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12 April 2006 @ 10:54 am
TV shows nearing the home stretch  

First, some current TV comments, then other randomness.

Last night had a new Scrubs - very funny, but not side-splitting as I'm accustomed to.  It involved the return of J.D.'s brother and his directionless life, so there was more of a serious undertone.  But Carla's and Turk's respective insecurities over all the parental stuff they feel unprepared for were cute.  And the best pop-culture reference line of the episode came from Dr. Kelso to Dr. Cox: "Oh, Perry, you're so edgy and cantankerous. You're like 'House' without the limp." Good stuff.

And - dun-dun-da-dun - Veronica moved to it's Tuesday 9PM time slot.  Repeats of each week's ep will still be shown on Wednesdays at 9PM, but it's nice to not have to get in-depth with this show and Lost on the same night.  It's kind of exhausting, since both shows rock my socks. Brief comments under the cut.

Loved this Veronica ep (obviously - I haven't disliked a single ep of this show), but even moreso for the abstract nature of her dreams, and especially for the bit of growth we see in Logan. 

I really liked that Wallace saw somewhat of a "softer" side to Logan, as he tried to help with the physics project.  Sure - he is an asshole a lot of the time, but I think his personal family circumstances and his complete lack of real friends/confidantes mitigate his copping an attitude so often. Being sarcastic, superficial, and grating are defense mechanisms of the highest order.  I'm hardly ever a fan of the "bad boy" type, but Logan is an exception because so much of his persona is outward bravado that covers up mountains of insecurities, and when crunch time comes, he's usually trying to do what's right. 

For anyone who's followed his arc from the beginning, his evolution has been easy to see, but still subtle all the same. His investigation into Lilly's death (and who did it), having to pretty much stand on his own in the subsequent media spotlight (and later, in his own trial), and falling in love with Veronica in the process, are all major aspects to his circus of a life that have made him a sympathetic character, in an archetype that I usually harbor little good will toward.  At this point, he's pretty much adrift, and I'm more than curious to find out where his arc leads into next season, and if it involves reconnecting with Veronica in the long run.  I'm sure the outcome of Aaron Echolls' trial will pay a big factor in where he goes next.

The dream sequences were super-cool, and I think the apparent "randomness" of the students' appearances was laid out that way for a reason.  At this point, from what I gathered last night (and I WILL re-watch for some more detail), the primary suspects with the most culpability appear to be Weevil or the elder Dick Casablancas.  The fact that the bus was supposed to be filled with 09-ers and that Veronica was spared (albeit "coincidentally") from getting on the bus point a finger to Weevil.  But the huge life insurance policies that Keith uncovered on Dick and Cassidy (Beaver) push some major suspicion toward their dad.  Again, with this show, appearances aren't always what they seem, and I could be off - but that's definitely where Rob Thomas has me looking right now.

And now that Veronica has gotten into Stanford, I'm assuming she's almost guaranteed to get screwed out of the Kane scholarship - as we saw the beginnings of last night.  The aforementioned curiosity over her future contact with Logan could be stoked if he were to offer monitary assistance with tuition, to help her get her dream and get out of Neptune.   Of course, she's going to end up at Hearst - and what's up with Wallace losing his scholarship? - but Logan's underlying caring could manifest this way - and help her to once again see the guy that she had helped change for the better when they were together. But that's just pure spec. 

And the memorable line of the ep - Dick to Veronica: "Just because you wiggle your finger doesn't mean Dick will come." LMAO.

And only 4 eps left for the season.  I'm excited and sullen at the same time.  I don't want to go without for a whole summer...    

All I can say is that The WB/UPN/CW bullshit better come through and promote the shit out of this show as often as possible in the coming months.  It will easily be the crown jewel in the new network (followed closely by Everwood, if it were ever given a chance to make the move, too), and deserves much more viewership support to accompany its overwhelming critical praise.  

No Bones tonight - bummer - but its season is just about wrapped up, too.  I do get a little bit of Lost Jack/Kate goodness tonight - at least some quality conversation, I hope - so I'm anticipating that more than I should, probably. But I don't care.  It's Lost.  I'll always be excited for new stuff there.

