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08 October 2007 @ 02:09 pm
no work = win!  
One of the perks of having an often-tedious federal government job is the acquired vacation time and regularly scheduled time off for federal holidays.  Today, Columbus Day, is one of those such days, so no work for Jeff equals TV-catch-up and reading list time. 

Just a few thoughts on TV since Thursday.  Possibly spoilery for some who haven't seen, so under a cut:

Smallville: 7.02 - "Kara": Suprisingly, a more watchable hour than last week's premiere.  Too much Chloe/Lois stuff was a drawback, and Lex's conversion (again) to the path of redemption seems weak - should last about as along as a snowfall in Florida, so seeing how that manages to drag out could be trying.  I was hoping - canon be damned (since this show has already made up its own outside-of-DC rules, anyway) - that Lana could sack up and put one in Lex's chest, finally ending the fiasco. *shrug*  For me, the best parts of the ep that made it better than last week were the Clark/Kara interactions.  Granted, Laura Vandervoort's not gonna be Emmy material, but by the end of the ep, I was getting a decent family vibe, and I like that each of them have things the other can learn from - Clark guiding her about his human upbringing on Earth, and how to fit in, and Kara telling him about her firsthand knowledge and experiences on Krypton, about their heritage that's still mostly foreign to him. And annoyingly, the longtime 'shipper in my inner fanboy is still a bit anxious to see Lana's return to Smallville and Clark this week *hangs head*.  I should just punch myself in the face repeatedly right now, rather than draw out the inevitable frustration to come as the season goes along. Whatever.

Supernatural: 3.01 - "The Magnificent Seven":  A wholly entertaining way to kick off the season. Dean is like, Dean to the nth-degree, livin' it up all the way around for a year, damn the consequences.  Sam is now in the protector role, with a little concern from Bobby, too - who I hope can recur a little more regularly throughout the season.  The fates of the married-couple hunters seemed a little bleak from the get-go, as I kinda figured at least one of them would get taken out by the seven, if not both. And after Isaac's death, I don't think Tamara's long for this world, either.  A revenge vendetta may be a quick way to get herself done in.  The introduction of Ruby was intriguing, and like Sam, I'm more than curious to learn more about that blade she used on the demons.  A weapon like that comes in handy in their line of work.

Moonlight: 1.02 - "Out of the Past": Now, this was the episode that could have been used as a pilot, if the series wanted to grab viewers with a little more quality from the onset.  I believe this was written by David Greenwalt, Angel co-creator, and former executive producer here, until he left due to "health reasons".  The increased quality in the story of the week and the dialogue was apparent. Mick was a little more convincing in all of his interactions, while Beth's job also seemed a little more believable, I suppose.  Still, Josef is by far the best shot in the arm, energy-wise, of the entire hour - even in his limited screen time. Not sure how the rest of the show may fare, now that Greenwalt is gone, but I can at least hope that this upswing trend can continue, so sticking with it won't seem like a chore.

Friday Night Lights: 2.01 - "Last Days of Summer": Excellence in the writing and acting continue to abound with this show.  The Taylors are still beautiful and riveting in their depiction, as Tami is heartbreaking with the struggle that she is still essentially on her own with a new baby, while Eric is also torn - we see how the weight of being away from his family is affecting him, too.  And I know Julie has a genuine fear of "small-town-destiny" and repeating her parents' path, but from a guy's point of view, she needs to stop jerking Matt around.  Either stick with him with honesty or cut him loose, because with all the shit he has to deal with, relationship insecurity is the last thing he needs, if she's not willing to commit to him as much as he is to her.  The now-developed Tyra/Landry friendship was also handled deftly, I thought - even with the final controversial scene that I'd heard about online (but was still unspoiled for) prior to this. The accidental death is probably the farthest the show has veered from "everyday life" so far, but melodrama in storytelling also has its place.  The emotional reactions from both Tyra and Landry were still played truthfully and with the absolute realism that this show demands, so I'm willing to give the plot the benefit of the doubt to see were it all leads. Jason's vibe with the new coach is strained, at best, with their conflicting views on Riggins (and Saracen), so seeing how that develops as the football season is just underway should be interesting.  Not sure what to make of Lyla's born-again evangelism, but it makes sense for someone who became so lost as she was last year.  Looking forward to everything the show has to offer.

I will also briefly mention that last Wednesday's second episode of Private Practice was much, MUCH more watchable than the first hour.  The cases of the week were better, and the characters actually behaved like professional adults, rather than immature adolescents.  Perhaps there is some hope for this spin-off.  Prison Break, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

Still also keeping up with everything else: Earl, 30 Rock (guest Jerry Seinfeld gave a funny shout-out to the quality of Lost - awesome), The Office, Grey's, Big Shots, ER, Ghost WhispererAtlantis, Housewives, and Dexter.  There's just too much to get into with more detail. And tonight's all new with HIMYM, Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman.  I do think I may actually drop Prison Beak, though.  I can barely sit through it anymore.

