but the ride is a thrill.

Bionic Woman:  I'm really trying hard to get amped and excited for this, but week two wasn't any more compelling than week one.  I did like the writing out of Will, even if it was a little unexpected - I thought he had survived last week *shrug*.  I have issues with the degree and types of programmed training Jaime has, in order to "help save the world".  She's already on missions, but got worked by the regular dude Jae, who used the same fight moves that Sarah showed.  And the reduced appearance of Sarah - in a hotel rendezvous with Jae - I think impacted the ep for me.  Michelle Ryan just needs a charisma boost or something.  I am intrigued by Sarah's admission to Jae, that she thinks her bionic programming was "hacked" when she killed those 14 guards, and was literally not in control.  That has a lot of story potential.

Gossip Girl:  Three episodes, and it's living up to the slickly-produced, trashy-soap that it is.  I couldn't care less about the plot or the characters, as the story is almost like watching a train wreck that you can't turn away from.  And KBell's narration seemed scaled way back in this ep, which is not good.  I can really take or leave this one.

Prison Break from Monday and Private Practice from last night are still sitting recorded and unwatched, but I'm not expecting much from them, anyway.

Looking forward to the return of Supernatural tonight (fraktastic), but have to get through Smallville to see it (*groan*).  Also have Earl, the return of 30 Rock, The Office, Grey's Anatomy and ER to sift through.

And tomorrow finally brings back Friday Night Lights (more fraktastic-ness), after I ogle GW and hope Moonlight can improve.  Atlantis continues from last week's cliffhanger, so it should be fun.

And... now it's time to get some grub. 

Kristen Bell is awesome.
(no subject) - stelablack on October 4th, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Jeff: Bones - D&E 1j_mac179 on October 4th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think FNL was similarly up there for me, too, but it continued to wow for the whole season (like VM and Lost).

This start for PD is just so fascinating, I'm like you - I can't wait to see more.

And on Bones, Brennan's deadpan delivery of so much stuff that is usually emotional and/or personal for most people is what makes her who she is. Emily plays it just right.
houses: Portalhouses7177 on October 4th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
I agree with every word re: Pushing Daisies and Bones. You said it better than I could, so maybe I'll just refer my commentary here.
Jeffj_mac179 on October 4th, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks muchly! It's nice if my brain spew has an audience ;)
~ CinJudes ~: spn - quote - funny? adorable ;P_cinjudes_ on October 4th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
I liked Pushing Daisies as well, and honestly had about the same reaction you did to the characters. My biggest hang-up was Jim Dale's narration. I honestly kept thinking I was listening to HP. It threw me mentally. I don't think I loved it nearly as much as you did, but I did enjoy the uniqueness and will be sticking around.

Bones was pretty awesome as usual. That is the exact quote that made the episode for me as well. ;)

I gotta say I completely agree with everything you said on Bionic Woman. I'm still MUCH more intrigued (even more so now after the 'hack' theory) by Sarah's bionic status than Jamie's. And I don't really think it's just the fact that it's Katee Sackhoff either. It's the Faith angle. Everyone loves a bad girl - especially when she is complex and kicks serious ass.

As you read in my post, I didn't even watch half of Heroes, so obviously you thought much more of it than I did. I'm not really that sure I'm going to be able to make it far past KB's stint. We'll see if the return of Skylar next week changes my tune in the least. The rest of them are boring me to tears.

I'm going to just contest and say I'm not going to watch Reaper. I just don't have the time and I can always marathon on DVD later if fandom at large embraces it.

You forgot to mention Hot Shots in tonights line-up. I still haven't watched last weeks, but I will. It's Vartan!

And does the fact that SPN and thus Deansday returning make my day like totally? You better frakkin' believe it! And FNL tomorrow? Oh, yeah!
Jeff: bsg - sealj_mac179 on October 4th, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC)
Perhaps your experience with the HP audiobooks may be influencing you perception of Dale's narration? I wondered myself how I'd feel about it going in, knowing he was the narrator, but found that it only added to the show's set-up and charm. I honestly did not expect to really be grabbed by the show as much as I was - I thought the hype leading up to it could have been a little too much - but I was glad to be pleasantly surprised, with my expectations beyond exceeded.

For me, I'm not sure if it is the bad girl/redemption/"Faith"-type angle that intrigues me with Sarah on BW, or if it actually is just because Katee lights up the screen so much more than Michelle right now. It's probably a bit of both. Already, the character's backstory is filling with shades of gray, so there's a lot to dig into.

Not surprised that Heroes just isn't your bag. I like it, but could never get ga-ga over it like Lost or BSG - not even close. No worries.

I'll let you know if Reaper is eventually worth your time to catch up with on DVD. The overall story direction for it is completely wide-open, so who knows.

And I knew I was forgetting a show on tonight's watch list, with Big Shots. I like him, but Vartan doesn't thrall me like he does you, so it slipped my mind. But it's set on the DVR, so I had it covered. Thursday nights are just too damn full.