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21 March 2006 @ 08:16 am
so... it's Tuesday  
Meh.  Wasn't very inspired to post anything over the weekend, and was way too busy at work yesterday to goof off much at all.

Won't get into too much detail, but can still say 24 is only picking up more steam as the season is heading for the finish. Tony's officially dead, so that was a shocker continuing from last week's ep - makes me sad... And the fact that we really don't know how far these Russian terrorist allegiances go, with their assistance from as-yet-undetermined cooperating U.S. authorities, is making the mystery even deeper. CTU being wholly handed over to DHS for full operations won't turn out well, and I'm glad to see Jack is forcing their hands in order to do his job properly. And I'm surprisingly encouraged by Bill Buchanan's spine. He's made some good stands this season, and is a strong ally for Jack. Which, of course is really vital now, as it seems even people who we think we know, may not be entirely who they appear to be. And Jack Bauer is still a bonafide hero. For sure.

An outstanding episode of The Sopranos was given to us this week. After Tony's gutshot from Uncle Junior in the final scene last week, we see the fallout and consequences, with Tony in a coma with possible brain damage and fighting sepsis, while both of his "families" are struggling to keep things together. The best aspect of the ep, though, was seeing Tony's dream life while in his coma. He's living the run-of-the mill corporate salesman's life, but also stumbles into a case of mistaken identity as he loses his I.D. while checking into a convention hotel. There are symbols and metaphors rampant throughout the entire set of dream sequences, but I won't blab about them here. Basically, the entire Soprano family/organization is really at a turning point right now, and I'm very curious to see how David Chase continues to set this up for the remaining 18 episodes left in the series. I just have this strong hunch that the series finale will be really dark, and may not turn out well for Tony. It's just a feeling.

Prison Break was also back after its months-long hiatus, and it was good. Not spectacular, and not a real "can't-miss" show for me, but still interesting.  It seems Lincoln may very well be executed next week, I'm not sure.  That would still leave Michael "free" to get his group of misfits out in a modified escape, but who knows.  I don't see this series having a second season, at least not in the same form. Regardless of the secrecy still involved (the wicked V.P., her underhanded Secret Service henchmen), by its very nature, it's a singular plot-arc story, made for a season's worth of eps, to then be finished.  The ratings have been decent, though, so I'm curious to see what gets wrapped up and what may be left hanging.

And I did make it out to see V for Vendetta Saturday night...

I was relatively hesitant to see this. Regardless of my appreciation for the fetching Miss Portman, and the sure-fire "wow" factor of the Wachowski brothers' filmed action sequences, I was being turned off by the myriad of varying reviews/opinions I had heard and seen about the story leading up to its release. There are many who are quick to praise the film for lambasting the current U.S. Administration and our country's foreign policy, with nods to current "ideological problems" in the world socio-political order. I wasn't looking forward to having to roll my eyes at all the propaganda to be shoved my way while trying to be entertained. But really, after seeing the film, it wasn't as bad (preaching) as I feared.

Of course, there are criticisms of the global climate in general - but more in a sort of warning about western philosophies reaching further than their governments are able to control, with society as we know it eventually collapsing under its own weight. To me, the story in general is more of a cautionary tale of why people need to remain educated and aware of how their government works, and less specifically an indictment against a particular group or person - although conservatism is painted in its most extreme harshness. And really, any ideology - "left" or "right" should never be seen only in its extremes - it will always look horrific. But, the film also gives a stark outlook on the damning control a biased media can have on a willing-to-listen-to-anything society, and how much power that media can have if it becomes nothing more than a puppet show for the government to propagandize and spin whatever revisionist history it so chooses. In those aspects, I think the film succeeds in letting the overall point remain open to interpretation to the individual viewer - whether this was intentional in the Wachowskis' script ot not, I don't know.

The film is definitely going to be hailed by liberals as an indictment of fanatical conservatism, but I like how there is no real clear-cut right or wrong side here. Even Evey - the "heroine", if you will - isn't sure if V's methods for achieving his goals are the right choice until the very end - and as we find out, she has every right to question his actions. But the idea behind all of it - both the story in the film, and the goal for the film in general - is for people to be active participants in the powers that govern them, and not passively sit by while their personal choices and liberties are stripped "for their own good". There's more of a mandate of "PAY ATTENTION" and "BE VIGILANT" rather than a condemnation of any particular idea or action. I know that Alan Moore - the writer who authored the 1982 graphic novel for DC/Vertigo Comics on which this is based - has disavowed the filmed version, and wants nothing to do with the movie. I don't know whether he takes issue with the casting, the relationship development of the characters, the overall plot-story in general, or specific changes that may have been made from his story - I've never read the book, so I can't make comparisions. But I will say that the film is worth seeing, if just for the fact that individual viewers can make up their own minds and draw their own interpretations about what the "message" really is.

Oh, and the action/fight/explosion scenes are pretty nifty, too. Great visuals, with lasting imagery and music to accompany the "wow" moments. A good action flick, if nothing else.

Scrubs has two new eps tonight *yay*, which I get to follow with the 90-minute season finale of The Shield *sweeet*.

And aside from still being amazed that certain individuals continue to bring up and rehash old talking (arguing) points in their LJ boredom/cries for attention - while still missing the entire point of such disagreements/fall-outs in the first place - I don't have much else for now.  And there's work to do, too. 
Flora: Burnedlatinatemptress on March 21st, 2006 06:19 pm (UTC)
Hmmm...you know for a minute there i was scratching my head. Cause i had NO idea what you were talking about in that end paragraph and then VOILA!! THE WANK OF THE DAY BEGINS!

