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11 April 2006 @ 07:19 am
just a short one  

Not a whole lot I'm going to ramble on about this Tuesday morning, and I've really been too busy here at work to post a lot, so I'll make this tidy. And no cuts here - not much to expound upon today.

Sunday night, the only new show was The Sopranos, and we got to see the New York and New Jersey families come together for the marriage of Johnny Sac's daughter, Allegra (which means 'lively, joyous, cheerful' in Italian).  And Christopher comments -"what the fuck does that have to do with an allergy medicine?"  LMAO.  Tony started getting a little bit antsy over Meadow's eventual wedding - and expressed his desire for grandkids. And Johnny broke down and cried as the Feds took him back to prison immediately following the reception - making him look "weak" to the captains watching. Oh, and Vito'a about to be outed from his momosexual closet.  That should prove to be a shitstorm among the rest of the bosses. Good episode.

Prison Break manages to throw in just enough "oh crap" moments each episode to leave the viewer really wondering if Michael and his "crew" are all going to get busted and have their escape completely shit on.  The duplicity of the V.P. is still the bigmystery for me, though - and that her brother is actually still alive, so next season should hopefull shed a lot more light on the actual story there.

Last night's 24 was spectacular as usual, as Jack now has hard proof that President Logan is behind all the terrorist shit that went down - he just needs to stay alive and get it to Secretary of Defense Heller. And the damn DHS agents running CTU are more goddamn trouble than help, hindering the actutal intelligence-gathering process almost every step of the way. And next week it looks like Chloe is in some hot water fro covertly assisting Jack and Audrey, so these last few episodes have me completely in the dark as to how this will all end up.  I love it. 

And Everwood continues to roll along nicely.  Although, I'm a little wary of where exactly Amy's character is being taken.  Every episode since we've been back from hiatus has involved her new-and-improved liberal mindset.  Not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, just that the character is being relegated to sort of a one-trick pony right now, so Berlanti and his writers need to tread carefully.  Ephram dealing with Kyle's closeted status is a big deal, and I think it's being handled well, with all the uncomfortableness/uncertainty that comes with such discussion.  Like the last scene showed, it's also really giving Ephram some perspective on the issues Andy dealt with last year in trying to 'protect' him, so the maturity and growth for Ephram as a person continues to be impressive.  And Gregory Smith is really shining in his scenes - with anybody.  This season has turned him around from the spiraling quagmire at the end of last year quite well.  Harold is being ethically questionable with the family medical information submitted to the adoption service - checking "NO" to a family history of cancer for Rose.  That could come back to bite him in the ass. Bright and Hannah managed to - once again - really show us some sweet, couple-y moments, while working through hum-drum relationship pitfall issues, and still be laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.  Chris Pratt and Sarah Drew continue to be outstanding.  And next week gives us some more "meat" to the rift between Amy and Hannah, as their friendship is strained over Amy 'finding herself' - to the expense of her established relationships.  Looks to be great.  And yes, the future outlook of the show beyond the failing WB is grim (which is mind boggling, quality-wise, since it is by far the best show on the network) - but I've heard the writers are prepping both a season and series finale just in case.  *sigh*  Here's hoping for at least some quality closure either way.

And I'm done for now.