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13 April 2006 @ 09:44 am

Only thing new last night was Lost, so my comments are below.

Getting this kind of episode - about two of the non-central characters - was a nice change of pace, I think. There was a real sweetness with the Rose/Bernard moments.  Seeing as how this may be the only in-depth flashback ep they get, it was nice to see a little bit of who they are and were before the crash. 

I always had a hunch, and wondered if there had been something a little off about Rose, ever since she was introduced in the pilot.  Obviously her faith is a big part of who she is (holding out the certainty that Bernard was always alive), and now we can understand a little more of why she feels so strongly now.  And seeing Bernard's personal revelation as she disclosed to him how she felt healed was also interesting, as he really was the man of action to her woman of faith.  Once he understood she felt saved by the island, and had no desire to leave, there was no other choice for him, either.  The connection they share is nice to witness.  Oh, and a big shout-out to the guy who played Isaac - Wayne Pygram.  He was awesome as the big-bad, Scorpius, on Farscape.  Big sci-fi fans know who I'm talking about.  Props for his guest appearance. 

Rose's conversation with Locke also gave him a little bit of a renewal of spirit and purpose, I believe.  As he was being continually shut out by 'Henry', not knowing if he was lying about not pushing the button, he really began to lose it.  His injury compounded his growing feeling of really being 'lost' and directionless on the island, and with his life in general.  As he ws able to see a similar belief or faith in Rose in what the island means or is capable of, I think it may help him to move past whatever issues or mindgames The Others try to impose.  Locke may step it up again to really try and organize or lead (by example) in the long run, now that he's got a little motivation again. 

I would even surmise that Locke, Rose, and Bernard could perhaps make use of Eko's church from time to time, if he ever gets it finished. 

And of course, for me, the most important moments of the ep finally came as Jack and Kate got around to actually talking.  Jack coming to Kate to invite her along into the jungle was funny, as Sawyer expected Jack to be approaching himself for help - or at least for a gun. -- "How'd you get that?" -- "Does it matter?" When he needs guns, he'll get guns.  And on their hike, Kate got to call Jack out on his secrecy with 'Henry' and the hatch - which was good.  Even though I like the guy, I agree that Jack sets himself up to be questioned, seeming arrogantly "in charge" so often, and very stubborn to changing his mind.  Kate is probably the primary person who could get him to stop and really consider what others may be saying once in a while, to think things through a little more before running off half-cocked. Getting them some one-on-one time was important. 

Rousseau's trap that they got caught up in was a little bit of 'forced intimacy', but it did get them thinking about their own feelings, which is really like pulling teeth in getting them to talk about.  Oh - and Jack's a pretty good shot.  Of course, right as they may be really starting to get into it -- "I'm sorry I kissed you." -- "Well I'm not." -- Michael comes lumbering out of the jungle all beaten up and raggedy.  At least there wasn't a denial of the mutual attraction between them, which is progress, I suppose.

And now the question arises of where Michael has been for the last couple of weeks.  I would guess he was captured or detained by the others, judging by his apparent condition, but he has been on his own in the wild for a while, so who knows.  And, were The Others actually there and listening to Jack and Kate at that spot where they 'drew the line', or was Michael showing up just a random coincidence?  Did they release him, or did he escape? It brings up the possibility of 'Henry' actually being worth something as a captive.

I know we get a couple weeks before the next new ep (also, the return of ALIAS - sweeet!), but the promo looked intriguing.  Michael has something to say about the lack of weaponry The Others actually have , and it looks like there may be an offensive on the horizon - with Jack forcing Sawyer to release the guns.  I really have no idea what to expect next.  And that's a good thing.

Veronica 2.18 "I Am God" repeated last night, too. Which it really apparently needed to do, since the overnight ratings took a nosedive from last week.  Only reason I could surmise for that is because not enough viewers were aware of the time slot change.  But I also re-watched the ep, since the dream-sequence stuff really poses a lot of possibilities, and the episode was worth the additional analysis.  But I'm still not sure who the primary suspect is.  I have my idea, but one of the best things about this show is that nothing is very predictable.  

Only TV mention I'll make about tonight is that I actually may vomit.  I don't know any details of the plot, or what is really going to happen from this point (nor do I care to in advance), but the visuals alone make me ache - and definitely not in the good way. 

Oh, and in case I get lazy and don't update again before next week, Happy Easter!

~ CinJudes ~_cinjudes_ on April 13th, 2006 07:10 pm (UTC)
SWAMPED here at work today. But I also enjoyed Lost start to finish last night and just wanted to shout you my thoughts, so you won't think I'm skirting the issue.

I thought the "net" scene was very hot. I thought it was much better for the Jate in the long run than the kiss was. But I still like Kawyer. I like Jate and Kawyer with Kawyer leading because I think it's slightly hotter. But mostly, I was just imagining being stuck in the net with Evi myself. But a good episode for the "long run" Jate. Much moreso than WKD in my opinion.

Other than that, in complete agreement about the episode.

Back to training my dumbass boss how to do the most remenial things in my absense. *note extreme excitement...NOT*

Flora: MWAHlatinatemptress on April 13th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Veronica Mars can lick me if they make my bad boy Weevil the one who murdered all those students. It's one thing to have him deliciously bad but quite another to turn him into a murderer. That I cannot handle. But I agree. Nothing on this show is as it seems. For one of those students in the dream sequence to blatantly point out Weevil as being the brains behind this whole thing makes me believe that they may be trying to pull our legs as they are so fond of doing.

And you know i must squee on the LoVe front. Logan's look that he gave Veronica in the hallway after she insulted him regarding Hannah made me do the Awww face. And then Wallace's subsequent defense of Logan had me ROFLMAO at Veronica's look of shock.

As far as Shitville is concerned, I have yet to watch the last two episodes as i realize that i just don't give a shit. If we decide to watch the new eppy at your house that Thursday I will most likely be lost as hell. *Shrugs*

And in case you are unaware, Delta pilots may be going on Strike. Delta, the goddamn airline that we bought all of our tickets from. Needless to say we are NOT happy. We'll make it there one way or the other but its stress that I DO NOT want to be associated with our trip. We will know for sure either 4/15 or 4/17. Until then cross your fingers. =(

But otherwise, its 7 more days till the BIG VACAY!!!!!!!! YAYNESS!