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06 April 2006 @ 10:24 am
a week's worth entry  

So yeah, it's been a week, but I was out of town over the weekend (and had my annual quota of ballet exposure, so thank God that's over) and got uber-busy here at work.  I was too wiped to really even log on much at home, so hence the delay.  So briefly, without going into much detail:

Sunday night TV was pretty damn good.   
Desperate Housewives has picked up a little of it's mojo again, after really hitting a slump toward the middle of the season.  It was funny and absurd, and is really leading into major stuff that will wind down the season.  

And Grey's Anatomy following it was stellar as usual.  The characters on this show are really getting some layers, and this past week's ep dealt more with George and how he is perceived by all the others.  A little more respect was thrown his way, so that was good to see.  Izzie and Denny are treading into serious territory - which could be a "no-no", and Meredith encountered her estranged father's whole other family - heavy stuff.  

And of course, The Sopranos is still strong.  Paulie's family revelation was a huge deal for him - pushing him to stupid decisions, too. Tony was busy trying to maintain his "livelihood" with the Barone Waste company through its sale, and manage a truce/agreement between the NY/NJ families - all from his hospital bed.  How Tony will manage to deal with his underlings going about their own business behind his back will be something to see.

Monday gave us a huge reveal on 24 - that President Logan may very well be one fo the masterminds behind this whole day's shitstorm.  Jack finally cathches a break in finding out the intel, but loses Chris Henderson again.  Wayne Palmer got to be sort of a badass in his vendetta over his brother's death, but now he's a target as well.  And next week it looks like Jack's trying to fend off Logan's squad just to get back to CTU, so the chaos never ends.  I love it.

Everwood is back into the swing of things, and I'm really liking how Ephram is actively participating in Kyle's development.  I think Ephram's lack of direction and purpose needed something or someone to focus on - other than pining for Amy - and it's getting him back into the piano-playing mood at the same time.  Amy's dive-in to her ultra-feminist studies could be worrisome, if the leanings get too far one way or the other. I like how she's finding more that certian social issues aren't just black and white, as her conversation with her dad showed.  Harold explained to her why he could not take the teaching position at the university for the abortion procedure, but why he had performed them in the past.  I'm hoping Amy finds a balance and learns that not everything she picks up from her professors should be taken as gospel. Everyone has their own opinion and agenda to push.  Amy's just beginning to figure out "who she is", so all of this should be dealt with as a real growth/learning experience for her.  Andy is really finding his footing as the firm but supportive dad, and is getting better at it, while also trying to be a friend to Nina and Jake, repressing his own social life (and feelings for Nina) in the process.  Delia's speech topic for her Bat Mitzvah was a good reveal as to why her moods have been all over the place.  And her reading it to Andy easily made me misty. Yeah - misty - I said it.

Tuesday's Scrubs was awesome as usual.  Not much else to add on that. Which now leads me to last night's good stuff.  Read the cuts for more.

Bones has continued to show a good mix of drama, mystery, and humor, while also developing a strong character rapport among Booth, Brennan, and the squints. And this ep was no different. Seeing Jack and Booth get excited over the possibility of real pirate treasure was hysterical - "aaarrrrggghh!" Jack is always desperate to get out of the lab and into the field work, and his lifestyle outside of his job made it believable that he'd be an experienced cave-diver. Kept him in the "action" part of the story. And even Zack was just a tad less "scientific" when getting into the possibilities/speculations about Blackbeard and the treasure, which was a good switch. Angela and Dr. Goodman even got their own scenes, as they investigated the security breach and the bone-teft in the Jeffersonian lab.

The doofus Medical Examiner who "washed" the finger bone was appropriately creepy - but still funny, how he got turned on by Brennan's assertiveness, and he even manged to wig out Booth when he tried to get in his face. A pretty much "eww" but "haha" moment. Dane tunring out to be the culprit of the murders of both Macy and Hardewick wasn't a big surprise - I had a hunch it was him, especially with the loss of his brother, and how important the exploration is to him. Although, my suspicion for him may have just carried over from the actor's other role on Veronica Mars, as the "leader" of the Fitzpatrick family/gang - also of malicious intent. *shrug* But also getting to see Brennan slap Branson Rose around when he was a suspect (to test his "special forces" training) was a good laugh. Anyway, a solid show, and I'm glad it's getting another season.

