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30 March 2006 @ 08:17 am
Lost-age and other stuff... but mostly Lost-age  

So, yeah, Bones - Ep. 1.17 - "The Skull in the Desert" - was good, and we got to see some more emotional stuff from Angela.  Brennan actually gets more and more "human" with her feelings/empathy each episode, so that was good.  And Booth was cool and down-to-business as usual.  Interesting development with Zach at the institute, as Jack and Dr. Goodman are trying to give him a necessary push to finish his doctorate, and not be Brennan's lapdog all the time.  Should be a notable how the dynamic may or may not change as the season winds down, leading into next year (FOX has picked up the show for a full second season - yay!).

But I find it hard to really get in depth with this Bones ep, because, Lost afterward was so friggin' great.  Click the cut for more.

I think this was about my second favorite Lost episode this season, after "Man of Science, Man of Faith". I was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode, and there was so much cool shit happening on the island, that I didn't think too much about Locke's flashbacks until this morning. And the absence of Eko wasn't on my mind at all this ep. Too much other stuff going on. 

We saw more of Locke's life screwed up as a result of his father's deceit. Anthony's scheme to fake his own death and abscond with the money proceeded to, unintentionally or not, drive a stake in the heart of Helen's relationship with John - after they had worked hard to put that past behind them once and for all. I don't think the $200,000 that Anthony left him was all that important by that point. I was anxiously awaiting the moment where we'd see Locke's injury that resulted in his paralysis. I thought briefly that the loan sharks/thugs after Anthony could be a cause for that - but I guess we still have to wait and see. 

Also noticed the woman who's house Locke was inspecting. Unless I'm mistaken, it was Sayid's old flame from Iraq, Nadia. 

"Henry" was finally revealed as the liar he is, and I liked how it all went down. Henry slowly earned Locke's trust, the more time they spent together, and even helped save Locke's life/leg in a moment of crisis. I don't blame Locke for leaning toward trusting him at that point, but it only adds to his feeling of being duped yet again. The whole lockdown/closing of the blast doors was a pretty creepy moment, and later, when the the timer alarm sounded, and the blacklights came on, we get another huge mystery item - the drawing/diagram on the lowered blast door.

I paused my HDDVR recording to study the octagonal image, and it appears it could be a map/diagram of the different Dharma "stations" on the island. I'm not sure, as it appeared there were more than six objects around the perimeter, with a central "?" (question mark) at the hub. But, one of the symbols appeared only partially formed/drawn, so it may or may not have a different meaning. And the symbol on the bottom of the octagon looked like it had additional rooms/corridors mapped out on it, as it could possibly represent where they are - Station #3 - "The Swan". All of it makes me scratch my head even more, but definitely will keep viewers talking for a while. 

Henry tells Locke that he made it through the vent to reset the timer, but the blast doors eventually rose by themselves - he supposedly had nothing to do with that. After Jack and Kate - then Sayid, Ana, and Charlie - found the "dropped off" pallet of food/supplies, my hunch is that the hatch was sealed at the time that drop was scheduled, and then re-opened once the delivery was made. And of course, this adds even more questions. Is the Dharma Initiative project still ongoing? Are The Others - and their "organized society" still part of that grand social experiment? Was it a plane that made that drop? If so, how come no one else on the island could see it? Was it intentionally done at night to avoid detection? The best thing to come out of this new development, though, is that Kate is finally let in on the secret, and sees "Henry" for herself. I was aggravated that Jack was lying to her - again - about the hatch (broken plumbing?), so now he had no choice but the let her in. 

And the last scene just gave me a few chills. Sayid was cool and collected as Jack restrained "Henry", and explained how they found the balloon and the grave, but with a man buried - along with picture ID to prove he was Henry Gale. And Locke looked like someone kicked his puppy. Classic. I knew not to doubt Sayid. He's had too much experience with deceit and espionage to not take his hunches seriously. 

