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26 September 2006 @ 11:33 am
short update  
Just blurbs on a few things.  Cuts made for entry concise-ness:

Prison Break: 2.06 - "Subdivision"

Okay, now. Things are starting to get really sticky. How the fugitives will manage to evade capture this time around is really going to be a stretch.

Tweener's caught - by Mahone - only miles from where the other five guys are, and I cannot imagine him NOT saying something to give them up. Tweener's not a hardcore badass by any means, and Mahone is intimidating as hell.

T-Bag's managed to make things worse with a hostage situation with the over-the-hill housewife whore, just as the local police/sheriff pulls up, no doubt calling for backup. And the guys have the entire floor of the garage pulled up, with no clue if the money is still there or not - or how to actually find the exact spot. Fucked up as it sounds, Haywire is in a much safer spot, even after his addle-pated break-in of the burger joint and dupe of the blind woman. He's still (almost accidentally) ahead of the law, so he's further from capture than the other guys are.

Looks like Sara's father is wising up to the not-so-kosher dealings of some people surrounding her daughter and the Lincoln Burrows case, recognizing "Lance" in Washington. Not sure what he can do at this point, since the President is at the top of this conspiracy, but he definitely needs to be working with his daughter, not against her in any way.

Supposedly someone gets killed next week, and if I had to guess, I'd say it could be Tweener - or possibly C-Note. I'll stick around, no matter how preposterous this 'escape' may get, so I guess we'll see.

Studio 60: 1.02 - "The Cold Open"

This show was decent again - pretty much a continuation of the same pacing and wit from the pilot last week.  But creator Aaron Sorkin needs to be careful with the liberal vs. conservative stuff.  Yeah, yeah, he's made a statement by making the star of the 'show' within the show a religious conservative, who sticks to her principles on a lot of things, and the writing is acknowledging the size of the populace in the "red states".  

But establishing the entire writing staff of 'Studio 60' (show within the show) as a bunch of left-wing, anti-republican tree-huggers is a little heavy on the mentality of pitting one side against the other.  In his roundtable for the show prep, Matt sees the need for balance, I think, in the sketches they need to get on the air (versus how slanted to one side all the writers actually seem to be), so hopefully my own Republican mindset can still tolerate the always-present liberal sprinklings within the writing enough to appreciate a well-written story with decent characters.  I want to give the show a chance, and so far its smart enough to overcome leftist bias - for now.

Also wanted to briefly say that How I Met Your Mother has kicked off the first two eps of its second season in fine form, and last night's return of Lily to New York was just classic - especially the final scene in the bar.  Marshall asks her to just do something for him, and never ask why - and she does it.  Barney got what he deserved: "Nicely played, Ericksen."  LMFAO.  Alyson Hannigan is adorable in this role, and Neil Patrick Harris always steals his scenes in a cast that meshes very well together.  My favorite "traditional" sitcom on TV right now.

Tonight is busy TV night, too - honestly, almost every weeknight this fall has more worthwhile TV watching for me than is considered healthy.  But just one week until Veronica, 8 days until Lost, and 10 until Battlestar. Yeah, I mentioned them again... so what?