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19 November 2007 @ 03:32 pm
Q&A with Heroes hotties; a meme; WGA strike stuff  
Was out of town to Tallahassee again this weekend, so I've got a few pages to scroll back through on the flist, as well as catching up with everything else online in my various fandoms.  

And I just haven't had any goof-off time at work at all any more, so my posting and commenting is showing serious neglect.  I'm actually sacrificing time here at work (okay, procrastinating) just to do this, but the job is driving me batshit, so I just needed a break.

Other flisters have already posted or linked this, but I also wanted a reference her for my own, after I read the O&A with Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere at TV Guide online this morning. It pertains to tonight's Heroes episode - 2.09 - "Cautionary Tales" - but also diverges into some cuteness too funny to pass up.  I never was ga-ga over the then-jailbait Hayden that so many fanboys seemed to be during season one. She just seemed to be a decent person, and was sweet enough when I met her - and I find her much cooler just by association with Kristen.  KBell's influence can only be a good thing. Link to the page is HERE, and a c/p of the text under the cut:

Preview: Heroes' Blonde Babes Have an Unconventional Meet-and-Greet 
by Michael Logan
Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com 
Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere, Heroes
This is our kinda hostage crisis! Heroes went on location to the beach at San Pedro, California, to shoot a scene (airing tonight, 9 pm/ET, on NBC) in which Company men Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Bob (Stephen Tobolosky) plan to swap Claire (Hayden Panettiere) for Bob’s daughter Elle (Kristen Bell), who is being held by Claire’s pop HRG. (Jack Coleman). Got that? The chick exchange will lead to a deadly climax — one prophesied in an Isaac Mendez painting — but right now Panettiere and Bell just wanna have fun. We sat down with these two real-life pals for a seaside chitchat.

TVGuide.com: This is the first time Claire and Elle are in a scene together — the meeting of the hot blonde babes!
Kristen Bell: Yes, it’s the highly anticipated standoff millions are waiting to see! I dressed for the occasion.
Hayden Panettiere: And I — what else is new? — am in my cheerleading outfit. It really disappointed me because Kristen’s in heels and a cool designer outfit. They dress you nice at the Company.
Bell: This is what I wear to the office to kill people. But I wish I was in the cheerleader outfit.
Panettiere: Would they notice if we swapped? It could be like Parent Trap! But Kristen’s not too coordinated. She keeps zapping people and falling over.
Bell: That’s because they’ve got me zapping people in high heels! I look like I’m in a comedy sketch!
Panettiere: Save it, honey. Last season, I had to do a dive out of a window and then do a tuck 'n’ roll — all in 4-inch-heels, OK? It was easy.

TVGuide.com: Divas, please! You’re both wonderful. Now, tell us about the scene.
Panettiere: Elle knows all about Claire, but Claire has no idea who Elle is. All she knows is that HRG is holding Elle hostage for a reason and that Elle is giving her an evil look — so I give her one right back. I’m looking her up and down like “Who are you, bitch?” And she’s like, “You don’t know me but I know you, bitch!”
Bell: The whole idea is that Elle and Claire are two sides of the same coin.
Panettiere: Yeah, HRG didn’t turn Claire into the Company because he knew they’d experiment on her. He knew what they’d turn her into. But Elle’s dad didn’t protect her that way.
Bell: Bodies are not able to take that much electricity and pain, and so Elle’s psychologically a little off her rocker.
Panettiere: We’re like the yin…
Bell: … and the yang.
Panettiere: And now Elle is Claire gone bad.… We don’t technically meet in this scene since we don’t have lines. I do my nasty glare and, trust me, it didn’t require much acting.
Bell: That’s OK. There’s a scene later where I get to zap the hell out of her with my lightning bolts.
Panettiere: [Rolling her eyes] Puh-leeze. She misses me and hits West [Nick D’Agosto].
Bell: I thought I hit you.
Panettiere: No, you hit him. Then he passes out on top of me and crushes me. What a gentleman.
Bell: Men! [Both squeal with laughter]

TVGuide.com: Obviously, Miss Kristen Bell didn’t read the script.
Sendhil Ramamurthy: [Strolling by and overhearing] She doesn’t bother worrying about which of us she electrocutes. She doesn’t care. That’s the real Kristen Bell. Put that in your interview! [He laughs and wanders off]
Panettiere: Our characters are going to have a very interesting relationship. We relate to each other; we get each other.
Bell: Yeah, we’re definitely connected. Our dynamic will change over the course of the next few episodes. Just wait. You’ll find out that Elle holds the key to Claire’s future. I have a past with Peter and a past with Claire’s dad and a future with Claire.
Panettiere: No, you have a past with my dad and a present with Peter.
Bell: No, I have a future with Peter… no wait... [Exasperated]. I do need to read the script.