ROFLMAO! WOW. PA-THE-TIC. Hmm...well it seems someones still angry and can't get over being wrong, wrong, wrong and must now justify just how pathetically wrong she is with nonsense that has NOTHING to do with what happened. = x. Tsk, tsk.

And here, AGAIN, i thought this was OVER. But no, no.

Apparently, in order to prove how ADULT you are Jeff, you must do the following: Submerse yourself in the wank and dig up old issues in order to feel some type of superiority because, well, your ass got told off for being sneaky and dishonest and you are now pissy that the same thing YOU did got done right back done to you. 'Cause you see, when you take back ownership of a board WIHOUT INFORMING THE CURRENT OWNERS ABOUT IT PRIOR TO DOING SO, because well, THEY PAID FOR IT, YOU HAVE NOW LET GO OF THE RIGHT TO BE UPSET THAT THE TRUE OWNERS OF SAID BOARD TAKE THE BOARD THAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS BACK!

What am i missing here? What am i not understanding?

Oh wait, Jeff heres the answer: In order to justify your nefarious actions you must brain spew and word vomit about a topic that has NOTHING to do with what YOU ORGINALLY DID AND WHAT YOU ORGINALLY STARTED BY NOT SPEAKING WITH YOUR SUPPOSED CLOSEST FRIENDS ABOUT ANY AND ALL ISSUES THAT YOU HAD OFF OF A PUBLIC FORUM. Ho-hum. There it is. That's it. Thats how you be an adult Jeff.

*Enrolls in the independently-stupid classes*
Jeffj_mac179 on March 21st, 2006 06:41 pm (UTC)
Hear, hear, Flo. *claps* Nicely done.

I also found it interesting, that in the recent replies to the aforementioned re-hashed, dug-up wank, we get to see one-time online "friends" spout off about things they are clueless to, as well.

It's ironic that the whole issue of "why" is completely misconstrued by that entire clique of woefully misguided children. And yet, we're the "morons". Hmm.
~ CinJudes ~: mal - not fucking around_cinjudes_ on March 21st, 2006 07:21 pm (UTC)
First of all, I would like to say that I too was clueless as to the nature of the rehashing - but it didn't take me long to catch up. After I have stewed on it a bit I just feel kinda confused as to who this person even is. Mostly it's just sad. And not in a melancholy way either - but like in a someone needs seek professional help very soon kinda way.

I think Flo hit on all my anger points nicely and covered the real facts pretty well - what trips me out is that it seems she thinks that if she types the lies out enough times that her brigade will pity her or something. Too bad they can't see the truth, you know the one she removed as soon as it was thrown up in her face. How HER WORDS (( and I quote:::"Unfortunately, I can't de-admin myself, so you guys will have to de-admin me. The only problem is, in order to maintain the technical aspects of the board, I might need to access the admin panel. You can decide if you want to keep me on for that reason, or if I could just go in as one of you to do these things. It's up to you. If you do decide to keep me on as admin, it will be in name only--all decision-making power for the board will go to you, or anyone else you may wish to admin in my place." -- yes dearies, I saved the files, unlike some of you, I am thorough...)) dictated every single one of our actions. But I digress...

In doing everything she did and continues to do - by the misunderstandings and the miscommunications and the lies - she has set us all free of her bullshit. Seeing this side of the coin, I can tell you that it certainly is liberating.

And on a separate but kinda relevant issue (since I was forced to go lurking), you would think that the way she posts about the subject of "wank" every other post would get old to some people. Especially any of them who truly know her at all - considering she INVENTED some forms of wank. I mean, cause constantly wanking about wank is sooooooooo interesting and well rounded. If you don't like wank, then STOP WANKING! GAWD!

Oh yeah, but there was that epiphany *slaps forehead*, silly me...

So I've said it's over. I mean it too, I actually questioned whether or not I should even post here in support of my being done with it. But she fucked up by calling out Jeff for no reason. Oh, wait - the reason was that she doesn't have the balls to post MY NAME in her lj.


Flora: Burnedlatinatemptress on March 21st, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
You know Jeff the more i think about it, she pulled what she got furious over someone else doing to her. She brought out her issues on a public forum and then expected everyone to just be ok with it. Wait! That sounds alot like something The Ebola Virus pulled. *GASP* OMGDZ! Do you hear that Jeff? Them thar's the sounds of Hypocrisy.

And yet, if this all supposedly started because of fandom wank, (so they say) then i guess, said fandom wank was generally and truly HER wank to begin with.

*Hysterical laughter ensues*

*Rubs spinning head*

And Cindy, you see what doing EXACTLY what she wished us to do got us? NOWHERE. We're all of a sudden the bad guys for doing EXACTLY what she requested. She asked us to de-admin her. She gave us the option of either keeping her on or NOT keeping her on. We chose NOT to keep her on. Then she proceeds to Admin herself and someone none of us are fond of thereby de-adminning those who PAID FOR THE BOARD and expected us to say "Yes Massa. Whatever you say Massa."

Her reasonings behind her actions were null and void, (the probabbilty of a virus hoopla), when she decided to AGAIN post her issues on a PUBLIC FORUM INSTEAD OF CONTACTING AN ADMIN OF THE BOARD SHE WALKED AWAY FROM. Huh? Soooooooooo, where did we do the Big Bad? *Headdesk*