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08 September 2006 @ 08:06 am
short update  

Just a quickie to add very brief blurbs about new TV this week.

Prison Break: 2.03 - "Scan"

Not a bad continuation, but a little ham-handed that Bellick now has the inside track on Michael and Lincoln, after they've effectively hidden their trail from the FBI for the moment. 

The setup that Michael has now for their continued elusive status is appropriately proportional to the detail put into the actual break-out, so all of his knowledge and pre-planned 'props' don't seem too far-fetched.  He's just gone to extreme lengths to make this whole thing work, and it shows.

I did have a big WTF? moment when Sucre made it from Ohio to NYC in the blink of an eye.  Now he's on a motorcycle headed to Vegas to try and stop Maricruz from getting married in time.  That's a big logic leap in the story. *shrug*

And it looks like the writers are giving Agent Mahone some kind of flaw - we see him popping some pills discreetly (apparently hidden in a pen).  Don't know if it will be a physical or psychological/emotional ailment, since he seemed to need them after getting frustrated over the dead-end of the burned-out accord.  Obsessive may be the operative description for him.  I guess I'll just have to watch and see.

Bones: 2.02 - "Mother and Child in the Bay"

Excellent hour of TV.  After last week's premiere, that had a somewhat 'lighter' tone (in spite of the grisly crime scene), this week seemed darker overall, and it was in large part due to the nature of the crime (murder of an infant) and the personal feelings involved for Booth (and contrasting with Brennan's lack of a connection).

The entire cast was clicking once again, and continues to be the best aspect to this show - everyone usually gets involved, and all the characters feed off each other so well.  Although, it is a tad noticable that Heavy D is no longer recurring as Sid, the owner of the old 'hang-out', Chinese restaurant Wong Foo's.  Now Booth and Brennan seem to pow-wow at the diner. *shrug*

Best lines of the episode:

Cam (to Brennan): "Are you pregnant?"
Brennan: : "No!"
[Both women look to Booth]
Booth: "Why are you looking at me?" -- LMAO

And later: Brennan (nonchalantly): "Your kid is eating sand." -- Nice and detached, as is often the case with her in normal social environments.

Cam is definitely seeming more and more like a keeper, too - a rare influx of a new character that brings much to the overall vibe, and again, Tamara Taylor is a great choice for the role.

There were previews, but I honestly can't remember the details, since most of the promo was cut off by my DVR, during the very brief start and stop between Bones and Justice.

Justice: 1.02 - "Pretty Woman"

I think I kinda liked this week's ep a little more than the pilot. We actually got a smidge of a reveal about Tom's and Alden's respective backgrounds - he had a sister who died, and she was a wallflower in high school. Plus, the defendant of the week was Karen...err...Lilly...err Ann Diggs (Amanda Seyfried). She pulled off the murkiness of the deceit-or-truth angle quite well.

I think the quick pacing, showing one phase of the case followed immediately by the next is very interesting, and keeps the hook for most of the episode. I actually found myself really wondering how it was going to turn out, and was still unsure until the very end reveal - Ann could have just been an effective actress on the stand.

All in all, very entertaining, IMO, and I'm hoping its decent ratings (so far) keep it around a while, as long as it doesn't get too preposterous or over-the-top.

Like I said, rather brief.  But I have also seen the pilot ep for the new NBC show Heroes, so I may have a tad to say about that later, as well as other TV links/ramblings.
~ CinJudes ~: bones - booth/brennan - subtext_cinjudes_ on September 8th, 2006 12:53 pm (UTC)
When is Heroes premeiring - did I miss it? You have to remind me on that one cause I don't watch NBC and don't catch commercials.
Jeff: super bad daddyj_mac179 on September 8th, 2006 01:23 pm (UTC)
It premieres Monday, Sept. 25th. I actually got one of those iTunes free download cards they are giving out as a promotion, so that's how I saw it. I'll add more about it at W-I, too.