TVGuide.com: Forget the future, let’s discuss the past. You both knew each other as young actors in New York, right?
Panettiere: She used to change my diapers.
Bell: I did not change Hayden’s diapers!
Panettiere: We met when I was 8.
Bell: And I was… [Hesitates]… well, I don’t want to say how old I was. [Laughs] We were both with the same agency. Hayden doesn’t remember this but I happened to be in the office the day she booked Remember the Titans and she came in with her mom to celebrate. I was there having a meeting and all the agents were saying, ‘We knew it, Hayden! We knew you’d get the movie!” She had these long beautiful blonde curls.
Panettiere: [Grimacing] I know, I know…. Don’t rub it in.
Bell: She was adorable.
Panettiere: And I went to see Kristen on Broadway in Tom Sawyer. I remember that very clearly.
Bell: Did you want to grow up to be me? Do you still want to?
[Panettiere pretends she didn’t hear the question] No, the truth is, Hayden was a very big deal already back then. She was also on Guiding Light at that point. I was just doing Broadway Schmroadway.

TVGuide.com: [To Bell] Did you ever want to get on a soap opera?
Bell: No. Musical theater was my be-all-end-all. That was my ultimate dream.
Panettiere: And then her dream was crushed — now she’s only on Heroes.
Bell: Maybe Elle could sing.
Panettiere: I have always said there should be a musical episode: There is a lot of singing on the set.
Bell: Everybody would try to outdo each other! It would be a total catfight. Jack Coleman sings all day long. Sendhil sings. One day in the car, Masi Oka [Hiro], Zach Quinto [Sylar] and I decided to start a band. It could be like the Heroes all put on a talent show! You know, Hayden and I have been saying for a long time that we wanted to work together, so it’s kinda fun that we now get to be rough and tough because we’re not friends.
Panettiere: Not friends on the show, she means. We’re such good friends in real life that we carpooled to the set today.
Bell: I drove and we got so lost we wound up in a Lowe’s parking lot somewhere.
Panettiere: Yeah, and she wanted to drop me off there.
Bell: I said, “OK, Hayden, you’re here, get out!”
Panettiere: I was like, “Kristen, we’re supposed to be shooting at San Pedro beach today, not Santa Monica beach!”
Bell: I had us in the wrong place. We had like 10 minutes to get to the set and we were still 45 minutes away.
Panettiere: Now it turns out she’s working here till sundown and I’m out after just a couple more shots. So I’m stuck here for hours with no way to get home. I didn’t even bring a book. This wasn’t the best plan.
Bell: I’m sure everyone would love to think I sabotaged her, but it ain’t the truth. But we do enjoy sabotaging each other on screen, if we can keep a straight face.
Panettiere: Our scene today was so hard. I was trying not to laugh. At least Kristen gets to have a smirk on her face. But I have to restrain myself.

TVGuide.com: Unlike what you did on Live with Regis and Kelly a while back.
Bell: Whaaat? What did you do?
Panettiere: I said the F-word. And it was all over the Internet. I was outside the studio and the paparazzi were pushing this little kid to get to me.
Bell: I would have straight-up knocked somebody out if they were pushing a kid.
Panettiere: I just blurted it out, it wasn’t even intentional.
Bell: [Riveted] Ooh, what did you say… like “WTF”?
Panettiere: I think so, very quickly, and somebody managed to catch it.

