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02 October 2006 @ 09:45 am
kinda-large TV update  
So I was busy and slacked on a few episodic comments here last week.  I updated a few things at W-I, but I'll c/p the same stuff here.  As always, cuttage applies:

Bones 2.05 - "The Truth in the Lye"

Okay. First off - eeewwwwwwwww...

The body discovered in this case has to be part of the nastiest crime scene in the history of the series to date. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I could just imagine a casual watcher who either just finished or is sitting down to dinner, turning this on and dealing with that bathtub full of chemicals and human remains goo. Not a pleasant combination, I would surmise.

But what a way to make the investigative challenge unique. The osteogenesis imperfecta was a good variable to make the almost impossible task of identifying Larry (the corpse) much more narrowed in the squints' search. Not to mention that the disease was a primary contributor to his accidental death, helping Booth establish the cause and motive.

Larry's dual-families angle honestly had me going until the end, with regard to the wives' innocence/guilt. I didn't figure they had met before the "waiting room" scene. But establishing them as covering up a suicide (which was a cover-up for a homicide) made sense, for them to get some kind of financial insurance benefit from Larry's senseless death.

Aside from the business stuff, the personal issues being addressed with Booth and his ex, Rebecca, were interesting, too. Brennan is such a keen observer of human nature and behavior, she's been able to identify Booth's own insecurities and self-doubts of being a poor father, and his perceptions as to why Rebecca didn't want to get married. I think that kind of 'analysis' alone shows a little more of why/how Booth and Bones get along so well, in spite of their wildy divergent social outlooks - sometimes she 'knows' him as well as he 'knows' her.

Brennan managed to keep the relationship stuff 'scientific' with her anthropologic explanation of species' needs to satisfy instinctive sexual urges, even commenting on her own options for when she felt the occasional desire to get her own 'release'. LMFAO.

The squints still got some good moments, too, especially as the Angela/Hodgins stuff gets pushed just a little bit more. He's openly flirting with her now at almost every encounter, and she's becoming more and more receptive. It's cute. The Hodgins/Zach/Cam moment gave the best line, though:
Zach: (while passing Hodgins) "I'm going on offical poilice business."
Hodgins: (to Cam) "He's going out? Into the world?"
Cam: "We'll pin our number on his shirt."
Good stuff.

Of course we knew that the Booth/Cam relationship would rear its head again, so it wasn't a big surprise she ends up in his bed at the end of the ep. The idea of satisfying his need for 'release' with no-strings-attached sex was the topic of the ep for him, and we see it once again. Also, the fine-line of buddy/attraction between Booth and Brennan seemed straddled a little more closely in a few scenes this ep, at least to me. It's difficult to ever tell if Brennan is just being observational as usual, or if she ever considers a slight bit of jealousy on her side. She's so pragmatic and empirical, it makes watching Emily's play on those nuances quite interesting to watch.

Very entertaining as usual, and I'm curious to see how the squints will react when the current Cam/Booth situation leaks out.

Justice 1.05 - "Wrongful Death"

It looks like FOX pulled a bait-and-switch with the teaser at the end of last week's episode. It appeared we would get the crucifixion case, but that has been bumped to episode 1.06 - "Crucified" - to be aired Nov. 1st, after baseball (more on that bump in a sec).

Very good episode, as I really liked seeing this civil case side to their strategy, as opposed to the criminal law. As Ron pointed out, the burden of proof was on TNT&G, to find the corporation at fault, not poke holes in a prosecution's case to establish reasonable doubt.

As a bonus, we got to see the real teamwork of the firm, as each partner is associated to the respective tasks/trial aspects at which they're best. Ron's penchant for grandstanding and going overboard almost blew up in their faces, but he knew that Tom could garner the empathy from the jury, especially after the corporate lawyer Lloyd tried to call out the orphan Mary on the 'coaching' by TNT&G: -- "Did your lawyers tell you to cry" -- "They told me not to [cry]." That was almost the closer, and Tom's rational presentation of the outdated safety precautions sealed it.

Also gotta say that the re-enactment of Jane Nicks' death was quite vivid - and I was almost glad to see that it occurred just as portrayed (by TNT&G), since $30 million was awarded based on the finding. Brutal is the best way to describe it, and the faulty seatbelt was to blame. I think that 'actual event' reveal is one of my favorite aspects to the show (at least, I really look forward to it).

