Kristen Bell and Heroes writer Jeph Loeb on the picket line outside Universal Studios
IGN TV: You've got fans out here today walking with you. In general, have you found that they are very understanding about why the strike is happening at this point?

Kristen Bell: I think people are trying to understand. I mean it's a little confusing to everybody when anybody goes on strike. They always think they're making inappropriate demands, but I think in this case word has gotten out enough that the writers are just looking for some fairness.

IGN TV: Did you have many conversations with the writers on Heroes as the possibility of the strike grew more likely?

Bell: Oh my gosh, yeah. It was like anxiety 24/7. We were all just sad, because we knew it was coming and it was the lesser of two evils. It was nerve-wracking for everyone. Nobody wanted it to happen; nobody wanted it.

IGN TV: What was it like when the strike began and you were still filming?

Bell: Obviously we were all very much in support of the strike, so there was a little bit of anxiety when you had to cross the line. But we looked at it like it was written prior to this and we were simply honoring our commitment to what they had already written. And then after that, I think we've all stayed pretty strong with the fact that everybody's now going to be supporting the writers… Because we have no scripts! 

IGN TV: Do you hope days like this -- where the writers, fans and actors like yourself are all here together -- is helping send a message to the studios?

Bell: Oh, absolutely. I think the more people they see out here and the more consistent it is, the better. It died down for a minute when they went back to the [negotiating] table, but I think the stronger everybody's attitudes are kept up that it just has to be acknowledged that this needs to be settled and soon. Because I think what a lot of people don't realize is how many people take a hit with this. I one-hundred percent support the writers and support the directors and obviously support SAG, but what no one's really acknowledging is that none of the crew can work, and they're not even in a place where they would be able to request residuals. So to be in an argument over residuals, which are deserved…

I'm in support, but my heart really goes out to the crew members who haven't had work for two months before Christmas. It's a different situation that I don't think is really being acknowledged. So just even for that alone I hope that we can all come to a settlement soon where everybody gets their just desserts, you know?

Kristen Bell as Elle on Heroes
IGN TV: You're having some in-person reunions today, but have you been in contact with the writers as this has been going on?

Bell: I have, yeah. It's a very tight nit family which is lovely I think. And actually, Jeph and Tim have been very supportive and I've gotten a couple of messages from Tim just of moral support saying "We're still all here and waiting to get back to work and I hope you're doing well." They check in. They don't just sort of abandon you and I think that's a reason the show is successful, because they do run it like a family.

IGN TV: I assume the experience of having just joined the show has been an odd one, because of the strike happening in the midst of it too.

Bell: Obviously I would have loved to have not been interrupted by the strike, but it is what it is. I've been happy to be involved in the show and I hope I continue to be.