Rob Thomas gave us another damn great episode. He had said last week that this was a turning point, and one of the best of the season, and I agree. We still don't know all the details of the bus crash, but seeing Thumper's ties to the Fitzpatricks as their PCH dope pusher, and learning that Felix and Molly's relationship wasn't such a secret, ties up a lot of loose ends with Felix's murder, and now may put Weevil back in some gang control - if he can live with himself for handing Thumper over to a death sentence.

I was LMAO at the fact that Woody Goodman's FBLA student selectee for honarary deputy commissioner was Logan - and Woody's reaction when he found out who it was, was priceless - positve P.R. my ass! "Cancel my last request." And Jason Dohring continues to impress with his flair for the sarcastic - Logan remains funny and sharp, without becoming over the top or annoying. And he switches to real seriousness and sincerity at just the right moments, so props to both him and the writers for accomplishing that.

Wallace got a little more stuff to work with here, too, and I wondered how long we'd go before seeing his thing for Jackie resurface. Interesting that she's trying to adjust her image and be the "good girl", especially with all the crap her dad's going through. Of course, her change of ways is what seems to be attracting Wallace again, so she may be legit in trying to be a better person and not so superficial. Her asking Charlie to the Sadie Hawkins dance seemed a tad much, but I can let it slide.

Keith is on to Woody's cover-up of what that anonymous DVD really is, who it's from, and what it means. I'm not sure how nefarious the Mayor really is, but he's got a lot of skeletons in his closet - both professionally/politically, and in his personal life, too (his wife seems to be a compulsive, domineering, control freak). The hunch is that he may have something to do with the bus crash - he does own the garage where the C4 and detonators were found - but there's not enough really known about him yet to be sure.

And we got some good Veronica/Logan scenes, which have been pretty lacking for a while now. When it was established Veronica would be solo to the dance as the photog, and Logan got stuck with Gia at the ticket table, I figured they'd have a good scene. The dance was nice, as nothing "really" happened, but they got a good moment free of snark, as the feeling and mutual attraction between them is most definitely still there.

Next week looks big on the dream-sequence stuff, as Veronica's having nightmares about the students who died, so again, the revelations could be intriguing. And the timeslot changes to Tuesday @ 9PM, so now it only conflicts with my beloved Scrubs. I can handle that, though, as the 1/2 hr sitcom gives my DVR enough time to record the first half of Veronica, so I can fast-forward all the commercials. Lovely.

Hurley's gettin' some action! With a possibly crazy chick! Seriously, though - I called Libby out many episodes ago, and was right in my hunch. I figured she was a patient, not a doctor, and that's where Hurely had recognized her from before. She looked either really deranged or really stoned in that final shot, so finding out what her other issues are that put her there should be a trip.

And Henry was still initially lying to Sayid and Ana-Lucia as they questioned him - to the point that I think Sayid really was going to kill him, had she not moved his arm. But, I do think Henry is truly afraid now - not of the Flight 815 survivors, but of what The Others - and what "HE" will do to him if he gives up any details. Who this guy is we don't know, but he must carry some powerful authority in their "community".

It's also apparent that Locke is growing more and more frustrated as his disillusionment with the mysterious and destiny-filled island increases. He's unable to walk again (well, not without aid), and his want to believe Henry has gotten them nowhere - and only brought up more suspicion and questions. Locke's not a happy camper.