Now, the episode bump. It seems FOX has pulled new eps from the schedule until after the baseball playoffs are over. The problem is that Justice was supposed to be new next week with "Crucified", after a new Bones, but is now instead being replaced with a House repeat, I believe (I think the pilot is being re-aired this Friday, too). The network says that they just don't want to go head-to-head with the Lost season premiere - which makes sense - but I just can't help but feel a slight sense of foreboding, after FOX's dubious track record and the history of shows they've cut off at the knees before an audience grew.

I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the audience somehow sticks around come November...

The Office: 3.02 - "The Convention"

Michael is such a desperate social retard. He tries so hard, but is just so oblivious to so much. He rarely learns from his mistakes, and at times doesn't know the meaning of "inappropriate".

Jim is still awesome to watch - especially the different ways he deftly handles his very different colleagues. The Stamford office varies wildly from his experience at the Scranton office, and he actually kinda misses the absurdity, I think.

The Jim/Pam saga could be season-long, so I'm curious to find out where that goes. Jim was definitely taken aback when he heard about her split with Roy - and then that she was dating. Pam will continue to measure each guy she meets against Jim.

And Toby trying to almost ask Pam out was priceless.

Grey's Anatomy: 3.02 - "I Am A Tree"

I got a kick out of this ep - especially the presence of Burke's parents. Seeing his mother actually shoot straight with Christina was awesome, as she completely voiced all the crap that I think is wrong with Preston and Christina as a couple. He is entirely too good for her - a generous, organized, thoughtful individual, and she is still way too self-involved, does not give enough in their relationship, and focuses too much on self-interest and personal achievement. Those aren't necessarily bad traits for her becoming a successful surgeon, but definitely detrimental to them as a couple, and not fair to Preston. And the casting of Dihanne Caroll and Richard Rountree as Burke's parents was great. Completely spot-on.

Izzie is being slowly weaned back into the group, based on the final scene as Bailey came over to finally talk to her, to see firsthand how she's been coping with everything after Denny's death. Interesting that Bailey is taking the blame/responsibility on herself, as Izzie' teacher, reasoning that her easing up with the discipline contributed to what happened. The endless muffin-baking was funny, though - almost everyone ended up with a muffin in their hand at some point.

Alex is a complete man-whore, but still totally in character with who he's always been shown to be. He gave the lung-cancer patient a little more optimism to face surgery. Kinda funny, actually.

Callie getting booted from her pad in the hospital was inevitable - now she'll be shacking up with George at Meredith's house, which could still provide some tension later on. The jealousy thing was a funny way for her to see how George cares, based on the panties-fiasco. Still not convinced he returns her feelings as strongly, though.

The coffin for Derek's and Addison's marriage was pretty much nailed shut when he finally caught up with her in the hotel room, only to see her already taking solace with Mark. Aleviated a lot of residual guilt on his part with that encounter, so the whole Derek/Meredith/Finn triangle can have free reign.

Finn is also remaining serious in his pursuit of Meredith - laying on the "nice guy" sweetness in consoling Izzie - and she informed him and Derek that she wants to try "dating" them both - and they agree. Should be kinda funny to see where that goes - unless she starts sacking them both - then that's more on the skanky side - on all their parts.

So far, this season's shaping up to be decent - not missing a beat from the momentum it had last year, so I still look forward to it.

And because I'm a sadistic glutton for punishment (oh how I wish I could cut ties with at least a few things Superman-related), there's this god-awful mess, too:

Smallville: 6.01 - "Zod"

Well. What do I say? I refuse to give a detailed "analysis" for this show anymore - it lost the right to have a thought-out discussion long ago.

But once again, the highlight of Smallville - as it has usually been - is the special effects. The 'wow' factor for a network TV show was shown again last night with how pretty everything looked, from the uses of the Kryptonian artifacts, to the smack-around between Zod-possessed Lex and Clark. I think the production probably shot half their wad from the effects budget for the whole season with this episode.

But again - as usual - it's all style with little substance. Why is the symbol for the house of El now the traditional 'S' shield, when up through season 4 it had been shown as that quasi-figure "8" inside a pentagon? What's the discrepancy? And you gotta love the ret-con going on with Jor-El, who's all benevolent and noble and shit, once Clark got to speak to someone who actually knew him - as opposed to the domineering, omniscient tyrant bent on control, that had been given to us up 'till now. And the fortress is now 'dead' - no leftover A.I. to hound Clark and his loved ones anymore. All of which has been done in conjunction with the revival of the Superman film franchise. How convenient.

Plot-wise - jack-shit was accomplished, and little actually made sense. The plane Martha and Lois were on in the arctic crashed but didn't explode? It remained intact to the point Lois was conscious, and Martha barely had a scratch? What-the-fuck-ever.

