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01 March 2006 @ 09:38 am
let's try this, shall we?  
Okay, so I've barely had any time to bone-up on HTML and coding and whatnot in order to spiff-up this place.  The wonderful _cinjudes_ has been kind enough to actually establish what I do have, for which I am grateful. As it is, I'm using the rich-text assist just to make this entry, so bear with me.

And I know I'm pretty much talking to myself right now, until I can get more immersed into the LJ community, but that's OK.  I can entertain myself quite well.  My primary reason for posting is for - what else - fandom-related reminders.  Click the cuts for more, if you may be so inclined.

According to a link I found on Whedonesque, it looks like ALIAS will finally be back on ABC's schedule come April - probably around the 19th. More info was found at The Futon Critic. It's shitty that the network is just trying to burn off the last episodes of the series whenever it finds room, and even shittier that the episode number count has been reduced from the regular 22 to 17! What a travesty. I know that various former cast members are supposed to be making some appearances, too, so who knows how that will all wrap up now. *sigh* Frustrating as hell.

On the Bones front, I also learned from Whedonesque that it looks like the awesome Adam Baldwin will be making a guest spot as FBI agent Jamie Kenton, a colleague of Booth's, in episode 1.16 - "Two Bodies in the Lab". Angel and Hamilton, together again - sweet. It's supposed to air March 15th at 8:00PM (the new timeslot). And just FYI, the show finally is new next week, March 8th (still at 9:00PM, I think). More completely mindless garbage American Idol tonight, I believe. Ugh.

Oh, and also wanted to shout-out that Gina Torres had a spot on last night's The Shield, as ex-wife of IAD Inspector Kavanaugh.  Which I have DVR-ed, but still need to watch.

And I guess that's all for now, as I actually should work some while at work.  I may try this updating thing a little more if I can keep it organized. 
~ CinJudes ~: bones - stressed out_cinjudes_ on March 1st, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
You are talking to me. And by now, that should be enough for you! Butthead.

Thanks for the props, but you are doing amazingly well on your own as I knew you would. I need to load you up that Buffy/Xander moodtheme I showed you so long ago... I will find it and get to it dearest.

BTW - I of course already knew what you told me. If you haven't yet, you can sign up for the Whedonesque XML feed which like puts every Whedonesque update in your friends list. It's aweeesssoommmee.

I also am friends with a Bones community you might want to check out. They even have released a very spoilery promo pic (last week actually) of Baldwin. And I do mean very spoilery.

I'm just glad Lost starts back up tonight, if only for one episode. And I think Bones is new too isn't it? I need some TV-age. Well, what I need is like 6 more hours in the day since I have like SO MUCH TO DO NOW - and I'm slightly going insane.

My LJ has been neglected, and what is so very sad is that I like HAVE stuff lined up to post. Like my "List of Lust", my first set of Bones icons as well as more Lost and SV ones. But right now my mind is like jello.

Jeffj_mac179 on March 1st, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
Well, duh - I knew you'd be seeing this, Cin - that sorta goes without saying. As such, I'm sure this will be a primary place (along with your LJ, of course) for us to rant and rave about TV and various other crap that doesn't really mean anything until our very own board is up and running.

I figured I'd just make a blanket statement regarding the relative isolation this LJ will have for a while, for future archival purposes, of course - provided it ever "takes off" if I get more active. ;) I kinda wanted to be thorough for my first real entry. Geeks rule.

And unless I'm mistaken, Bones won't be new until next week, but I'll double check my program guide to be sure. Thank God for new Lost, though. I'm excited for that, as well. Now I'll just need to see if I can keep up with posting comments here on a regular basis...
~ CinJudes ~: mal - not fucking around_cinjudes_ on March 1st, 2006 10:08 pm (UTC)
Babe - just until we get the mb back up. Hopefully that will be sometime next week, so honestly -- with it being repeat season we could like not miss much. AND if you let it spill here - you can always c/p to W-I when it's back up.

I'm hoping the propogating will be done tomorrow and I can start fiddling with it.

And yes - I am gonna try to call you tonight. But no promises. *hugs*