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22 November 2007 @ 10:05 pm
"Follow the yellow thick hose."  
I'm not sure if there's a cap on how much enjoyment I get out of Pushing Daisies.  Each episode has just been chock-full of smile-worthy moments and tons of quotable dialogue - some of the most quotable material since Veronica Mars and all of its rapid-fire pop-culture references.  

Last week's episode "Bitches" (hilarious episode title) and last night's "Smell of Success" continued the so-far excellence of this series, and my near love-affair with its quality.  Stand-out lines, in addition to the entry title above:

"Satisfaction through olfaction."

"Get a load of Muggy McHambone."

"Don't make me cut a bitch."

'Jews for Cheese' (on a shirt)

"'Ned!' 'Chuck!' 'Oscar.' 'Napoleon.' ... ... 'Hi, Emerson.' 'Hey. Olive.'" (expressions were priceless)

And the cuteness of the cup-pies and hilarity of Emerson's 'Knit-Wit Magazine' also made me grin.

Will also mention what many others have said, that Heroes continued its great upswing on Monday, with 2.09 - "Cautionary Tales".  Just as good as "Four Months Ago", IMO, and made even better by the bad-assery of Noah Bennet and the slow-reveal of backstory for Elle.  Seeing the reasoning as to why she's slightly insane makes her not quite so evil, and has me even more curious of her future path.  Also liked the parallel to last season's moment with Claire waking up on the autopsy table, as Noah comes to after eye-regeneration with the "Holy Sh--!" moment.  Good stuff.

Oh, and Kristen in a bikini.  With oodles of attention given to her legs. Yum.  'Nuff said.

And in checking the flist, I found a simple meme from candlewaxdreams, and decided to make a voice post of my own like she did.  It lets the flisters know what you may sound like, and is an easy enough way for a first time voice post.  However, I sent the call through to post it almost 15 minutes ago, and it still hasn't shown up, so if it does ever appear after this entry, then I'll get to see if it's actually audible and makes sense. 

Lastly, though it's a little belated since the day is almost over, Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Some days may seem quite shitty in each and every one of our lives from time to time, but just the simple fact we have a luxury like LJ to actually vent and interact is proof that there are many things for which we can be thankful.  At least, I know I am, in spite of any bitching from day to day.

And since I'm actually caught up on new TV from this week, other than what's on tonight, I need to go watch some football. USC/Arizona St. is actually a decent game right now, and there's still some NFL on, too.

Kristen Bell is awesome.