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29 March 2006 @ 10:45 am
Humping the day  
So it's Wednesday, and I just needed to make an entry, as it's been almost a week, and giving props to my shows is a must.  The babble needs to come out sometime.

The Sopranos continues to impress me with its relative change of pace this season. Some fans have criticized the dream-sequence/symbolic stuff, but I like it. We get to see the real emotion from both "sides" of Tony's family, as he's such a huge part of all that goes on.  His death would leave an unfillable void, and it's been eye-opening to see the power vacuum in his absence, and how its dealt with by the various bosses who work under him. Sylvio is phyically breaking down under the stress of acting leader, so it's good to see that Tony finally woke up, after hearing Meadow's voice in his purgatory dream-state. Having his cousin, Tony B., as a "guide" into the light was a nice touch, too. This upcoming ep looks to return the show back to its "normal" pattern, so it should be cool to see Tony tighten the reigns on all the infighting - and deal with how to handle Junior.

And it must be importantly mentioned that Monday saw the return of EVERWOOD!  I was overjoyed to (almost accidentally) see this back on the schedule over the weekend.  Sure, it was opposite 24, but that's what DVRs are useful for.  And we got two eps back to back - 2.10 - "Ghosts" and 2.11 - "Lost and Found".  

Everwood once again proves that it is far and away the best thing on The WB, and that the network's imminent demise to make way for the upcoming CW should NOT signal the end of this outstanding show. There has been no official word yet, but it has yet to make the short list of shows that are basic locks for the new network, and that itself is a damn shame. The Nielsen system continues to draw my ire and, for the most part, is still a bane of quality television. Ratings determine so much of what networks choose to let survive, and the average television "watcher" that makes up those ratings "assumptions and estimates" - extrapolations of small samples are all they are - is , in general, a fucking idiot, with the attention span of a fruit fly. But enough about that.

Bright and Hannah. Pretty much the highlight of the show right now - and that's saying something. Chris Pratt and Sarah Drew have developed an amazing rapport that just oozes chemistry on screen. The two of them are just outstanding together - not only romantic and sweet, but have such great comedic timing and reactions, too. They got to be some of the comic relief in these eps, too, as we really got some serious stuff otherwise. Seeing Andy's reaction to Irv's book was interesting, and really allowed us to see into some of his long-unresolved issues with Julia. It may often be easy to get annoyed or angry with the good Dr. Brown - he does make some bone-headed personal choices - but looking at the whole story perspective, I can also feel a lot of sympathy for him at times, as he's really lonely and doesn't have a whole lot of place to go for an emotional outlet. And Nina is giving Jake another shot, which is to be expected, as the writing has invested a lot of time into Scott Wolf's character, and Nina has a lot at stake in their relationship. Plus, it still keeps her at a distance from Andy, as well. Delia's turn needs to be handled carefully, as it's something that has the potential to backfire and get stupid, or could be done well. She's really falling into a "follower" role with her classmates, but also seems to be lonely, too. And I'm sure her mom's absence at a time when she's hitting adolescence is tough, so she's really acting out at Andy. It's a touchy situation. With Harold and Rose, they had idealized the adoption/charity process in their gung-ho quest to be good social activists, and the realities of the problems/struggles they could face as they try to become parents again really gave them pause. I'm not sure where that's going to go, but I would imagine they won't go through with it. But it could give Rose a different purpose afterward, now that she's no longer Mayor.

Of course, the ongoing "primaries" really got some meaty stuff, too. (And I was right, Cin, they did sleep together again - heee). Both Ephram and Amy are at crossroads, personally and academically/professionally, so it should be interesting to see what happens. Amy is diving into her academia/socio-political "interests", to keep herself distracted from wanting to be with Ephram, and in order to figure out who she "really is". But she needs to be careful to not let others - like her pushy feminist professor - decide her path for her. I also like the dilemma/rift growing between Amy and Hannah over the Planned Parenthood issue, for how it develops their story. I think Hannah has a firm stance on what she believes, and knows who she is for the most part - which is a pro-lifer. Amy is all into a woman's indepedence and preservation of female rights, but she's learning things aren't so black-and-white. Seeing her dad's signature on an abortion procedure form was a little enlightening for her, too.

Ephram finally expresses to Bright that Amy is what he really wants - that it's the only thing he's sure of at this point - and Amy then tells him that she's not ready. This was not unexpected, of course, but interesting that this problem was used as a push to get him into piano again - at least, with an interest in teaching it. Allowing him to be a mentor of sorts for Kyle - someone he sees a lot of himself in - is a good goal for Ephram to maintain, while Amy keeps him at an emotional distance. The death of Will - and the subsequent wake with all his family/friends - was a shock that put into perspective how Ephram had been neglecting his talent - and possibly his overall " purpose". Seeing him playing again at the end of the second episode shows that he's got his own path to figure out while Amy is busy finding hers.

My biggest worry throughout all of this will be that the season-ending arcs may not get to a satisfying state of closure or resolution, should the show not be picked up for a fifth season on The CW. We have all of these progressing issues that will need to be wrapped up - eventually - but may find that the time to tell those stories is cut short. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that IF the cancellation happens - that the producers know soon enough ahead of time to make the appropriate conclusions/resolutions to the overall story - if it's not too late already. Just a damn great show.
24 was excellent as usual, too.  Jack having to interrogate Audrey was some powerful stuff.  He realized she was not a conspirator, though (or so we are led to believe), and got what he needed from Collette (screw the immunity agreement - she was LYING).  We get left with the natural gas plant exploding in stages, as Jack set the C4 to ignite the feeder lines in order to stop the Sentox from being dispersed into the main lines.  Action-packed, and once again, Jack's safety is left questionable in the cliffhanger.  

Scrubs was hilarious and heartfelt last night, as Carla learned (long after Turk, J.D., Elliott, and the rest of the staff did) that she was pregnant.   The funny mixed with sweetness was even more prominent, and I can't stop praising this show. 

Tonight has new Bones and Lost - sweeeet.  Veronica is also new, but thanks to the local Orlando UPN affiliate's contractual obligation to show Orlando Magic road games (which I ranted about before), the show gets pre-empted - not on the schedule until Saturday at 10PM.  So I have to either wait until then, or try to download it.  This does not please me, to say the least.  This is the only UPN show I give a shit about, and it has been confirmed as one of the near-locks for the CW, so the UPN can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.  

Now, I need to do some work.