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04 October 2006 @ 01:54 pm
Hump day  
So the third season premiere of Veronica Mars - "Welcome Wagon" - was lovely to see in high-def, and just as much fun watching for the third time (after two online views).  For some reason, the phrase "boom goes the dynamite" is now stuck in my head, and I can almost guarantee it'll pop-up in my normal conversations within the next several days.  And for reiteration purposes, my commentary on the episode can be found from an earlier update entry HERE, and additional discussion found in the episode thread at Wicked Insanity HERE.  And I know I harp on it, but Kristen Bell is so, so pretty.  I want one of my own... ...

Anyway... ... I also checked out the new NBC show Friday Night Lights, as I'd heard good things, and really enjoyed the film from which it has spun off.  I enjoyed this intro.  Again I'll just put a fake cut to my post about it at W-I:

Friday Night Lights: 1.01 - Pilot

Tonight brings the last new Bones until November, after baseball ends - so Yay! for a new ep, but Nay! for baseball.  I'm a sports guy, but I could never get into that boring-ass "national pastime".  It just sucks.

And finally - FINALLY - Lost is back with its season three premiere. About the only show that has me even more anticipatory than Veronica did.  Well, Battlestar Galactica is a very close third I suppose, but more on that later.  The anxiety of what the hell Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are going through just has me going bananas. 

And after Lost is the show that I've read from many a critic is supposed to be the best new show of the season - The Nine.  Guess I'll watch and judge for myself.

More ramblings to come, for sure...