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25 May 2006 @ 09:23 am
long time, no post  

Okay, so yeah - it's been well over a month since my last update, and I've kinda felt like a slacker for such neglect - even if all this crap is just for my own fun and entertainment anyway.  But to be fair, with my girls _cinjudes_  and latinatemptress  coming for a week-long vist in April, the impending wind-down of the TV season, and how much computer time I have to spend at work for my job (and the hectic-ness that entails), I just haven't been motivated to put much here as of late.  

But I must get into a few of my thoughts on last night's season two finale of Lost.  All of the rambling is under the cut. It's a tad long-ish, so you've been warned.

I'm still kinda recovering from having my mind blown, so bear with me. Personally, I was really impressed, and enjoyed the finale a lot. Yes, there are a myriad of new questions that now arise, but we also got a few good answers that had been hanging for a while:

** We found out why the plane crashed. It was a legitimate, scientific explantation, and definitely had to do with the occurences on the island. The giant "discharge" from The Swan produced an EM pulse that not only had the plane flying 1000 miles off course, but fried its controls and forced it to crash.
** We found out what happened to Kelvin - who he really was, and why Desmond has been alone in the hatch for so long. Seeing Kelvin as the CIA operative Enman, who helped out Sayid years ago, was a good twist. He said he 'signed on' to the Dharma Initiative - he had extensive knowledge of The Swan and its inner workings, so that claim makes sense. But he was apparently initially taken in by the disease/contamination angle, at least for a while, using the suit whenever he went outside. Or was that just another elaborate ruse to keep Desmond inside? In the midst of all the flashbacks, we learn that Desmond was never lying to the survivors before he took off, and that he really had nothing to do with the Dharma Initiative in the first place. Oh - and he just so happened to get his boat for the journey from Libby, too. Sets him up for lots of inclusion to the story next season.
** We see what really happens when they don't enter the numbers and push the button - Locke's comment to Eko as the EM was going into overload was classic - "I was wrong". No shit. To that end, the long-mysterious magnet behind the wall gets somewhat of an explantation. And now we can sort of guess what kind of "incident" occurred, that was referred to in the orientation film. Unless I'm mistaken, we had only seen the underground portion of The Swan once, when Jack and Sayid we exploring all the rooms when they first got in, looking for the power source. Now we got to see the failsafe measures built down there for a reason.
** We got to see where that pneumatic tube from The Pearl actually led to. But then got more to spec about when we see the massive pile of notebook-filled containers - and especially when Desmond proposed the idea to Locke that perhaps the "subjects" in The Pearl, recording observations, were quite possibly the ones actually being observed. Those instructions for tasks in The Pearl were quite specific, as well - and pretty pointless, as it turns out.
** It was confirmed that The Others are definitely not who they appear to be - they verified they have costumes and diguises. And it could be inferred that their setup is more than elaborate, with an apparent method for "rescue" and communication with the outside world.[/list]