TVGuide.com: But you came off like a true superhero — protecting a little kid in jeopardy!
Panettiere: Honestly, did they need to report about that? There’s nothing else going on in the world except an 18-year-old — a legal adult — saying the F-word?
Bell: Hayden has the most level head of any 18-year-old I’ve ever met. She’s handling her fame with real grace, isn’t she? I couldn’t do what she does.
Panettiere: Oh, thanks. I had you as a role model. [She reaches over and caresses Bell’s face tenderly and they laugh like crazy]

TVGuide.com: Kristen, how long are you signed with Heroes?
Panettiere: [Perking up] Yeah, how long?
Bell: Hayden just wants to know because she likes to cradle my face.
Panettiere: That’s an inside a joke.

TVGuide.com: About…?
Panettiere: About, uh, something interesting….
Bell: We can’t say. [They are called to return to the set]
Panettiere: Did we actually do an interview here?
Bell: It was more like a non-interview. I feel like we should have been telling information about the show as opposed to revealing that we cradle each other’s faces.
Panettiere: I’ll leave you with this. I’d like to keep Kristen around. I enjoy her. I have fun with her. She’s talented. She’s wonderful. I’m just never going to carpool with her again!

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Send your comments on this Q&A to online_insider@tvguide.com.

Also found another personal-info-related meme of minor interest, snagged from amaleka_crone, who got it from candlewaxdreams:

Changing Times Meme

--------------------------8 years ago - 1999-------------------------------

1.) How old were you? turned 20 in January 
2.) Where did you go to school?
Florida State University 
3.) Where did you work? Part-time as a server at Cooker Bar and Grill 
4.) Where did you live? 
An apartment in Tallahasee, with two roommates
5.) Where did you hang out? Various bars along Tennessee St., football games at Doak, Bennigans until 2AM
6.) Did you wear glasses?  No
7.) Who was your best friend?  Didn't really have one
8.) How many tattoos? None 
9.) How many piercing did you have?
10.) Did you have a car? Yes - 1995 Ford Mustang GT
11.) Had you been to a real party? Oh, fuck yes 
12.) Had You had your heart broken? 
I think so
13.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? single
14.) Any Kids? Nope

---------------------------4 years ago - 2003-------------------------------

1.) How old were you? turned 24 in January
2.) Where did you go to school? the school of Life - graduated FSU in April 2001
3.) Where did you work? The Federal Gov't - I'd tell you specifics, but then I'd have to kill you
4.) Where did you live? Orlando 
5.) Where did you hang out? 
a few clubs/bars downtown on Church St. - but only occasionally - usually at the movies or home watching the tube
6.) Did you wear glasses? No
7.) Who were your best friends? probably Dan and Brian
8.) How many tattoos? still none
9.) How many piercings did you have? Zero
10.) What car did you drive? 2002 Ford Mustang GT - I traded up
11.) Had your heart broken? kind of, but looking back it was rather minor
12.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? single
13.) Any Kids? Nope

-------------------------------------Today - 2007------------------------------------

1.) How old are you? turned 28 in January - God, 30 is just around the fucking corner!
2.) Where did you go to school? still the schools of Life and Hard Knocks - no post-grad stuff yet
3.) Where do you work? still with the gov't - and I still can't tell you, for your own sake 
4.) Where do you live? 
still in O-town
5.) Do you wear glasses? Nope - still 20/20 (20/15?)
6.) Who is your best friend? probably Dan, but in the fandom world, Cindy 
7.) Do you talk to your old friends? a handful of us keep in touch
8.) How many piercing do you have? still none
9.) How many tattoos? still zero - but I've been tempted
10.) What kind of car do you have? still the same '02 Stang - her name is Lana 
11.) Has your heart been broken?
only sports-related (I bleed garnet and gold)
12.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? still single, and it's getting kinda tired
13.) Any Kids? None that I know of

In addition, I guess it should be taken as good news that the studios and network honchos have agreed to come back to the negotiating table this weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday. It doesn't guarantee a damn thing, of course, as far as ending the WGA strike is concerned - nothing may actually be achieved yet - but at least it's a step in the right direction.  

And mainly because I wanted a singular grouping of links to Joss-talk (the man can be hilarious in his ranting and snarking), I wanted to highlight that Joss Whedon has been pretty active with his own commentary and blogging over at Whedonesque the last couple of weeks, with his own updates HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, with commentary in a few others (may need to be registered to view - not sure). He's also linked the the United Hollywood page several times, and informed fans that the "Pencils 2 Media Moguls" campaign could be massive.  All the information on this is at the UH support page, HERE.  I went and donated a few boxes of #2s, just because this is something that really matters for the future of network television entertainment, and anything that can impress upon the studios and network executives that the fans actually do give a shit about the content being produced, I'm all for it.  

