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02 November 2007 @ 02:57 pm
WGA confirms strike will happen  
Just thought I'd briefly mention that the looming November 1st deadline has come and gone, for the Writer's Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to reach a deal regarding new contract negotiations.  No deal has been reached, so the WGA is in lockdown mode, with the actual strike expected to begin Monday, unless some ultra-last-second concessions are made this weekend.

A link to some of the names supporting the strike can be found at the WGA site, HERE, but I'll also c/p a list of those names on that page, under the cut (sorry if the fornatting gets all wonky):

Robert Carlock
Tina Fey
(30 Rock)

Warren Bell
(According to Jim)

Tim Doyle
(Aliens in America)

Rich Appel
Mike Barker
Matt Weitzman
(American Dad)

Dee Johnson
(Army Wives)

Steven Levitan
Christopher Lloyd
(Back To You)

Ronald D. Moore
(Battlestar Galactica)

Mark Olsen
Will Scheffer
(Big Love)

Jason Cahill
(Bionic Woman)

Hart Hanson
Stephen Nathan

David E. Kelley
(Boston Legal)

Mark Perry
(Brothers & Sisters)

Greg Berlanti
(Brothers & Sisters, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money)

Matt Nix
(Burn Notice)

Walon Green
(Canterbury's Law)

Marsh McCall

Bill Martin
Mike Schiff

Josh Schwartz
(Chuck, Gossip Girl)

James Duff
(The Closer)

Meredith Stiehm
Veena Sud
(Cold Case)

Dennis Rinsler
Marc Warren
(Cory in the House)

Edward Allen Bernero
(Criminal Minds)

Carol Mendelsohn
Naren Shankar
(CSI: Crime Scene

Pamela Veasey
(CSI: New York)

Marc Cherry
(Desperate Housewives)

Daniel Cerone

Matthew Carnahan
Joel Fields

Josh Reims
Craig Wright
(Dirty Sexy Money)

Marc Guggenheim
(Eli Stone)

John Wells
David Zabel

Charlie Craig
Jaime Paglia
Thania St. John

Ali LeRoi
(Everybody Hates Chris)

David A. Goodman
Seth MacFarlane
Chris Sheridan
(Family Guy)

John F. Bowman
(Frank TV)

Jason Katims
(Friday Night Lights)

Stephanie Savage
(Gossip Girl)

Anne Kenney

Krista Vernoff
(Grey's Anatomy)

Shonda Rhimes
(Grey's Anatomy,
Private Practice

Steven Peterman
Michael Poryes
(Hannah Montana)

Tim Kring

David Shore

Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
(How I Met Your Mother)

Rob McElhenney
(It's Always Sunny in

Carol Barbee
(Jericho, Swingtown)

Kevin Falls

Warren Hutcherson
Alison Taylor
(Just Jordan)

John Altschuler
Dave Krinsky
(King of the Hill)

Jonathan Lisco
Craig Silverstein

Eric Tuchman
(Kyle XY)

Rene Balcer
(Law & Order)

Warren Leight
(Law & Order:
Criminal Intent

Neal Baer
(Law & Order: SVU)

Kathleen McGhee-
(Lincoln Heights)

Carlton Cuse
Damon Lindelof

Matt Weiner
(Mad Men)

Jenny Bicks
(Men In Trees)

Mark Hudis

Andy Breckman

Tom Fontana
The Philanthropist

Chip Johannessen

Betsy Thomas
(My Boys)

Bobby Bowman
Gregory Garcia
(My Name is Earl)

Shane Brennan

Kari Lizer
(The New Adventures of
Old Christine

David Manson
(New Amsterdam)

Stacy Traub
(Notes from the Underbelly)

Greg Daniels
(The Office)

Eric Kaplan
(Out of Jimmy's Head)

Marti Noxon
(Private Practice)

Tara Butters
Michele Fazekas
Tom Spezialy

Dmitry Lipkin
Dawn Prestwich
Nicole Yorkin
(The Riches)

Tom Hertz
(Rules of Engagement)

Donald Todd
(Samantha Who?)

Dan Sterling
(The Sarah Silverman

Ian Biederman
Ed Redlich

Shawn Ryan
(The Shield, The Unit,
The Oaks

James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Al Jean
(The Simpsons)

Al Gough
Miles Millar

Tom Lynch
(South of Nowhere)

Danny Kallis
(Suite Life on Deck)

Josh Friedman
Toni Graphia
John Wirth
(Terminator: The Sarah
Conner Chronicles

Josh Goldsmith
Tim Hobert
Cathy Yuspa
('Til Death)

Joe Medeiros
(The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno

Alan Ball
(True Blood)

Silvio Horta
Marco Pennette
(Ugly Betty)

Chuck Lorre
(Two and a Half Men,
The Big Bang Theory

David Simon
(The Wire)

Peter Murrieta
(Wizards of Waverly Place)

Elizabeth Craft
Sarah Fain
R. Scott Gemmill
(Women's Murder Club)

In Solidarity
Tyler Bensinger
Steven Bochco
Jim Leonard
Phil Rosenthal
Robin Schiff

I really just wanted to highlight this because if you are one who watches scripted television of any kind, any night of the week, this could very well affect you and your viewing.  Another article on the reasons as to why this is happening can be found at the L.A. Times page, HERE.

I, for one, can understand the rationale behind this, as the writers just want their fair share of the obscene amounts of revenue that stand to be made from DVD residuals and the brand-new medium of online and downloadable content.  I just hope the resolution comes sooner rather than later, since the overall landscape of network and cable television will be more and more drastically affected the longer this goes on - and because serial scripted television is a huge chunk of what makes me happy, entertainment-wise.  I'm just sayin'.  

Plus, the longer this goes on, the potential for actual motion pictures to really be affected - probably by next summer and fall - becomes a big issue, too.

Kristen Bell is awesome.
~ CinJudes ~: fnl - riggins - bring it on_cinjudes_ on November 2nd, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
I support and agree with the strike, even if it does make for a possibly unusual TV season. I honestly don't think they will let it go on for long, but if it does I'll wait it out.

From the gossip vines around I have seen so far today on the shows I care about here is a quick rundown of possible delays, etc.:

- FNL has been scripted threw episode 2.14 already. Not sure which episode they are filming, but they have 2/3 of the scripts in the can.

- They are now filming episode 3.10 of SPN - and no word yet on how many other episodes have already completed scripts.

As for the Lost I am pretty sure they are at least 1/2 way threw filming the S4 which isn't even slated to start until February. Since they began filming when everyone else did over the summer. (this one is just my thoughts - could be the same for all other Jan or later starting shows)

The question remains if they will just stop airing episodes even if completed, say in January when they would likely return - or if they would all hold out unaired but shot episodes to have enough to at least fill up Feb. sweeps. *shrug*

Like I said, I support it and if it means going without but getting more later but with happier writers then I say strike on.