The flashbacks for Desmond were a nice way to ease us into his persona, getting to know him better - rather than just seeing him as some quasi-nutcase who had been a slave to the hatch for years. The first thing I noticed as he was released from prison and we saw the letters in the car, was the name Penny Widmore on all the envelopes. IIRC, Widmore is some kind of global conglomeration of corporate enterprise, with holdings/interests in many varying fields. Michael's job when he was in New York was with Widmore construction, and the pregnancy test that Sun took was labeled Widmore Labs - an apparent pharmaceutical company. It makes me curious to know if Mr. Widmore - Penny's father - has a stake in the Hanso Foundation, too, with all the research it does in such diverse fields of study. 
Hearing Sayid's plan to Jack - about not telling the other three they were suspicious of Michael - played out as more than risky, with his intent to "sneak up" in the sailboat at The Others' camp on the opposite side of the island. Keeping Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer in the dark did keep Michael from knowing they could be on to him, but once Kate realized they were being followed - and then later when Jack realized they weren't headed toward the beach at all - I got some chills. Seeing Michael confess that he was leading them to a trap, and that he killed Ana-Lucia and Libby, I almost expected Hurley to go a little bonkers - at least a tackle and a few fist swings. And Jack was just holding it back as well - in spite of believing Sayid, he had no idea about the list of their names, and I think that threw them all for a loop.
The teaser for the ep kinda fooled me into thinking the monster could show up, but seeing them all get tranqued with the darts and captured was almost more creepy. I think the fact that they were so defenseless pissed Jack off more than it scared him - that there was nothing any of them could do. Now the biggest question for me revolves around why their names were on that list, and what makes them so important to The Others. They were willing to let Hurley go back, too, so his "purpose" may not be the same as that of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.
Of course, the other big WTF moment came in the discharge of the magnet, after Locke has destroyed the computer, and Eko has blown the inside of The Swan to shit. When Desmond turned the key to the failsafe, what happened to the three of them? It looked like Charlie got clear, getting out of the hatch before the final burst of light came forth, but the fact that the "QUARANTINE" door came falling from the sky makes me wonder what happened to everything underground. The entire visible sky around the island lit up and was accompanied by that deafening sound/rumble - then it just stopped. And everyone on the beach just sort of goes about their business, straightening things up that had been knocked over when the friggin' EARTH BEGAN TO SHAKE. I'd be a little more freaked out if I were in their position. Charlie needs to stop being quite so whipped by Claire and go back to the hatch to see what's left.
And lastly, we see that - again, apparently - Penny Widmore has been keeping tabs on EM anomalies around the globe. The two men in the artic research station were speaking Portuguese, and were on the lookout for a repeat of what they "missed" before. Could that refer to the EM pulse that brought down Flight 815? Or perhaps something else that might have brought Desmond to the island, when he disappeared during his race around the world. It would seem that Penny may have been using her wealth and contacts to search for any sign of what happened to him the last few years. Which again, brings up the possibilities of the Widmore Corporation having ties to the Hanso Foundation, and its Dharma Initiative.

What will happen to Michael and Walt?  Is that compass heading '3-2-5' really going to lead them to a rescue pick-up?  Jack and Michael shared a long stare as the boat took off.  And as Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were being blindfolded again to be taken away, Jack shared a look with Kate - that she acknowledged, while Sawyer also looked on.  We know that Jack had explained to them he had a plan - possibly more than the one he had formulated with Sayid, and his stealth-by-boat.  Was this a signal toward that?  It seemed like it could also have been a look of regret from Jack - that he was apologizing to Kate for his part in allowing them to get into this mess.  Either way, we won't know for sure until next season.  

Oh, and I visited www.HansoCareers.com from the TV ad last night.  All I really found were five job listings for positions around the world with the Hanso Foundation:
- a personal assistant in Copenhagen
- an organ courier (?) in Santa Barbara
- an art therapist/psychologist in Vik, Iceland
- a simian veterinarian in Zanzibar
- an anger management director in Seoul
Not sure what other clues my be present here, or how it ties into the main Hanso Foundation Site, since the web traffic was bogging the pages way down for me last night, it was so busy.  I'll look more into it this weekend.


Needless to say, there is LOTS more stuff to think about and speculate.  I may be frequenting The Fuselage quite a bit this summer.


~ CinJudes ~: wash/serenity - grrrrr_cinjudes_ on May 25th, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)
In complete agreement on your 'Holy Bonkershits' on the entire episode. I am in pretty much agreement with you across the board, and so when I write my write up, which might even get started today since it's like eating away at my insides to get out - I will link back to this post in my lj saying as much.

Of course I have things to add. But as you know, I like need to get them out on my own. Sometimes I hate reading your reviews first, you know that - but given my time contraints today as well as my OCD being in overdrive already - I can use it to my advantage when I post.

Look for it. *huggles*