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14 September 2006 @ 11:11 am
Wednesday TV  
Brief thoughts on last night's new episodes of Bones and Justice.  As always, this is just the discussion from Wicked-Insanity, but I'll c/p the comments on each under the cuts.

Bones: 2.03 - "The Boy in the Shroud"

The characterization in this show just gets better and better.

I am continually impressed with the little steps made each week to show the real friendship and comraderie Booth and Brennan have, as well as the professional and personal loyalty the squints show to Brennan. When Cam brought up the notion of finding a replacement for Brennan (due to their often incompatible investigative style/method), and Angela immediately spoke up that the rest of the team would be gone with her, that was a very important scene. Which was then reinforced even more later, when Booth told Cam in no uncertain terms that wherever Bones goes, he goes. That must've made a least some of the 'shippers *squee* a bit. Not to mention the Hodgins/Angela mojo that gets amped up a little more from time to time. He's really laying on the charm with the compliments - and then the rose at the end, so how that progresses should be interesting.

I'm also seeing how the setups have Booth dressing down just a bit more often, when he's not expecting to meet with other investigators or victims' family members. He gets to be more casual in jeans and t-shirts, losing the suit and tie once in a while more often. This week I think his t-shirt said 'Super Villain', but I wasn't quite sure. Ha. And that entire scene just had me laughing out loud at moments, as Booth tries to warn the street-naive Brennan as she questions the kids about Dylan and Kelly - "He took my money for nothing..." Oh, and my trival-crap filled mind noticed the teen sweethearts were named Dylan and Kelly - a 90210 'ship shout-out perhaps? *shrug*

Additionally, the crimes/accidents that the squints investigate from week to week continue to be fairly unique and original - so far - with a nicely covered reveal of what really happened until the last moments. Even when we think we may have it figured out, there may be a wrench thrown in the works at the last minute to change the group's entire hypothesis of how and what happened. I really wouldn't have pegged the little brother at all. But I guess I listen more closely to the situational banter than some of the postulating science of the investigation, so I might be biased, I dunno.

Best lines of the episode were between Booth and Hodgins, as they find Kelly in the botanical garden:

Booth: "Go distract her for me."
Hodgins: "What? Why me?"
Booth: "Because apparently, I look too much like a cop."
Hodgins: "But - wait, what should I-"
Booth: "What are you, my straight man? -Just go."

I think the tone of voice in the scene makes the dialogue play better - it just made me laugh. As if the good cop/bad cop thing would ever work with the too-eager-to-work-in-the-field Hodgins.

It's also nice too see that Cam knows a little more about Brennan's past, and why she may be so closed off and detached sometimes - and especially why this case hit particularly close to home for her. The fact that they both know how Booth thinks so well that he'd know they had talked was a nice touch, too - they bonded over Booth and their mutual begrudging affection for him being good at his job. With Cam compromising to give Brennan three 'get out of jail free' passes a week, it still leaves the door open for their head-butting, too, without so much fear of disciplinary action, so that was a positive for that continued dynamic. And the fact that Cam had to ask Brennan if she'd ever played Monopoly was just classic - she is still such a pop-culture retard at times.

Great show.

Justice: 1.03 - "Behind the Orange Curtain"

This show - so far - is working out nicely, in the ways of a "knowing-what-to-expect" procedural, but doing so with such a polished presentation that it remains entertaining. Sorry if it sounds repetitive, but the slick set up for each case and the breakdowns of the pre-trial and trial are really what keep each episode's hook interesting.

Not a whole lot to say about the guest-cast of the week, as none of them stood out as memorable. We did get a little more personal info about Tom - he was engaged once, and walked out of it himself. It's almost as if we may be allowed one small tidbit of info from each of the major characters from one episode to the next - but not too much, as to not alienate random viewers who may not have kept up.

It also seems that Luther is an important ally in out-of-town cases/trials like these, because of his D.A. past, and business relationships with other state attorneys who work for the prosecution. He's able to get more of a scoop about what they need to defend against, and knows the trends in how they think when making their prosecution.

Unless I'm mistaken, though, we know jack-squat about Ron, aside from his business/social reputation. Oh - we found out he's a partial owner of the bar & grill in Orange County. I guess that was his 'personal' bit for the ep.

I found it interesting that although 'justice' was served on behalf of the defendant - it was only a partial victory (as most trials are), and the real killers - the fiancee and his father - weren't directly implicated. I'm wondering what the episode will be like when the firm loses a case? It has to happen, right? I mean, I know TNT&G is good, but nobody is perfect. Also, I want to see a case they win, but the defendant is actually guilty, once we see the reveal at the end. Could make for a good thought-provoker, depending on how they frame the story surrounding the defendant.

The show still has my attention.

It's gonna be more of a challenge to keep up with Wednesdays once Lost comes back and The Nine debuts.  May be tricky, but I'll do my best to keep up with at least a comment or two.