Lastly, I'll also include what has also been mentioned elsewhere that Ronald D. Moore has posted a blurb about Battlestar Galactica production being wrapped indefinitely, found HERE. Episode 13 of season four just completed filming, and that's all they've got scripts for.  Until the WGA gets a new deal, the planned-ending for the series in those final 7 episodes remains unshot.  NBC-Universal, which produces the show and owns Sci-Fi Channel, has already sent out suspension/termination letters to cast members now that production is in limbo - a scan of which is HERE.  Also, a c/p of the text from Moore's blog under the cut (formatting got a little wonky again - apologies):

Galactica wraps

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Galactica wraps
Saturday, November 17, 2007

Production wrapped on episode 413 late last night, and there’s no certain date to resume shooting.  No more scripts exist.  My office staff has been laid off.  My cast has been suspended, without pay.

I refuse to believe that we won’t finish, that we won’t be back to film our final stories, but I know and accept there is that possibility.  The strike will be a seminal event for many of us in this business as it’s put literally everything we care about in the balance (if only for a short time so far) for something we all believe is important.

Writers talk a lot about the strike, about the reasons we’re out on the picket lines and our feelings and experiences in the business.  It’s been an interesting three weeks.  I’ve connected with more scribes in the last few weeks than in many months before and I come away from it to date with a sense of optimism about the solidarity of the membership and admiration for my peers.

Galactica’s coming back, I frakking promise you that.  But I am ready to put the rest of the story on the table and take the risk that I’ll never be able to tell it, in support of this strike.

Like Adama says, you make your choices and then you live with them. 


A helluva gamble.

God, talk about angst.  I want the writers to get their fair deal as much as anyone, but the mass devastation being wrought upon the TV landscape is slowly starting to mount and show in the production stoppages.  Fucking networks.  Greedy sonsabitches.

Kristen Bell is awesome.
~ CinJudes ~: vm - dick - s2 - obviously_cinjudes_ on November 19th, 2007 09:25 pm (UTC)
Ok, first I must blush over the 'best friend' blurb. Of course you know that I would answer that question the same way easily since just a few weeks ago I gushed about you being my fandom soul-mate and all. *smooches* It hurts my soul a bit that you are getting tired of being single. Not that I want you married, because part of me is scared to death of that - but just the fact that your sad and lonely makes my heart ache a bit. *double smooches*

I dug the interview - and I support your crush to the fullest extent. Then again you tend to pick a chick and stick with her for a good 5 years or so, so unlike me and my variously changing crushes/objects of lust I can be supportive and aid when possible. ;D

I also read the Ronald D. Moore blog this morning from the link on my Whedonesque feed. To say I'm not happy and that I more than mirror your thoughts and feelings on the matter goes without saying. Shit, we had this conversation YESTERDAY. ladfkjadkfjakdj

Thanks for a comprehensive list of the links to Joss' posts. I have been trying to post links as I remember and do post myself since Joss is just made of everything awesome, but it's nice to have. And I had missed his latest post with the "Pencils 2 Media Moguls" campaign stuff. But that's what happens to me on Mondays going over my flist - shit falls threw the cracks. Thanks for helping me out.

I did check the Best Buy Black Friday stuff - I guess the only thing on there I like should ask for is SV S5, since I buy those and it is going to be only 15 bucks again. *sigh* Unfortunately none of the shit I really wanted was on the list, but we settle for necessity on the cheap as well.

Thanks again for the post FNL rundown since I'm a complete dumbass. I downloaded and will be watching tonight at any rate. Plus it was awesome as always just to catch up with you - we really should do it every few weeks as it is. Oh, and did you find out when the Florida spring break was next year yet? If not, get on it.


Edited at 2007-11-19 09:26 pm (UTC)
Jeff: bsg - centurionj_mac179 on November 20th, 2007 01:40 am (UTC)
Well, now, hey - I didn't say I was 'sad and lonely'. There are many aspects to being an independent, unattached bachelor that are quite appealing, so I can't be all 'woe is me' and stuff. But I get where you're coming from with the empathy, so it's appreciated.

