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21 September 2006 @ 09:28 am
weekly TV blurbs  
Just a post for brief thoughts on last week's (since I skipped it) and this week's Prison Break, and last night's Bones and Justice.  All discussion also found at Wicked Insanity.  Comments for each under the cuts.

last week's thoughts on Prison Break:

Episode 2.04 - "First Down"

I called it in my earlier specs - John got waxed. Once he told his wife that he would rather die than go back to prison - and he insisted on getting vengeance with Fibonacci, it was clear he was a goner. Nice setup, though, with the FBI at the unknown motel, giving us pause as to whether they were on to Abruzzi or Tweener.

Speaking of which, for a fucking dumbass, Tweener's still low on the radar, and managing to snag some tail in the process. Although, that girl seems dumb as rocks, too - or at least lacking lots of common sense.

T-Bag is fucking scum - I hope the father whose car he now has isn't dead. And how he managed to overpower him with only one good hand is beyond me - another stretch for the suspension of disbelief.

I kinda wish Mika hadn't jealously turned on Michael and Lincoln at the last minute, after she learned of Michael's real feelings for Sara - and lack of any love for herself. She had me going with the con on Bellick, and for a moment I wasn't quite sure on which side she would come down. Holly Valance has a killer ass, too, so it'll be sad to see her go (but nice to watcher walk away... ... sorry, bad expression).

And we got to see two rare emotional outlets from Michael - when he screamed and kicked Bellick in the face after getting him tied up, and then when he got honest with Sara over the phone. I was kinda shocked he was near tears. Although, he is right when he told her that she's a target now, after having some involvement with his and Linc's escape, so she better listen when he inevitably contacts her again.

Not a bad episode, I'm just anxious for T-Bag to get his comeuppance...

and this week's:

Episode 2.05 - "Map 1213"

So Mahone's figured out where the fugitives are headed - at least, he's got the right state. And he's got a black-market supplier of his mystery pills. Supposedly we're going to see more about Mahone's past personal life in a few episodes, as Michael does some digging of his own, so that could be intriguing.

Sucre should have known that he'd be turned in when he crashed the wedding - that was obvious from the get-go. I imagine we've yet to see the end of the Maricruz storyline, though.

T-Bag is such a son-of-a-bitch. At least he didn't kill the guy from last week - just assaulted him and took his car. I figured Michael and Lincoln would wind up having to work with him, if he had some info they needed. I wasn't sure if he was just leading them on as they crested the hill of the former KK Ranch where the silo was supposed to be, but apparently he was as shocked as they were that there's a housing development there now.

Tweener was just damn lucky that his lay was sympathetic to him - letting him escape with her car no less, then later that Linc and Michael showed up when they did after nabbing T-Bag.

C-Note had to jump off the train as it crossed the bridge, and he was operating so smoothly up until that point. Looks like he winds up with the 'gang' next week - possibly Sucre, too - so the only one missing (who's still alive) is Haywire, who also looks to show up in the ep, too.

The show is still engaging, but plot developments must be taken with a huge grain of salt at this point.

Bones: 2.04 - "The Blonde in the Game"

Solid episode as usual. I especially liked them bringing back the serial killer Epps as the primary antagonist in this one - even if he wasn't the killer this time around. That continuity helps the overall serial aspect to the show, so it's not so reliant on the one-shot procedural format.

The Jack/Angela stuff is really getting some thorough pushes forward, as even the rest of the squints are pretty much keen on them being a little into each other now - social retard Zach even had it on his radar, so that says something right there. It's cute - and can remain so, but only if handled right. Being solid characters on their own in the professional environment already makes them interesting, so as long as their personas aren't altered too much by any hanky-panky, it's all good.

Cam was backburnered this episode for the most part, which was appropriate I think, after she had been introduced so strongly in the eps so far. It gave time for a little extra squint stuff, as well as more Booth/Brennan interaction.

Funniest moment of the episode came when Zach and Hodgins used the ammonia gas to reveal what was marked on the out-of-place wrist bone - the double hammers. Jack gets his conspiracy feathers in a bunch, referencing the Illuminati and the Freemasons, and Zach interjects with "That's the cartographic symbol for a mine." Short and to the point - and related to the leads they already had with the gypsum and selenium on the bones - cutting Jack's speculation off at the knees. Good stuff.

Having Brennan be the one to save Booth in the mail sorting center was a nice touch, as it helps to thicken her emotional response on screen a little bit. She always tries to maintain a scientific black-and-white code to most things, but killing a person - even a murderer - with one's own hands brings along a slew of new issues and psychological baggage, even if it was the right thing to do. And then we get the scene with 'Jasper'. Once again allowing the 'shippers a moment of *squee*, if they so choose.

Overall, it was must-see-TV - as always.

Justice: 1.04 - "Addicts"

This one was just a little off for me. It was still entertaining, but I think my personal "blah" toward Nikki Reed (Molly Larusa) colors my opinion just a bit. I just don't care too much one way or the other for the actress, so I wasn't impressed with Molly as a defendant.

But I will say the case was set up to the point I really thought she was part of Daniel Benson's death. Molly was shown as a fairly remorseless, non-sympathetic character, continuing her addictions in the face of a murder charge. There was no way Tom could be the one to take the case to trial, being so close to her and the family, so it was good to see Luther take point.

The cross-examination during the trial was a good aspect to the writing, since they did not want Molly to testify, based on their impressions of the jury's response to her. Painting Amber as a jealous liar and blackmailer really did seem the smartest way to achieve an acquittal, especially using Alden's re-creation of the balcony (sans planter) to establish that Molly couldn't have been in the position Amber claimed she was.

Once again, justice was more or less served, as Molly was shown to have not physically done anything to Daniel, but her moral ambiguity was clearly portrayed, too. Glad that Tom fired her as their client.

I also wonder if TNT&G's hired P.I. Betsy will be a recurring character. Definitely gives the firm some help with the actual detective work they need to establish their case among the prosecution's evidence.

Looking forward to the whole crucifixtion case from the preview for next week.

I also checked out the new NBC show that's been hyped up the ass all summer - Studio 60.  It was well-written. Matthew Perry seemed capable of the more-serious, but still often chaotic television writer, and Amanda Peet's character of Jordan is awesome so far, but I can't see how a whole season's worth of storylines can be maintained in that format.  Not much of an Aaron Sorkin fan (other than Sports Night), so not sure what to make of that just yet.

Tuesday was particularly crowed, TV-wise. I caught the new CBS show Smith at 10PM, which was decent, but very dark.  Those characters are all pretty fucked up, and seeing a season's worth of serious criminals getting away with capers may be a lot to ask of network TV.  That hour was in addition to the mildly entertaining Standoff on FOX at 9PM, Nip/Tuck on F/X and Eureka on Sci-Fi - both also at 10PM.  And all that's before the hit-or-miss Gilmore Girls comes back along with my beloved Veronica Mars on The CW Tuesdays.  Seems like something's gotta give there.

Tonight has the premieres of My Name is Earl, The Office (Jim & Pam - yay!), and ER on NBC, along with Grey's Anatomy on ABC.  

Can you tell the season has officially begun?