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27 September 2006 @ 03:32 pm
I took a peek... couldn't help myself  

So... MSN has the Veronica Mars season three premiere, "Welcome Wagon", up in their streaming video section, linkage found HERE.

I was kidding myself a little early yesterday, thinking I'd stay strong and wait until the premiere next Tuesday to see it... ... ... as if I'd be able to resist seeing this early. 

What follows is a c/p of my thoughts posted at Wicked Insanity.  Very spoilery, as this is still 6 days before it airs, and it is kinda long-ish and wordy, so cuttage applies:

Veronica Mars: 3.01 - "Welcome Wagon"

First off, I LOVED the teaser, as we get to see that Veronica hasn't missed a beat in still being smarter than almost everyone she encounters.  I was still a tad disappointed that James Jordan (Lucky from last season) was cast as the T.A.  The wig was kinda hideous, and the facial hair was an obvious attempt to make him look different from the short-haired, clean-cut Lucky. Meh.  I can let it slide, since V solves the puzzle in record time, and gets the line: "What did you do for the other 10 minutes?" Classic.

The new credits will take a bit of getting used to, I must say.  After two years of the fast-paced version of The Dandy Warhols, this trance-funk, almost Crystal-Method-inspired version was a stark change.  But I didn't dislike it.  I think a more mature look was aimed, and it sets a sort of mysterious, noir-ish mood, IMO.  Plus, Jason gets second-billing now, and there's a LoVe shot at the end - can't complain about that.

The shipper in me has to feel some satisfaction over the LoVe on-campus PDAs, even if Veronica herself is at a bit of a relationship crossroads-funk (I'll get to that in a sec). Logan is always more mellow when he's feeling appreciated and not so isolated, and the 'good-boy' side emerges to replace the jack-ass.  The fact that Dick is brought up right away makes sense, as he and Logan were pretty close last year, and Cassidy's actions (and death) irrevocably shifted all the ties in Neptune.

And the new guy - Piz.  Gotta say, his personality/character overall isn't so bad - he's a good 'guy' friend for Wallace (which the dude really could use, even if V is a damn great BFF to have).  But the hair drives me nucking futs. Even naive goody-goodies from Oregon don't need to look like retards.  Anyway... having him need Veronica's help was the tried-and-true method for her meeting a newbie, although Wallace should be careful who he casually promises Veronica's sleuthing help to.  She's good, no doubt, but not infallible.  And it's obvious right away that Piz is flummoxed over her, and forms an immediate crush.  I don't blame the guy, honestly (who would?), but her nonchalance and non-reactions to him made me smirk.

The sci-fi nerd R.A. in Wallace's and Piz's dorm was the perfect way to introduce Veronica to the BSG term 'frak' - "profanity from the future".  I'm hoping it pops up in her vocabulary from time to time, not just in this ep.

Re-introducing Mac at the rape-rally was appropriate and funny at the same time - as only this show could pull of well.  Veronica approaches from behind: "Hmph. Women.  Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch."  LMFAO.  Discussing Mac's therapy in relation to Cassidy and her now dormant libido was a good segue into showing her slutty roomate, Parker, which I kinda figured would be a target of the Hearst rapist, even w/out spoilers.

And randomly, the topic of Veronica's new car was broached beautifully, with the best line of the ep: --"A Saturn. For a Mars" -- "In Neptune. Yeah, the planets really aligned for that one.  Now move Uranus. The Mercury's rising."  I was applauding just a bit.  And later, as the group heads to see Unwashed play at the club - and search for clues - it does show that Veronica may attempt to branch out socially just a bit, even if this outing was business-related.  It leads to her going back out with Mac later in the ep.

I musn't neglect to mention Keith's storyline, either.  It's evident that the briefcase Kendall brought to him was loaded with cash, and now he's helping her to evade Liam Fitzpatrick, while setting her up with a future with his just-released-from-prison cousin.  I gotta say, even though I was mildly spoiled for Kendall's death, I wasn't aware of how and by whom, so seeing Keith now in life-or-death danger was a little bit of an "oh shit" moment. I know he'll emerge okay, but if Veronica learns the truth, she'll freak.

As an unabashed 'shipper, the sweaty, post-coital Logan/Veronica bedroom scene was greatly appreciated, I must say, with Veronica's next best line of the ep: -- "(appreciatively) Woof!  You know, you should seriously consider going pro at that." I could almost hear the fangirls swoon and pass out right there.  Veronica's internal v/o with her pondering the nature of high school relationships transitioning into college was disconcerting, but understandable for the type of person she's become and what she's dealt with, which leads me to the mall scene.

As they discuss his (so far) lack of class attendance, Logan gives Veronica the key to his hotel room in a huge display of commitment and affection on his part, and she's honestly touched, I believe.  At this point, Veronica pretty much sees confirmation of what the audience has realized for a while, that Logan is absolutely in love with her, and wants nothing more than for them to be together, issues and snark included.  But we're also seeing that Veronica's own demons may be influencing her own perceptions on what they have, future-wise, and whether she may want something different eventually.  She has heaps of her own commitment and trust issues, and may still be sorting out how deep her own feelings for Logan really are.  IMO, I think she definitely loves him, but how deeply she's 'in love' with him doesn't quite match his feelings for her.  Logan's quasi-possessiveness was a nice touch, though, when Piz shows up as Logan's tazering Dick's attacker. Logan plants one on Veronica without so much as an introduction, and then comments on Duncan's shirt that he knows Veronica gave Piz as he takes off. I thought that was nicely played - Logan trusts Veronica, and that's a big deal after all that has happened.

When Piz later asks Veronica about Logan, as they watch while Piz's stuff is recovered and Sacks makes the arrest, I think Veronica is caught off guard a little that this guy is interested in her, thus her lack of immediate yay or nay response to the boyfriend question.  He wouldn't ask about it otherwise.  By now, the Logan/Veronica relationship has been real for a while, but the groundwork is being laid out for rocky times ahead, for sure.  At this point, once again I could almost hear the fangirls - this time screaming "NO! She belongs to LOGAN!"  But maybe I was just imagining things. *shrug*

Dick showing up at Logan's door was inevitable, and it's interesting to see such a big change in him, as his life has pretty much dissolved since Cassidy's death.  Although, it's also been hinted that he could be a future suspect in the serial rape case, after his appearance on the girls' dorm floor, and witnessed desperation with the ladies.  Curious to see where this goes.

The final scene was fittingly creepy, as Veronica realizes when she went to get the tickets the night before, she may have brushed past Parker while she was being roofied and raped.  Not a fun realization, and it immediately sets up this first mini-arc of the season, continuing from last year's Hearst head-shaving rapist storyline.

Overall, not a bad premiere, as most of the basics of the past couple of seasons - Veronica's outcast status in high school, Lilly's murder, Keith's history as sheriff and P.I., the Logan/Veronica history, Wallace as her BFF, etc - all get a fairly succinct mention for new watchers, while maintaining the story continuity and wit in the dialogue that loyal fans have come to adore.  Can't wait to watch it again next week in high-def.  And I'll probably watch it again online before then.  I'm addicted that way...