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02 March 2006 @ 07:41 am
Lost-age and other stuff...  
A few comments on last night's episode beneath the cut...

So now it looks like we know what Henry's purpose for infiltrating the group was/is. His last scene with Locke pretty much summed up one of the major sticking points going against group harmony, as he questioned why he "lets the doctor call the shots". Immediately Locke was taken aback as a sore spot was touched, and as we saw, his own frustration is starting to take hold. I believe, as one of the observing Others, Henry knows for damn sure that the "leadership dynamic" has been an important factor for the group's survival and organization, so he's doing what he can to sow some discord and stir shit up.

The scene Eko had with him I also found interesting, as it served a couple of purposes. I think Eko really just needed a conscience clearing, to get his actions off his chest and confess to someone, like he said. I also believe it served a little to intimidate Henry - or at least that was his attempt - as he also is unsure of who Henry really is, and perhaps feels it necessary to keep him "in line" or somewhat fearful of possible consequences for lying/betraying them. It was a good scene, because I think that Henry actually appeared somewhat afraid for just a moment, as he had no idea what Eko was up to. And not the "acting" afraid he had with Sayid, but actually uncertain of his relative safety.

It looks like The Others project a false appearance with costumes/outfits in order to maintain their intimidation factor, and I think it's assumed that all of them were once - or are still - part of the Dharma Initiative experment/research study on the island. Ethan seems to have been a doctor, and they are all still under the belief that the quarantine was/is necessary, with the prevalence of the vaccine regimen. It's uncertain whether Desmond from "the Swan" (hatch 3 of 6, remember) was in contact with The Others, but he also rembered his regular routine of daily injections. Curiouser and Curiouser.

Danielle Rousseau is even more of a wild card now, since we saw that she saved Claire from being recaptured. I think we're also to assume that the girl who helped Claire escape was Alex, Rousseau's daughter. And that makes me wonder how or why The Others tolerate Rousseau's wandering around the island, with the knowledge she does have, or exactly what kind of arrangement she has with them or against them. I do think Claire was pretty rash in her exploration of the medical "hatch", but I suppose she was getting desperate for Aaron's health, and her own guilt/panic became a motivator as her memories gradually came back. I just kept thinking she needs to be careful if the hatch wasn't completely abandoned. Who knew if anyone else had stayed around. But it does figure that the place would have no answers, having been apparently discarded. More questions to go on top of the questions already there.

It looks like Sawyer is the only one who knew the women were actually going somewhere in the jungle, but I'm hoping Claire and Kate disclose what they found to Jack, as any kind of former medical facility - with power - may be of some use.  Although, with the crubling order among the group, and his leadership reduction, Jack may be kept oblivious to what the women found for a while.  Aaron appeared to recover from his fever/sickness, so I'm still clueless as to what kind of infection Rousseau warns about, and what the whole Dharma crew thinks they are keeping vaccinated for.  Again, more questions than answers.  But I liked the ep.  Plus, Emilie de Ravin is looking pretty damn good, I can't complain about an episode focused on her.  Now we have to wait three weeks *sigh*...

And I was right, Bones still wasn't on, and Veronica Mars was still a repeat. Bummer.   

But I also got to watch my 'Noles upset #1 ranked Duke - KICK ASS!!  This win almost guarantees us at least an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, regardless of our performance in the ACC tournament.  So I'm excited for our football-oriented university to do well in the most competitive basketball conference in the country.  Sweetness... 


~ CinJudes ~: jack - daddy's not happy_cinjudes_ on March 2nd, 2006 02:10 pm (UTC)
I thought about doing a write up to, but seeing as how my thoughts are all over the place with this episode, I would rather just post it here for you and Flo. That, and I agree with you on just about the entire take of the episode.

If there was any doubt in my mind after the look he gave Sayid that Henry was one of the Others, it is surely gone now. He worked Locke like a violin. And I do think that Eko knows he's one of them, or suspects greatly - and that is why he "confessed" to him. But powerful scenes to say the least. I really like it when the subplot of episodes is powerfully good stuff too, as opposed to dumb fluff like the Sawyer/Hurley frog hunt.

I do think they will tell Jack and Locke what they found. Knowing that the Others dress up to look like vagabond survivors is a big peice of the puzzle in understanding them as a group. So I'm sure Kate will spread the word.

Funny how the Kawyer didn't seem too completely on the outs to me... ((where is my "cool" smiley when I need him huh?)) A little tension sure, but I thought it played well and as expected.

OK, now everyone knows I don't care for Claire as a character. Still really don't too much. I did find it very interesting the fact that she had "blocked" her stay with the Others - and everything that she went threw while with them was a little stange to say the least. What I don't understand that if she was so drugged as to be detached from reality, how come she could walk around and knit and stuff? And I also just have a problem with her assuming what Ethan was telling her about a vaccine was the truth. For all anybody with a brain SHOULD know, he could have been contaminating the baby with something. But I do understand the desperation she felt to help her child, and the last scene with Aaron was very well done - probably the best acting I have seen from DeRavin the course of the show. But Claire just remains something of a secondary tool for me. And she played the tool well in this episode as well.

That's about it. I thought it was a good solid episode, and even though I was glad to have it - I can't help being a little ticked that now we have to wait again for another new one.

But all in all the episode was solidly written and pushed the plot with the others in a good direction.