Maybe I'll go read a little bit until then. From a book! What a concept! 

Kristen Bell is awesome.
Shane: Josef looking uphavemy_heart on October 8th, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
Still, Josef is by far the best shot in the arm, energy-wise, of the entire hour - even in his limited screen time.

That's my problem with the show. Even setting aside my extreme love of Jason Dohring, Josef is vastly more interesting to me than Mick or Beth. I find myself not caring about the plot that much, and just looking forward to seeing Josef. While this ep was such an improvement over the pilot, I still care more about Josef and finding out about his past. I want to know how he became a vampire, how he and Mick became best friends (because they don't seem to have anything in common except for being vamps), the things he's seen in his long life and how it has made him who he is today. Bring on the flashbacks! As far as I'm concerned, it should be The Josef Show :)
Jeff: VM - yes!j_mac179 on October 8th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
My sentiments exactly. Seriously - those are the main things I'd love to see, as well, if the show gets a chance to survive long enough to get there. It's like you jumped into my brain! ;)
~ CinJudes ~: fnl - riggins/coach in rain_cinjudes_ on October 8th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
I need to d/l Moonlight - since I was so stoked about FNL's that I, like forgot about it. Was just gonna skip it this past week until after spending the day catching up on my flist and seeing in more than one spot that it was better than the pilot I thought I should check it out.

FNL - was golden. I am so glad I watched this show. *sigh* Now one of the definite highlights of my week. Right up there with SPN, Lost, and BSG. And yes, I know I owe at least half of that list to you.

And do I even need to talk about Dean Winchester? Just thinking about it makes me all flushed. *sigh*
Jeff: SR - smirkj_mac179 on October 10th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Yes, Moonlight was definitely an improvement over the first week's. Worth the download.

And yes, I know I owe at least half of that list to you.

If not, you know, three of the four. ;p I just kept mum on SPN for a long while as I watched it, due to the unfair anti-Ackles bias that Shitville promoted. All in the past now, though. Your Dean Winchester love is fangirl proof ;)
~ CinJudes ~: lost - boone - 1.13 -  magically delicio_cinjudes_ on October 10th, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
Your Dean Winchester love is fangirl proof ;)

It should. I could fangirl more about Dean, I fell it coming as the season progresses. I'm just now getting my TV fangirl mojo on. ;P

And I think if counting SPN that 3 is fair out of my top 4. Lost was totally mutual right from the start, based on the 2004 Comic Con buzz we both heard from out former associates at the Pink Titanic. So as much as that show has fortified our bond, we share it together. Oh the memories of the fights before we just decided to go with the flow... Remember pedistalization and the great Jack/Sawyer wars before we both started to truly see the awesome merit of BOTH characters? *sigh* Good times, good times.

Come to think of it we haven't been in a knock-down about characters or shows for a while. Are we getting mutually complacent or is it just love? Probably a bit of both. I guess the more we know each other the less we see the point in arguing, but a part of me misses it sometimes you know?

Jeff: bxw - friendsj_mac179 on October 10th, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
I think the lack of knock-down drag-outs is a combination of:
a) The longer we've known each other, the more we can mutually respect each others' differing points of view when it pertains to characters and/or plots, because we really only watch good TV, anyway - the storytelling will usually be handled well no matter what, so arguing over opinion is kinda pointless, and
b) the longer-we've-known-each-other factor also has shown us that we're both terribly stubborn, and that arguing until we're blue in the face won't change anyone's mind, so it's not worth getting riled up over.

But if you miss it some, we can always stir the pot if need be: B/X forever! Spuffy sucks! Kate really loves Jack, not Sawyer! ;P
~ CinJudes ~: lost - sawyer - 3.06 - sex look_cinjudes_ on October 10th, 2007 04:28 pm (UTC)
You are right on all points, and yes, if pressed those would be my exact reasons as well. And a thing called love that has harvested from that respect. If I ever even playfully goad you now it's because I am feeling frisky. I love it when you get all riled up. ;D

And also, for the record - B/X is incestuous, Spuffy and Bangel are both delicious, and I think we know from the flash forward that your Lost OTP might get a day in the sun, but even though I was convinced they would end up together in the end - now it looks as though we were BOTH wrong. And yeah - Kawyer is totally frakkin' hot - and not even YOU can deny it. Besides, you have Jack/Juliet now right? Right. ;P