Lionel is the benevolent and heroic father-figure now, who knows everything about Clark? All this after Jonathan essentially gave his life trying to keep all of Clark's secret from falling into the wrong hands. What a fucking turn.

Lana is still a split personality from the woman she had been up through two-thirds of season five. I honestly don't recognize who she used to be at all, and actually applauded when Zod-Lex shoved that staff through her hand into the column - "serves you right, bitch!" Seriously - I was almost giddy. I know the moronic writing of dumbass Clark - and his lack of actually even having a conversation with her - is just as much to blame, but her 180-degree persona shift is inexcusable. I may actually refer to him as BDA!Clark and her as Slut!Lana in subsequent episode comments.

And the absurdity of Slut!Lana NOT knowing about BDA!Clark at this point is beyond stupid to the point of godforsaken shameful to the writers for bungling the dynamic of the core couple this way. Once again Slut!Lana gets knocked unconscious just as BDA!Clark returns to go head-to-head with Zod-Lex. It was so predictable it's pathetic.

Chloe gets to be the center of attention again, too, first with her scenes with Lionel, then re-uniting with her virginity-slayer, Jimmy "James" Olsen, and then caught in the middle as she introduces him to BDA!Clark. TPTB might as well just push everyone else out of the story and re-focus on a Metropolis-oriented show with her as the gorram lead. It's ridiculous.

Lex has no memory of the destruction he caused, but of course Slut!Lana's feelings for him allow her to give him a chance to work at what they have, so he can make things right. Fuck me with a spoon. I hope her hand becomes infected and falls off. But, no it will be healed by next episode, probably.

Too much action-oriented plot was crammed into one episode (again), but amazingly, the overall character and story progression was almost nil. How is that possible? Oh, yeah, right - because this is Smallville, and that's how dumb-and-dumber roll. ("Heh. That's cool. Heh-heh.")

<sarcasm>Can't WAIT to see how this travesty can possibly end</sarcasm>.

Tonight is new Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, and Studio 60.  Busy TV in full swing.  Oh, and lest I neglect to mention for those living under a rock, Lost comes back Wednesday - Yay!  And Veronica premieres tomorrow - Yay!  Even though I've already seen it - still Yay!
~ CinJudes ~: coffee - rule the world_cinjudes_ on October 2nd, 2006 06:15 pm (UTC)
Honey, you really should just start posting a link to W-I and be done with it. Tell them you posted and leave it. You are working entirely too much everything.

That said, I responded to Shitville on Wicked-Insanity.

Flora: LOLZ!latinatemptress on October 2nd, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC)
Lex has no memory of the destruction he caused, but of course Slut!Lana's feelings for him allow her to give him a chance to work at what they have, so he can make things right. Fuck me with a spoon. I hope her hand becomes infected and falls off.


Jeff you win at life! \o/

I have yet to watch it. I missed it and barely blinked an eye. If thats not the road to a cure for being a Tomaholic I dont know what is.

However, I may dl just to see Lana get her hand stabbed by a knife. I don't know what these writers are thinking anymore. It boggles the mind how much of a good story can be told when they get the core couple together. Last season with the onset of a Clark and Lana realtionship I actually started to enjoy Smallville again and then CRASH! KAPUT! They fuck it up again. And really if they had decided to make it so that LANA was the one to discover Clark's secret that night with the crazy ex-girlfriend-who-i-cant-be-bothered-to-remember her name, insdtead of Chloe, the number of stories that could have come after that is infinite AND they could have stuck to some sort of canon. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not Beavis & Butthead.

Le Sigh.

Maybe one day I can stop the anger from coming.
Jeff: VM - LoVe8 - epic b&wj_mac179 on October 3rd, 2006 01:15 pm (UTC)
I know, I know - just cutting to a link at W-I would be easier. I guess I just like putting it all here, too. I had a few minutes yesterday morning to do so, and it wasn't too time consuming. But as the TV season rolls on, with so much crap I'm watching now, I may be doing just that - linking to W-I only.

The whole time-factor will prob be the issue - both in making my comments, and in just getting the thoughts out of my noggin before the next night of shows stacks up on the mental hard drive, to keep them all from running together.

Committed TV watching can be hard.
~ CinJudes ~: veronica - 2.22 - gotcha_cinjudes_ on October 3rd, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
Committed TV watching can be hard.

What a fantastic LJ home page name! I might steal it if I ever again (which by the basics of time and such doesn't seem that high on my priorities) I might just used it.

It's all good love, I was just trying to save you some time. See, if you had Firefox linking would most definately be easier. Tabbed browsing is. the. shit!