The BSG situation really has the potential to make me all kinds of anxious, depending upon how far this all drags out. I'm not gonna worry about it until next spring (God forbid this lasts that long) - when crunch time for filming those final episodes will really arrive, but to not have an ending - after all of this that we've been through? - that would just be fandom-tragedy.

I got busy with going back to read what I missed over the weekend at Whedonesque, and saw that Joss had posted again, so I decided to give myself a reference that was up to date regarding his thoughts through this whole strike mess. I figured you'd use them, too.

And with the long-term crushes, I think the ones I've gravitated to - like, seriously devoted hours and days and weeks and months and years to following their work and stuff - will probably last as life-long soft spots with me. And I can easily pick out the three that I consider in that category (you can, too, I'm sure). I need more than just T&A or some momentary media-fad popularity over some hot chick to find her worth my while.

And hell - that reasoning kinda highlights the notion that even my celebrity fantasies cater to my want of meaningful commitment, lol. That's probably some subconscious commentary right there...

I'll do my best with the Black Friday excursion. Gonna double check everything I think I'd like to snag when the official ad arrives, and SV S5 can be gotten, I'm sure.

As far as I can tell, most of the spring break weeks around here fall in the 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th week of March. As far as planning your flight or time off, I still think either the end of March or first week of April should be fine. Honestly, if you can work out a good rate around that time - and go over it with Flora, too - then just let me know, and I can get my days off that I need. But as usual, the details in the planning should take shape more after the new year, probably.

Flora: MWAHlatinatemptress on November 20th, 2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
Sad and Lonely?! Oh NOES! Methinks Cindy and I shall remedy that ASAP. ;)

And on a serious note....

I think I've started to grow a girl crush on K-Bell. :O Especially after last nights ep of Heroes. I mean, seriously, that little petite blonde was strutting some pretty serious sex appeal. RAWR! And after a pretty much dissapointing first portion of this season, these last two eps have truly gone back to the Heroes I've known and loved. Especially last night. Action packed and loving it! And I think the absence of the Spanish Siblings had a bit to do with it. I've grown tired of them and the same old same old merry go round. Not even having "Doctor Evil" with them is making it bearable. Cause seriously, the thought that any spanish woman is that naive gives me the dry heaves. Hello!! I so would have told him to show me his passport, credit cards, a notarized letter....you get the point. And I have to agree with your post before this on DL and whats-her-name. They've seriously stepped up their story-line 'cause I was actually interested in what was happening with them. I used to tune them out when they were on screen even though I thought the little boy was adorable.

As for the trip to the Pimp Palace, I am ready when Ya'll are! Bring on the alcohol! \o/

Kristen Bell is made of awesome.
Jeff: Heroes - Elle - thudj_mac179 on November 20th, 2007 04:29 pm (UTC)
I think I've started to grow a girl crush on K-Bell. :O Especially after last nights ep of Heroes. I mean, seriously, that little petite blonde was strutting some pretty serious sex appeal. RAWR!

Honestly, anyone who isn't at least a little bit into her in some form of appreciation may have personal issues. I mean, other than just being gorgeous, she's got so much else going for her that makes her so appealing. But I won't do any further gushing (for now, anyway). My stance and obsession is clear.

Agreed that Heroes is finally back to some really entertaining development week to week - and just in time for the shortened season! Crapbags! Elle is all kinds of fun to watch, and last night's ep was pretty damn good - a few "oh, shit!" moments to go around, and Noah Bennet is still the bomb.

Line of the night - "What's your super-power? Punching bag?" - Made of win.
nobody trusts me, i'm a fucking nutcase: Telly:: H: at lastbsidetales on November 19th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
Haha, face cradling. I love THEM.
Jeff: kristen - 2006 Billboard -1j_mac179 on November 20th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC)
Seriously - I gain new appreciation for Hayden the more she hangs with Kristen. Just when I think I couldn't possibly adore KBell any more than I already do, she ends up making everyone around her more interesting by default, so her own coolness factor cranks up yet another notch. My obsession knows no bounds, apparently.