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01 September 2006 @ 12:59 am
New TV... finally  
Alriiiight! Two entries in a month... but just barely.  Since the new TV season is getting underway, maybe I'll get a little more regular now.

I wanted to be sort of lazy like my girl _cinjudes_ and just reiterate here what I posted over on Wicked-Insanity about the season debuts of Bones and Prison Break, as well as the premiere of Justice.

But unlike her 'fake cuts', I'll c/p short blurbs for each under their respective cuts:

Bones: 2.01 - "The Titan on the Tracks"

So. Much. Fun.

That's what I kept thinking about during the whole hour of last night's episode. Right away we're put back into the comfortable banter between Booth and Brennan, on their way to the train wreck scene, and Boreanaz and Deschanel work their mojo -- "Is it okay to go up on two wheels like that?" -- "Only when making very sharp turns at high speeds." LMFAO.

The overall ensemble chemistry was back in full force, too, and I need to give props to Tamara Taylor, stepping in as the forensic pathologist (and now dept. head at the Jeffersonian) Dr. Cam Saroyan. The role could have easily begun to feel shoe-horned in for the sake of dramatic tension, but she played it with just the right amount of authorative outsider/newcomer, while immediately showing her worth in defending her squints' scientific expertise and methodology. Her summer spent at the lab while Bones was away is shown - she even has nicknames for the nerds - Hodgepodge and Zackaroni! And lacking for euphamisms, she is not -- "I'm like a diuretic sea gull - everything goes through me." Priceless.

Touching back upon Brennan's mysteriously hidden father and recently re-buried mother is a good way to keep up the long-term continuity within the plot-of-the-week procedural, stand-alone style. It also gives some of the best personal moments between Booth and Brennan, as he's helped her over the course of the series to slowly become more in touch with her own feelings and fostered her interpersonal social skills with "non-squints". And I think Emily Deschanel smiled more this episode than she did almost all of last season, and it was nice to see - especially within the growing affection she has for Booth as a partner and a friend.

Great friggin' show. Chomping at the bit for next week.

Justice: 1.01 - Pilot

As a newcomer, Justice is very visually catching, and easily watchable. It is highly polished for the type of story it wants to tell, and I think that contributes to a very 'de-personalized' nature of the characters. I believe this is meant to be a very procedural, stand-alone episode type of show. The characters fit a specific mold from the onset, and the types of cases will be the primary differentiating factor from one show to the next. The personal lives of the lawyers are but passing notions, while their professional know-how is what the focus of the plot will be. I usually shy away from that kind of TV, instead being enamored by the ultimate serialized, episodic dramas (Lost, VM, 24), but this pilot ep was so slick, it almost begs to be watched , if just for the sensationalist take it looks to cast upon the characters. And I particularly enjoyed seeing what actually occured, after the verdict has been decided, to see if "justice" was served or not. Being able to see what the jury does not is a cool idea, and should be interesting to note when a not guilty verdict is given to someone who actually did the crime for which they were accused.

Victor Garber is definitely getting to broaden his emotional range after being so straightlaced on ALIAS for five years, and the over-the-top nature of his portrayal is part of the point of his 'mission' as a character. He's a showman for the media-dominated, publicity laden world in which clients try to get an impartial trial, and he knows how to play the game. The rest of the group will need some time before I can judge their appropriateness for the slots they fill, although Kerr Smith finally does seem at least a bit more grown up since his days as Jack McPhee on Dawson's Creek.

The show does have a tough time slot (opposite Lost), and the glut of legal dramas is a negative, but Fox may shuffle it around a few times before yanking it, if it struggles - or it could be unceremoniously dropped like a bad habit, who knows. I stopped trying to figure out what programming 'logic' Fox uses as a network a long time ago. Justice will probably be a show I'll keep up with as long as it's on, mainly for the acting and diversity of stories it may be able to tell. But if it meets an early demise... oh well.

Prison Break: 2.01 - "Manhunt"

Not a bad start to get the 'fugitive' ball rolling. William Fichtner (apparently going by "Bill" in the credits) is a good casting choice for Agent Mahone. He's got the calm and collected demeanor to match that of Michael, and figuring out the scheme from photos of Michael's tattoos is a way to show he may be equally matched on the intelligence angle, too.

