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25 September 2006 @ 08:15 am
Monday... work sucks...  

Another week of dealing with crap here at the office has begun, but I figured I'd c/p some thoughts on the last few days of notable shows.  Cuts placed for longer comments:

Grey's Anatomy: 3.01 - "Time Has Come Again"

Not a bad ep to start the season - nothing too catastrophic for a ratings stunt, other than the barely-teenage schoolgirls and the abandoned premie story.

I'm impressed that Addison may get some real deep character changes out of the whole Derek/Meredith deal. Having her discover Meredith's panties in Derek's jacket was priceless. And then washing and posting them on the staff bulletin board will definitely spark talk next ep. She's almost resigned that hers and Derek's marriage is over - and honestly has been ever since she cheated.

The George and Derek talk in the locker room as they waited through quarantine was actually good to see, as Derek got a sense of how much George really cares about Meredith - to the point it's still affecting how he lets himself feel (or not feel) about other women, too. And George forced Derek to put up or shut up when it came to actually telling Meredith how he really felt.

Izzie's situation with Denny's death is tragic, but I'm hoping they can wean her out of this funk within a few episodes - especially as it pertains to getting her back in the hospital/surgical program. She spent the entire episode on the bathroom floor, in her feaux prom gown. A) That has to be uncomfortable, the face down postition she was in. B) She's in the spot for more than a day - food and water should become an issue. And C) Eww. Just eww - she's right in front of the toilet - face down. Don't know how clean those ladies keep their bathroom, but that just cannot be hygienic.

Finn actually stood up for how he feels for Meredith, too - letting her know he's still interested, if the choice for her is still open. Of course, Chris O'Donnell is just a recurring guest star, and only in a few eps this season, so he'll get the heave-ho in the next ep or two. Especially now that Derek sacked-up and told Meredith the truth (that the entire audience has known from the first season).

I think the couple in the car accident who were suspected of contact with the plague evoked such a strong emotional reaction from Bailey because of her own close call recently, with the near-death of her husband as she was giving birth. Since this episode picked up immediately following last year's finale, hardly any time has passed since the heavy drama of last season.

Christina and Burke also seem to be pretty solid right now, as she's able to let her guard down with him a little more - as we see when she reacts emotionally to him in response to Izzie's own tragedy with Denny. Not sure if I still want them to remain together, though - he's still too good for her, and she just grates on me more often than she amuses.

Looking forward to the staff's reaction to Meredith's knickers on display as 'lost and found' - should be funny.

The Office: 3.01 - "Gay Witch Hunt"

Holy shit. Talk about supreme awkward/funny combos. I laughed out loud more times than I can count, while also watching with my head shaking at Michael's total oblivious-ness. His whole spiel to the camera about calling his friends fags and retards - while not meaning to offend real fags and retards - was pure Michael.

Jim's transfer to the Stamford office was interesting - especially as his new co-workers just don't get him. He has no one there who can take or appreciate his jokes - or be the ignorant butt of them, either. When he 'jell-o-ed' the calculator, then snuck a look at the camera with a shake of his head, I was rolling.

Pam called it off with Roy, so that was a twist, but even more so for the fact that Roy may be developed a little bit more. He's gonna try to not be such an ass and not take Pam for granted. And I loved the fact that they're both eating lunches from the pre-bought wedding food they didn't want to go to waste. Five weeks worth of frozen fish and chicken.

Dwight never disappoints as the complete tool. The gay-dar bit had me LMAO as soon as he mentioned it to Michael - and that Jim told him it could be purchased online. And then Dwight and Michael call Jim to look for it! I was near tears. Of course Jim comes through with his own-made 'gay-dar' specially for Dwight - labeled and everything. Pam's reaction was perfect, and easily conveys how much she's missing Jim. No one else shares her appreciation for the idiots they work with (and for).

Very amusing start to the season. Now we just need to see Jim back in Scranton.

Friday had the second season premiere of The Ghost Whisperer...  ... Yeah, yeah, laugh it up - I know the show hardly garners any critical acclaim.  I make no bones about it - Jennifer Love Hewitt is the only reason I ever started watching, and had any other run of the mill actress been cast, I may not have even considered it.  But, the show does accomplish what it sets out to do effectively, and her acting in it is not bad at all, given what she has to work with. The show can be mildly creepy when it needs to (especially now with a long-running 'big-bad' arc), with also just the right melodrama for the emotional story-of-the-week from time to time. Definitely worth watching for the hottie on screen every week.

Friday also had the mid-season 'finales' of Stargate SG-1, and Stargate AtlantisSG-1 was decent - the Vala (my beloved Claudia Black) storyline, with her daughter Adria (my beloved Morena Baccarin) as the leader of the Orai - is coming to a head, and we got a cliffhanger leading into January's continuation of the 10th (and supposedly final) season.  But I gotta say Atlantis was even more impressive, with probably one of the best eps of the entire series so far.  The return of the last of the Atlanteans (Ancients) to Atlantis was pretty cool, even as it forced the SG team out.  Badness was inevitable once the Replicators made their way back, subverting their own  programmed base-codes, enabling them to do harm to their creators. Also a nice cliffhanger for the spring return of season 3.

Last night brought the season premiere of Desperate Housewives, which is still an easy-to-watch guilty pleasure.  The show is really a soap-farce, with enough comedy to keep the laughs fairly regular.  Orson is turning out to be yet another emotional pitfall for Bree, and Susan is in a pickle with Mike's comatose state and Ian's interest in her.  Gabrielle still gets some of the funniest stuff, with how she deals with Carlos and their surrogate Xiao Mei, and Lynette is keeping it together to include Tom's love-child as part of the family.  Not a bad start to the season.  And it doesn't really conflict with much else right now until The Sopranos comes back in late spring, so I'll have no issues keeping up with it.

Tonight brings the series debut of Heroes on NBC @ 9PM.  I spoke about my impressions on the first part of the pilot, "Genesis", on 9/8/06 HERE, after my iTunes preview, but it should be interesting to see in high-def.  Still hoping it can tick upward in overall quality.  Prison Break is also new, along with How I Met Your Mother and Studio 60.  So yes, yet another busy night of television for this guy.

Oh, and a useless FYI - regardless of topic, any of my subsequent entries this coming week will be marked with a Logan/Veronica userpic, in anticipation/adoration for the premiere of Veronica Mars in 8 days.  I've said it before and will probably repeat it again - next week brings the return of three of my top five shows:  Veronica, Lost, and Battlestar, so I'm just trying to contain my excitement so as to not overly pester everyone I know who watches any TV at all...

Hm. This turned out a lot more word-y than I anticipated. *shrug*