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14 January 2008 @ 09:13 pm
yep... still alive  
I was actually offline - as in not on the interwebs at all - for over a week. A WEEK. Not even email. I think that may be the longest drought for me ever - or at least, since college, when the Internet actually found its legs and began its addictive ways.

I've spent some of today and yesterday - the first time I got online since a week ago Saturday - trying to sift through the gobs and gobs of mail in various accounts, sorting out what's worthy of reading and deleting spammish crap. It's a chore, I tell ya. And I'm not close to done yet.

There was no real reason for my online hiatus, save for the fact I got totally immersed in re-watching Lost over my last three days off of work for the holidays before I had to go back. From last Sunday through this past Saturday, I marathoned all three seasons' worth of episodes, plus the special features - and that's including working two of those days. Essentially I watched 72 hours of episodes and maybe 10 hours of bonus material in about 4 days. Lost-age was oozing from my pores. I guess I'm just a tad excited for the season four premiere on Jan. 31st. Can you tell?

I really don't have time for much else, but I just wanted to pop in and give a "hey, I'm still here", since I've been a shitty f-lister - I will be trying to play catch up by this weekend. Now I need to go watch the second hour of The Sarah Connor Chronicles - the first episode of which aired last night, and was pretty bad-ass all around. Summer Glau is made of win in her role as Cameron.

I'll leave with one thing I did glean from the flist, ganked from gypsy_sally. And I swear I didn't cheat:

Except for Lee's family baggage, I can see it.

Kristen Bell is awesome.
~ CinJudes ~: movies - madagascar - this sucks_cinjudes_ on January 15th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
I've been missing too. And busy as all hell here at work. We need to talk soon, not just because of the convention (I have some pictures btw - need to touch them up and then I'll send them) but also about our site. LONG story, but I'm in back and forth with DreamHost just this morning trying to get shit shorted out. (long and short they billed my credit card automatically for 3x our rate for only another 2 years - this is wrong on many levels since I never set up anything automatic pay AND their site is locked up so that I can't even get into our account fully to see why they charged me TRIPLE! Don't have a stroke, they are refunding me or I'll kill them.) A convo needs to be had about it all anyway since we in no way need what we thought we did when we opened the account in the first place, I think we are all sufficiently busy enough to admit that we don't need that much space - hell, we might not even need any at all. Basically we just need to talk. Can we prattle for a few minutes tonight before I have to do anything drastic on that front? Call me when you can. PLUS we need to work on finalizing vacay dates. I need to email Flo too.

Shit I'm so far behind I don't know which end is up. Gah!
Jeff: super bad daddyj_mac179 on January 15th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
I have confidence that you will nip the DreamHost discrepancies in the bud. No worries on that. But I know we need to go over what is needed and not needed for the site and the board in gerneral. I've tried to be a TV-show section maintainer, just for completeness, but even I'm waning with it. And the strike makes me even more likely to fade on further updates. And the spammers are getting out of hand.

Getting whichever Nathan pic you want signed to me by this weekend would be best, since I'll be figuring out what pics/items I also want signed by him, Nick, and Greg. Those three I've pretty much committed myself to meeting (and possibly posing with), but I may get one or two more people, since Jason Palmer may be there again, with the art of the program cover. We'll see. I'm definitely getting my Firefly DVD set signed, and Palmer's Serenity character portrait of Mal. Need to find good-sized (suitable for 8.5" x11" glossy printing) images for Nicky and Grunny to sign.

I can call you tonight - possibly around 9:00-ish (my time), or a little later. And yes, the sooner vacation dates can be hammered out, the better. Hopefully Flo's got something definite worked out for either just herself or her and Laura. Again, my time off will swing with whatever you both can work out.

Work to do. I feel you on the busy-ness. I have no time to even scratch my ass.