And in old(er) TV news, I must give major props to my online Vancouver-ite friend Larry (also part of our online 'gang', with latinatemptress  and _cinjudes_) for the hookup with Arrested Development, seasons 1 and 2.  I spent all weekend watching season 1, and am a third of the way through season 2.  It has a similar absurd humor to Scrubs, and in many ways is just as funny.  Jason Bateman has gained a whole new perspective in my eyes, and the antics of the Bluth family are mind boggling in their ineptitude. It's a shame that FOX has once again cancelled a quality (and Emmy-winnning) show.  I'm still looking forward to catching up with the third and final season that just finished.

And in some geek-speak news, I found another link on Whedonesque about the Serenity Region 1 release on HD-DVD - one of the High Definition formats of DVD movies now being released, along with the upcoming competing format, BluRay.  Think the old Betamax vs. VHS scenario of the late 70's/early 80's, and that's what the home video industry is looking like right now.  One format may eventually overpower the other.  But this led me to do a search on HVD, yet another new format, which I found more about HERE.  It's called Holographic Versatile Disc, and the capabilities - if able to be cheaply and reliably massed-produced - are friggin' amazing.  Up to 3.9 terabytes on a single disc.  Even the intro prototypes to be available later this year will hold 200 - 300 GB.  That just blows me away. Anyway, it all just gives me good reason to hold off on any major entertainment system upgrades until the market has declared a dominant format.  Wouldn't want to be stuck with the expensive and obsolete 'Beta' player or discs. I can be patient.
~ CinJudes ~: bones - yes..._cinjudes_ on April 12th, 2006 07:38 pm (UTC)
Do you realize that nobody but you can understand that last paragraph. I saw that too (do you have the whedonesque feed yet on your lj friendslist, you totally need it if you don't saves time ;)) but when I saw it I was like "I don't get it. I'll ask Jeff."

Still busy, but you knew that. And speaking of Legs DVD's you are getting all of our LOST DVD's mailed out today or tomorrow I think. My AIM convo with Leg went something like this:
leg: I'm just gonna mail them to Jeff since you and Flo will be there next week.
cin: Good. Plus, he's more responsible than I am with the distribution.
leg: Duh!

I need to comment on your last entry, but I'm lazy and I'm here now, so anyway... I wanted to call you after Everwood this week. But I knew our Monday night was like packed with TV. It can't be Ephram in the car wreck next week. It just CAN'T be. But it sure as fuck looked like Ephrams car. Rumor has it there is a character death. I'm nervous.

I agree with what you said about Ephram in your post. He has really been just awesome lately and after what they did to him last year, it's nice to see it coming full circle and really seeing some emotional maturity and growth coming from him. Honestly though, it ALL makes me just nervous.

You see what LOST's bullshit character murdering has done to me. I'm like mentally scared. And I also agree with you about the way the Clana and SV bullshit has and probably always will morph my shipping enjoyment and commitment. There is just so many times we can care.

Wow. That was like ALL over the place. I seriously think this cream I'm slathering all over my rash ((i have poison ivy - at least we think that is what it is, brady gave it to me - and it WILL be gone before the vacay)) anyway, I think this stuff is making me goofy, cause i'm being goofy. Maybe all of the madness is just catching up to me.

I'll shut up now...

Jeff: super bad daddyj_mac179 on April 13th, 2006 02:49 pm (UTC)
Don't worry - the geek speak is apparent in its wordiness and technobabble. It's not going ot make much sense to people who aren't interested in it too much. Basically, the HVD stuff is just a new media storage device, a possible evolution to the DVD. It stores information holographically, in three dimensions, using two separate lasers to decode and track the information stored. It just has the capability of storing boatloads more information than the typical HD-DVD or BluRay formats that are going to appear on the market soon.

Sorry to hear about the poison ivy situation. Never had it myself, but heard it's uncomfortable. Just be sure and have it cleared up by Wednesday, mmkay? ;)

And I can assure you the car wreck victim in Everwood next week is NOT Ephram. I think it has to do with a drunk driver, but I'm almost positive the young Mr. Brown isn't involved.

Now on the other hand, the metaphorical car- no, train wreck that is Smallville - that's a whole other grotesque can of worms. But not talking about that any more right now... la-di-da...