In the flashbacks we finally got to see why Hurley was in the mental hospital in the first place - that he was almost catatonically eating himself to death after the "deck accident". Of course it must be mentioned that the deck he helped collapse was designed for 8 and ended up with 23 people on it. Concidence? And I had my suspicions about Dave from the end of the basketball game scene. Hurley was the only one acknowledging that he was there, as he couldn't get the ball passed to him to save his life. And everything he said to Hurley came across like the proverbial devil on his shoulder, tempting him into the not-so-good course of action. After the nurse dropped off Hurley's meds - without acknowledging Dave - and then the polaroid was taken, I knew he had to be part of Hurley's psyche, and not really there. But the interactions were handled nicely, and allowed the view to pause and consider that Hurley really isn't totally well. Seeing him rage out on Sawyer was a nice touch, too.

I'm curious as to what it is Eko is building - now with Charlie's help, apparently. I would guess it should be a shelter of some kind - but could also be a quasi-chapel or place of prayer perhaps? Not sure, but he is pretty devout right now - I'm sure we'll see more in due time. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that next week's ep has me more than excited, since we'll finally get some kind of Jack/Kate conversation, as they haven't really talked much since she kissed him. And it also seems Jack may be trying to confront The Others where they "drew the line" - maybe a trade of Henry for Walt? I'm stoked just to see what happens.

Basically, a great Wednesday TV night.  And I'm resolving myself to not bring up the steaming pile Smallville here too much.  Last week's episode was so horrendous to the characters, and fucked up so much of where this story should be heading, that my head literally wanted to explode.  A new episode - 2.17 - "Void" - is tonight, but fuck if I'm going to discuss it any more right now.  Al and Miles aren't worth the Charmin they wipe their asses with, let alone my time thinking about their "product".   And it looks like Seth and Summer -my favorite part of the show - are hitting a rough patch on my guilty pleasure, The O.C., so this TV night might be pretty crappy all around, compared to last night's good stuff. Oh well.  This entry is long enough.  I need to work now.
~ CinJudes ~: jack - daddy's not happy_cinjudes_ on April 6th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)
On everything I watch, meaning Everwood, SV, Bones and Lost, I concur mostly. I would like to add snippets - but I was WANTING to post something of my own. BUT, I'm too busy working/restoring board bullshit. These are just like random thoughts... ((IF I ever do get around to posting in my journal I will probably echo them))

Everwood - Ephram has been the character this year that can get me misty in the drop of a second. When he revealed to Andy that he didn't want his son to one day feel like he never cared for him - I almost seriously lost it. I also like how a 2 minute conversation can make everything Ephram has been going threw since he left last year into focus.

SV - do I even need to express how much I hated last weeks episode. It was like S4 level pile of shit. As I stated in my massive SV rant - one of the things I cannot handle on this show is to be fucking pissed off at Clark Kent. I have been kinda sore at him these past like 3 episodes, but now I'm just fucking pissed off at the idiot. And Martha Kent - I could have slapped her. Don't get me started.

I would like to comment that I thought KK's acting was the best I have seen from her, possibly in the entire series. She did a wonderful job this time of projecting the hurt.

I smell the return of the Chlark. And it makes me nauseous. (Nowhere near Lexana nauseous, but you know, pretty damn bad)

Speaking of the Lexana to come. Would make sense if Lana really is as shattered as she appeared at the end of this episode that her first step is to become a junky of somekind screaming for help and love and then collapsing into Satans arms.

The FotW chick made me so sick, along with Tom's acting in that hynotised "state" that I literally closed my eyes and didn't even look at him partically nekkid. Now that's bad.

Enough of this shitpile...

Lost - In agreement on all pretty much. No major differences as we have both felt the same way about all of it coming it seemed. I did have a few moments of going "Oh Wow! Hurley is one fucked up mofo!" But that's to be expected. Saw Libby being nutcase - it's in the eyes. Liked that Locke feels disallusioned and out of the loop of leadership - as the fucker SHOULD be. Next week will just keep on charging full steam ahead.

Bones - Stellar as I've come to expect. Got to say that my fav part was the perverted kinky FBI medical examiner. The 3 way interaction between him, Brennan and Booth were CLASSIC!

And thats all I have time for. Just had to get something out before I exploaded.

14 days!