T-Bag is one stubborn, tough son of a bitch, but the logistics of a veterinarian actually reattaching his severed hand are more than a stretch.

Gotta say Veronica's murder was sort of a shocker. Seeing as how she was the only one with proof of Lincoln's innocence - in actually finding and talking to Terrence - it appears that the brothers are really in some shit, now that she's dead. I wonder if Robin Tunney was pissed with her early exit?

Sara's really in trouble, too, for her part in the escape, so I'm curious to see what her role will be once she's out of the hospital.

The format of this show just seems to emphasize its finite plot - there's only so far all of this can go before either wrapping it up, or spinning into total ridiculousness. But I'll stick with it for as long as the ride lasts.

Prison Break: 2.02 - "Otis"

Alright. Agent Mahone is becoming my favorite character on this show. William Fichtner (whose name was changed back to 'William' from 'Bill' in the credits, btw) is just the perfect casting choice for this calculating detective. He's a spot-on counterpoint to the intellect found in Michael's scheming, and two episodes in he's already had a few bad-ass scenes. Looking forward to where he goes as a character (if the writers don't screw him up and make him look stupid).

Linc and Michael are in a hell of a mess. Not sure how they plan to evade the law that's right on their asses, with no car and Lincoln sporting a bullet wound to the leg.

The near-escape of LJ was a pretty damn good moment, I must say. If they hadn't dropped the painted-black squirt gun, they might have made it out - at least, until the cops were on all three of their asses.

Should be interesting to see how a few of the 'Fox River Eight' get knocked off as the season goes on - we know it's coming eventually. I just hope Sucre comes out alive in the end. And that T-Bag dies horribly and painfully.

And so begin the first new eps of shows I watch (admittedly still too many) for the 2006-07 TV season...
~ CinJudes ~: entourage - vince - cheesy smile_cinjudes_ on September 1st, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
Since I have already read and commented to these things over at W-I - I will be rude and tell you that I just gained motivation to make you some Bones icons this long weekend. Cause that one right there is hurting me just a bit.

Jeff: Bones - D&E 1j_mac179 on September 1st, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
Well, okay then. I saw it, and didn't think it was too terrible, so I snagged. But the more icons the merrier, I say.
schrutefanschrutefan on September 2nd, 2006 05:27 pm (UTC)
You know Jeff, I wasn't particularly excited about the new TV season, except for Heroes and Smith, but it's turning out a lot more interesting than I thought. Justice I thought was very slick, sort of The Practice meets Las Vegas. It's also a bit like Numb3rs in that there's going to be one case for each show, just stand-alones, so no arcs unless they do the occasional two-parter for ratings. But because of the pace of the show and how it's about lawyers and not friendly genius mathematicians, I'm concerned about just how they'll develop their characters (or if Fox even cares). I like the style, I liked the performances, and although I thought the writing could use some work, I think it will and should survive.

As for Prison Break, it was always a bit outlandish to begin with, but now it's getting really out there. A vet put T-bag's hand back on. They better make it completely useless because there's no way a vet can reconnect nerves and such. And then, using his great wisdom, he uses On-Star to get directions to Utah... wow they'll have trouble finding him. But the part that really made me yell at my TV is in the first episode, when Mahone tells them to dredge the river. What is he, the Wall Whisperer? Now I know they need to find someone who is Michael's equal to make it interesting, but it's one thing to be smart, it's another to be psychic. I still love the show, but I've been disppointed so far, sort of like Lost last season.
Jeff: VM - Dick - upchuckj_mac179 on September 3rd, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
Larry, I think I somewhat agree with the assessment of Prison Break - that it stretches believability at times - and seems to be reaching even further this season. But I also know I watch it just for the entertainment and "oh shit" moments, so I don't take it too seriously.

Also, spot on concurrence with your thoughts on Justice. Nice summation of its appeal - and its overall chances of survival.

Wow, two similar thoughts in one entry - that's weird for us, lol.