And even the relatively "lighter" stuff was awesome. The poker scenes with Jack and Sawyer were outstanding. Sawyer always does his best to get under everyone's skin - and thought he could do the same to bluff Jack into losing. Jack, though, has continued to be a pretty closed book to everyone, and only reveals things when he wants or needs to. And because of that, Sawyer's plan backfired, and he became the frustrated one. And of course Jack's big all-or-nothing bet would involve a trade for all the medicine, rather than the guns. Sure, the security of guarding the weapons is important, and the worry he may feel with Sawyer having control over them is still there, but as a doctor he's thinking about their immediate survival needs and what is most vital for their group health. Regardless of his stubbornness and control-issues, Jack still thinks for the good of the group, and I can't see that changing. Again, one of the reasons he's my favorite character, still. 

And the parting lines, after Jack won everything, were icing on the cake. Sawyer asks him why he didn't want all the guns back, and Jack simply replies, "When I want the guns, I'll get the guns". Confident and cocky is usually Sawyer's forte, so it was nice to see a switch there. 

All in all, a pretty damn good episode, IMO. And next week looks like Hurley's paranoia causes some issues. Maybe we'll see more about Libby, too. Was that scene with the mad-scramble for the food off the pallet for real? More chaos creeping in, as the organization gets shakier. Should be fun.

I also left BitTorrent and Morpheus open on my home computer as I went to work today, to download Veronica Mars Ep. 2.16 - "The Rapes of Graff", since I couldn't see it last night - and the fucking Magic lost anyway.  Hopefully that will be ready to watch tonight, as I'll need some soothing KBell goodness to wash out the nastiness after the new Smallville - Ep. 2.16 - "Hypnotic" - tonight.  I am so not looking forward to having to sit through the next handful of episodes.  I'm not even accurately spoiled for the next 4-5 eps, but I know it's going to piss me off and make me want to heave. I'll also get to mindlessly fill in the time with The. O.C. (still a guilty pleasure), so getting to laugh and drool over Rachel Bilson should help some, too.

New eps of ER, My Name is Earl, and The Office are also on, so my TV plate is full, I would say.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go...
~ CinJudes ~: jack - daddy's not happy_cinjudes_ on March 30th, 2006 02:27 pm (UTC)
Well, we talked about all of this last night, but I concur with just about your entire summation. Boring I know, but I still feel like shit for not comment last week - and now here we go with a really good episode with lots of talking points and I'm still just stuck in the realm of echo.

My one disagreement is about this being the second best episode of the season so far. But to each his own. It was the second in the way of the island bullshit - no doubt, but all around, nah. If for no other reason but that it was Locke centric, and I find his backstory almost as pathetic as Charlies *shrug*.

I also loved the Jack/Sawyer interaction. Just because I love Sawyer doesn't mean I can't love Jack too. I lean toward the "bad boy" but Jack never disappoint me when we see these sides of him peeking threw. I also loved the "When I want the guns, I'll get the guns" - fucking awesome man. And the sad part is, Sawyer knew he meant it.

I'm hoping what we are seeing with Jack is something of understanding with Sawyer - I think that maybe he knew all along that Sawyer had a point about him and Locke, and I can tell that he is very much tired of the dynamic between the two of them as well. Honestly, I think Jack would rather be holded up in the hatch or out of the beach with anyone BUT Locke - and for him to be the one he is having to interact with, after everything that is happened... I just love the layering of Jack as we come to a head in this Jack/Locke dynamic. He hasn't looked at him with anything but mistrust and slight malice ever since Boone died with very good reason. Jack thinks he is crazier than a shithouse rat and just doesn't like for Locke to be placed in this position next to him. Can't blame him for that. Hopefully with Sayid being right all along about "Henry" we will get some more Sayid in the power play -- as we should have all along. Because now JACK not only is justifing what Sayid did to the dude, but helping out. LOVE IT.

The end just rocked my socks. I loved that the suspense about the dude was carried over so effortlessly.

Liked Bones too - ditto to everything you said. And now - I must go work since this got kinda rambly and out of hand. And since I'm missing half a day today and it's the end of the month AND it's payroll day -- fuck it, I shouldn't have done this. I just couldn't help it.

I don't even want to think about Shitville. So I'm not. I haven't been. Ain't read a spoiler - nadda. Heck, I didn't even see the commercial until the huge and lovely Everwood event on Monday. So I plan on just watching with malice and dread as well.

3 weeks and then ---


I'm easy enough to please. ;)